Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tancredo Wins March Madness 2006

Survey Saint Louis' March Madness 2008 is all over, and it wasn't even close. Tom Tancredo's online brigade ran through everybody, including Mike Pence, who I supported.

Several interesting developments have come from this.

1. There's a significant Stop McCain movement. I've said on several occasions that I can not support him under any circumstance. Many others I'm sure feel the same way. He lost to Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorn.

2. The only first tier candidate to get to the final four was George Allen. Rudy lost in the Sweet 16. Romney in the elite 8 (Both to Pence). McCain lost in the first round. Other rumored candidates Newt Gingrich lost in the elite 8 to Tancredo. Brownback lost to Fred Thompson in the Sweet 16. Tommy Thompson lost in the 2nd Round to Mike Pence. Mike Huckabee lost in the 2nd Round to Tom Coburn. Chuck Hagel lost in the 1st round to Lindsay Graham. Bill Frist lost to Mike Pence in the first round.

3. The top two finishers had hot button issues among President Bush and Congress' weak points among the right flank of the party. Tancredo is known for immigration reform. Pence is known for spending reform. Both are also conservatives on other issues, such as life and the 2nd amendment. These issues will be major in 2008.

I'd like to see Mike Pence run. I'd also like to see Tom Tancredo run. If nothing else, these two candidates will bring issues to the debate that need to be addressed. It took Ross Perot's candidacy to bring a balanced budget to Washington thanks to the Class of 1994 Congress who got Mr. Clinton to sign it kicking and screaming (Although he signed it - give credit where it's due).

The Republicans need to remember their base. The move to the left on fiscal issues and immigration is dangerous if we want to keep the house, senate, and presidency.


Anonymous said...

"The Republicans need to remember their base. The move to the left on fiscal issues and immigration is dangerous if we want to keep the house, senate, and presidency."

AND, I might add the move to the left on life, family and marriage is even more dangerous.

Mike Rogers has come out opposing the Michigan Human Life Amendment.

We are living in a very interesting and exciting time. We're being asked who we are and where do we really stand. The true identity of the party of conservatives in this two-party system is being defined as we speak.

Anonymous said...

And how does Mike Rogers stand on affirmative action?

Is he really a conservative?

Anonymous said...

What the heck does “…the move to the left on life, family and marriage is even more dangerous” mean?

And what do you mean, “The true identity of the party of conservatives in this two-party system is being defined as we speak.”

What’s really a shame is that the Republican Party has been hijacked by conservative, right wing extremists. I know many Republicans who are leaving the party because of it. These were loyal Republicans who are good people, loyal party members and loyal citizens. What has happened is there’s no room anymore for compromise, frank discussions and even civil discussions. But in the end, that’s OK because we will take them on our side. We may disagree with them on many issues, but we have a big tent that can accommodate them.

Anonymous said...

Right wing extremists?

There's nothing extreme about letting the child in the womb live. There's nothing extreme about two people complying with natural, civil, and spiritual law when they marry. There's nothing extreme about keeping constitutional attackers away from the Bill of Rights. There's nothing extreme about equal treatment of blacks and whites under the law.

What's extreme is abortion, re-defining the family, deadly sexual behavior, racism, totalitarian gun seizure.

The platform of the Republicans displays the heart of the conservative.

You guys have your party and platform. It displays the heart of the liberal.

You know this, Kevin. Don't act so surprised.

Anonymous said...

You know, I am tired of your games Flynn. All you do is bash the most conservative member of the Michigan Congressional Delegation for your own political gain. Shame on you!

Rogers has a 100% pro-life voting record, you can't get any better or any more conservative than that. If you took one minute to listen to our Congressman talk about the pro-life movement, you would know that he is determined and dedicated and will ALWAYS fight for the unborn. It makes me sick that you tout your conservative Christian values, when you are just using them as a disguise so you can drag a fellow, honest conservative through the mud.

Why don't you attack someone who deserves it? Leave Mike alone, he has a proven record and all you have are your rants and political mumbo have no proven record and you do a disservice to all Christian Conservatives by trying to taint one of our only good and decent leaders in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Even though you use the tone and anonymity of an angry liberal, I'll respond to your boldness.

Don't accuse me of tainting another man's reputation. I'm not attacking Mike. As far as I know he's a man of good character. He's probably a good husband and father also. His political actions and beliefs, on the other hand are open game for challengers, opponents, and supporters alike to comment on. I've never stated one fact that is not true.

I think you should curb your emotions and do a bit of research.

I'm more conservative than Mike is. That's just a fact. I'm not forcing my way into any realm. The residents of district 8 have all the power to think, discern, act and vote.

This is the solemn American way sir, or madam. If you have a problem with my challenge, don't vote for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Flynn, Right-wing extremists, have captured the Republican Party. What’s wrong with conservatives? Actually, nothing, but when they are intolerant, like the people from the “love” pace, it’s a problem, or when they are like Tom Delay, it’s a problem.

“…Keeping constitutional attackers away from the Bill of Rights.” You must mean the current occupants of the White House, because the Bill of Rights has never experienced an attack like the one now.

Sir, there is something extreme about telling someone they must have a baby, they can’t live the lifestyle they choose and you are intolerant of someone else. Who is redefining the family? Not me, and who defined the nuclear family?

You are right, “the platform of the Republicans displays the heart of the conservative.” A cold, hard one. Our party and platform is one of compassion, understanding and tolerance. Yes, Mr. Flynn, I am not surprised you declined to answer the questions I posed to you in my last post.

As to your crack to the person who challenged you on Mike Rogers, I have met far more angry conservatives, angry that not everyone sees the world just like them, angry that everyone doesn’t condemn people they don't agree with and angry not everyone conforms to their narrow view of the world.

Anonymous said...

I just got the news that the Michigan Republican Party has come out in full support of the Human Life Amendment petition drive initiative. Thanks be to God.

This is first and foremost before anyone's benefit such great news for Michigan's preborn and their fight for life.

It's a quagmire for those Republicans and others who for the sake of politics have already spoken in opposition of the effort such as Barb Listing, Saul, Mike Rogers, Bouchard, The Michigan Catholic Conference, etc.

I hope they all wake up, swallow any pride and do the right thing to protect the lives of the innocent. Nothing matters more than that.