Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tancredo wins 2008 Presidential Tourney

The results are in:

63% - Tancredo
29% - Bayh
8% - 3rd parties

Tom Tancredo wins the tournament. What will be most interesting is if any of the dark horse outsider candidates catch on in the next two years. If too many Washington Republicans (McCain...) push "big government conservatism" on the base, it could backfire in a big way. The spending needs to cut down as well. Both Tancredo and Mike Pence are members of the Republican Study Committee. Both of them have been good on these spending issues that are plaguing the top leadership.

I'm looking to support a fiscally conservative pro-2nd amendment and pro-life candidate. If SC Governor Mark Sanford changes his mind, he's my first choice. If Pence runs, he's my 2nd pick. I'm also considering Tancredo and George Allen.


Anonymous said...

Obviously there are a lot more Republicans that visit this site than Democrats.

AuH2ORepublican said...

If Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty runs, he's your man.

Anonymous said...

He has been warning about this....

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