Sunday, April 09, 2006

Saul Anuzis interview with Gun Owners of America

A tip of the hat from Paul Garfield, Michigan GOA leader.

Go to this link to the World Information Center, click on Live Fire, and then click on the 4-8-2006 link. You can link to the interview through Saul's blog

It's a long and good interview. It's good to see that our state party chair is strongly pro-2nd amendment. The party of freedom is the Republican Party, and the democrats are the party of rich leftists like George Soros who hate freedom and gun owners.


Anonymous said...

Dan, let me be the first one to post and comment and continue to debunk your misinformation and myths. The Democratic Party is the party of freedom and the working class, and the republican party is the party of rich, extreme right-wing millionaires that inherit their money like george bush, dick devos and richard mellon scaife. Oh yea, I almost forgot; the republican party is also the party of corruption with people like george bush, tom delay, duke cunningham, bill frist, scooter libby and jack abramoff leading the way. Just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

You are a liar to say that Democrats are trying to take your guns away. You know you are a liar and if you hate rich people than you must really hate Dick Devos, the richest man to run for public office.

Dan said...

I don't hate rich people. However, I don't like rich LEFTISTS who pretend to be for working families when looking down their nose at us regular folks as George Soros, John Kerry, Frank Lautenberg and Hollywood do.

As for democrats taking our guns away, that's what George Soros is about which his funding. That's what Debbie Stabenow has done at least five times during her time in office. That's what John Kerry has done multiple times. Those are gun grabbers who hate freedom. That is an undisputable fact, and anyone who says otherwise is a bald face liar telling a bald face lie. Senate Amndt 2619 written by Ted Kennedy (another rich leftist) in 2004 is the proof of one of the latest gun grabbing attempts by the democrats.

As for DeVos, I don't have a problem with him. Unlike rich leftists who claim to "be for the workin man", DeVos is who he is and doesn't hide it. He's a businessman and that what he's running as. He's not running on faux-populism. He's also a nice guy and doesn't have the same arrogant elitist attitude that rich leftists tend to have.

I'm voting for DeVos.

Anonymous said...

No Debbie Stabenow has not taken away you guns, nor has John Kerry.
Are you talking about the cop killer bullets that go through bullet proof vests? What's a matter can't you hunt? You have to blow the animal up?

What about people a real sportsman?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dan, you are so misguided and predictable. What the hell meets your definition of “rich lefitis?” Anyone you disagree with? And when you say Hollywood types do you mean people like Sony Bono, Fred Thompson, Ronald Regain and arnie boy? John Kerry, yea, there’s a guy who looked down on the common man so much he volunteered to go to Vietnam to look down on them there because that’s for sure where they all were. If he wanted to hang with the rich elite he could have had his powerful daddy get him a coveted spot in the National Guard. The National Guard of the ‘60s is not the National Guard of today, and it’s kind of ironic that the man who joined it to stay out of harms way is the man who made it the most dangerous place to be.

Until you mentioned him I had no idea who Sen. Frank Lautenberg was, but please Dan, how can you possibly call him a rich elitist? His parents were poor Polish and Russian immigrants, and his father died when he was just 19. Here’s more about the “rich elitist.” He’s a Word War II vet who went to Columbia University on the GI Bill and started his own highly successful company from scratch. Boy, those sure must be values the republicans hate. Sure sounds like an elitist. He should have gotten his money like your heroes, georgie and dickie, did. From their daddies.

No one wants your dam gun, Dan. Senate Amendment 2169 bans armor piercing ammo. For the hundredth time Dan, show me in the Constitution where it guarantees the right to have armor piercing ammo? Certainly not the Second Amendment. Who wears body armor anyway that you need ammo to go through it? A Deer, pheasant or a criminal. Any thing you say Dan is defiantly not “an undisputable fact.”

Dick devos may be a nice guy, but he was given the riches he has, he has never, ever completed anything he ever started and he has no idea how the majority of Michigan residents live.

Anonymous said...

Even Dick Devos's dad chuckles at the claims his ads are making. Dan you are supporting another rich kid who has been given everything and now wants to give Michigan up to the rich and powerful. Creating more billionaires on the backs of Michigan workers is not the answer!

I guess if you love George Bush, you will love Dick Devos. They are both personable fellows, who don't know about governing and only support the interests of the Chamber of Commerce, the insurance companies, big drug companies and the oil industry!

You are too smart for this Dan.

The Adrian Insider said...

Read more about politics in the 7th District Congressional primary between U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz and challenger Tim Walberg of Tipton here:

Anonymous said...

I like Jennifer Granholm I guess. She's a charismatic speaker, kind of attractive, has lots of money and seems to like her job. She is just not Governor material. Dead ass last in the nation is rather embarrassing though, and rather than fight to hold on to a dog that won't hunt, I'm excited to get a new dog. Dick DeVos is tested, smart, wealthy, believes in traditional values, and I will do everything in my power to help elect the guy. We need a change!!!!!!! I think Dick deserves the chance to prove that he can do as he says. Granholm has proved to be a wind bag, although a cute one. We want more than that-this is our year to get more. Dick DeVos and Tim Walberg!!! Tim - take that RINO out.

Anonymous said...

This last post is wrong on so many points. You’re right that the Governor is “ a charismatic speaker, kind of attractive and likes her job” but where did you get the idea she “has lots of money?” I think you’re thinking about the rich guy who is trying to buy the governorship. Jennifer Granholm has worked for what she has, the other guy - who is spending his daddy's millions on these false TV commercial the earliest any candidate has ever aired ad s - got his millions from his daddy.

And Michigan is not “dead ass last” in the country in anything. Not unemployment or any other number that I’m aware of.

You’re also right when you say the other guy is “tested,” but he has failed miserably. The only elective office he ever held he didn’t even finish the term. You’re also right when you say he’s wealthy, but that’s the only thing you’re right about.

Dickie is part of the problem that’s plaguing Michigan’s economy. He outsourced 1,400 MICHIGAN jobs to China. There’s a manufacturing recession in this country, and the blame can be laid at the feet of the guy in the White House and people like dickie for their wrongheaded policies and heir greed.

Anonymous said...

You pompous ass, you call a man running for the Governor of our State "Dickie"? Granholm has us dead last. Prove those numbers young man, or get the lashing you deserve.

Anonymous said...


Your post is absolutely off target on the outsourcing jobs issue.

Please see:

I quote, "Yes, DeVos' family company, Alticor, does a thriving business making and selling Amway products in China. And yes, DeVos was the architect of the company's global expansion.

But not a single Michigan job was lost because of that investment. Alticor's China factory serves only China and doesn't export products to the United States.

But the Chinese business has created 300 jobs in Ada, Alticor's headquarters. Michigan workers support the China market with product research, engineering, technical, accounting and legal services, and they wouldn't be in Michigan if Alticor wasn't in China."

Anonymous said...

Well, you made the comment that “Granholm has us dead last, so you prove it’s true with the numbers, you pompous ass. Again, dickie boy will be a disaster for this state, and he already is.

Anonymous said...

First of all, anonymous, that’s not an article, that’s an opinion column from Nolan Finley, and he’s a conservative.
It’s a good column except for two things, it’s untrue, and it’s his right-wing opinion. Amway has laid off 1,400 Michigan employees. That does not sound like adding jobs to me.