Tuesday, April 18, 2006

President Bush backs Joe Schwarz.

I don't agree with this decision from President Bush. From the AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush has endorsed Rep. Joe Schwarz of Battle Creek in his Republican primary against a conservative challenger who has questioned the congressman's stances on abortion and taxes.

I know it is always customary to back the incumbent, but I can not get past Schwarz's record from the state senate or his 2002 gubenatorial campaign. In that campaign he supported higher taxes, abortion, and was the most anti-2nd amendment candidate running for office - including the democrats.

Joe Schwarz has been slightly better as a congressman than as a state senator, much of it because he has been forced to look over his right flank. If he no longer has to worry about it, we'll get the state senate version of Schwarz who after 16 years in the legislature, no longer worries about the base.

When it comes to taxes, life issues, and the 2nd amendment, I know that Tim Walberg will be a friend of ours. Schwarz just can't be counted on - no matter what endorsements come flying in. The only endorsements which can change my vote from what they would be previously are from SAFR and the Concerned Taxpayers Group.

The Republican Michigander endorses Tim Walberg for Congress.


Anonymous said...

It's not that big of a surprise. I don't think the White House would stick their neck out to endorse a challenger. I think it would open the flood gates.

Anonymous said...

And, they don't know who tim is. They dont know that he will be supportive. He wont ever question the president, as he is taking schwarz to task for being a maverick. IF the white house really knew who tim was, they would change thier mind. No pesky dissent when bush needs a vote. That is probably why engler endorsed schwarz and also why the party is so solidly behind him. THey dont get it and tim does.

The Adrian Insider said...

Is President Bush just trying to mend his torn relationship with Congress so he can avoid impeachment and make it through the next couple of years?

Anonymous said...

The President is wrong in endorsing Schwarz.

Conservatives who won't be conservatives when the rubber meets the road. This has been the GOPs biggest weakness during their majority rule next to Republicans who aren't conservative at all.

George Bush was by far a better choice than Gore or Kerry. But, this congressional hopeful will tell him and everyone else when he's wrong.

AuH2ORepublican said...


Anonymous said...

GO, W, GO!
At some point, everyone will realize, like these solid State GOP leaders have, that reps like MR and JS are valuable to the party and they do a good job of representing their constituents. When someone is lockstep with your views, they aren't being honest. Maybe the party is really looking for a big-tent again rather than bowing to the pressure of single-issue, litmus-test, special interest groups.