Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Republican Michigander's Presidential Tournament

After the March Madness tournament with Survey St Louis, the Republican Michigander has decided to post a tournament of our own here, although with a different twist. Half of the possible candidates are going to be democrats. We're going to have a Republican Bracket and Democrat bracket with a Republican vs Democrat bracket in the final round.

Since this is Michigan, it's well known that parties have orchastrated shenanigans when it comes to primaries. Democrats have voted for McCain, and Republicans have voted for Fieger. I'd like to see the democrats vote in the democrat bracket, and republicans vote in the republican bracket, but just like Michigan's primaries - that may not happen. Because I can't screen everyone, this is going to be by a "general election format" where tickets can be split.

Since this is going to be a tournament of 32 and Pollhost is limiting me to 15 polls (30 candidates), we're going to have two seperate round one polls for each party, with the remaining rounds combining all candidates. The brackets are as follows.


1. Mitt Romney - Massachusetts Governor, Michigan Native
16. Alan Keyes - Former Ambassador, frequent candidate

8. Sam Brownback - Kansas Senator, attended Mackinac Conference
9. Tommy Thompson - Former Wisconsin Governor, known for Welfare Reform, attended Mackinac Conference

5. Newt Gingrich - Former Speaker of the House
12. Mike Huckabee - Arkansas Governor

4. Tom Tancredo - Colorado Congressman and Immigration Reformer
13. Chuck Hagel - Nebraska Senator

6. Mike Pence - Indiana Congressman and Fiscal leader
11. Bill Frist - Senate Majority Leader

3. John McCain - 2000 candidate and Arizona Senator
14. Tim Pawlenty - Minnesota Governor

7. Rudy Giuliani - Former NYC Mayor
10. Fred Thompson - Former Tennessee Senator and actor.

2. George Allen - Virginia senator and former governor
15. George Pataki - New York Governor

1. Hillary Clinton - New York Senator and former first lady
16. Dianne Feinstein - California Senator

8. Joe Biden - Delaware Senator
9. Brian Schweitzer - Montana Governor

5. Russ Feingold - Wisconsin Senator
12. Tom Vilsack - Iowa Governor

4. Bill Richardson - New Mexico Governor
13. Tom Daschle - Former Senate Majority/Minority leader

6. Barack Obama - Illinois Senator
11. Howard Dean - DNC Chair

3. Evan Bayh - Indiana Senator
14. Janet Napolitano - Arizona Governor

7. John Kerry - 2004 Democrat Nominee
10. John Edwards - Former North Carolina Senator

2. Mark Warner - Virginia Governor
15. Phil Bresden - Tennessee Governor

I did not include Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush or Mark Sanford as they said they were not running. I did not include Al Gore on the democrats side as he said he was not running.


Writer said...

Great idea Dan. I put up a link off of the site

Charlie said...

This looks great (even better than Survey St. Loius's).
Vote for Hagel!

Count Me Red said...

NEVER McCain. I would turn my back.

Anonymous said...

When does the first round end?

Dan said...

I planned on having the GOP half of the first round up till tomorrow, and have the dems first round up for the weekend.

Round 2 will probably start Monday.