Friday, April 14, 2006

Race for Schwarz's seat begins in earnest

From the Lansing State Journal

Tim Walberg finally has the one-on-one matchup against U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz that he wanted two years ago.

Walberg is trekking across Michigan's 7th Congressional District planting seeds that Schwarz is too liberal for Republican voters' tastes. Four months before the GOP primary, he has run radio ads criticizing the incumbent for his positions on abortion, taxes and spending.

"He's done exactly what he said he would do, and that's the reason we campaigned so strongly against him," said Walberg, a former Tipton lawmaker who finished third in a six-person primary in 2004.

"He is far more liberal than the 7th District voters expect of their congressman."

Well, those are are pro-2nd amendment have an obvious choice. That choice is Tim Walberg. Joe Schwarz earned his unacceptable rating from SAFR in grand fashion. Anyone who calls pistol owners "Bubba who straps on a 9mm" needs to get sent back to Battle Creek. Go Walberg!


Anonymous said...

This from MIRS this morning,

"According to a survey conducted by the full service, public-opinion research firm of Denno Noor Incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe SCHWARZ (R-Battle Creek) was chosen by 92 percent of the insiders to beat out former State Representative Timothy WALBERG."

Maybe there is some hope in the wing of the republican party that does not support extreme, right wing religious zealots and wing nuts.

The Adrian Insider said...

To read more about the race between Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg, visit