Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time to Veto Granholm and kick the Single Business Tax to the curb

From the AP

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Board of State Canvassers on Tuesday approved the form of a petition that would repeal the Single Business Tax at the end of 2007.

The petition is being pushed by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who wants to gather enough signatures by May 31 to bring the initiative to the Legislature.

Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm last month vetoed a bill that would have eliminated the state's main corporate tax at the end of 2007, about two years earlier than now scheduled. She said she wanted a plan to replace the nearly $2 billion in lost revenue as part of any deal to kill the tax.

I'm not the biggest Brooks fan, but he and I agree on this one. We need to get rid of this trash as once and help stop the flow of jobs out of this state. I'll sign this petition ASAP.

In related news, Granholm hired one of RINO Bill "Turn out the Lights" Milliken's jokers. Robert Kleine was hired as state treasurer by Granholm. He WROTE the Single Business Tax 30 years ago.

The good news is that we can make a change in November and elect Dick DeVos as our next governor.


Anonymous said...

This is another example of the basic dishonesty of republicans. This is little more than an election ploy so the republicans can go out on the campaign trail and say they cut taxes and Gov. Granholm didn’t when they know its not true. Most of them will be gone when the state has to try and replace a huge $2 billon hole in the state budget when essential services go away and the state goes bankrupt. The SBT elimination is not phased out until Dec. 31, 2007, so it can’t be as urgent as the republicans say to initiate a ballot proposal.

The same article says, “Granholm has said she doesn't like the tax, either, but that the revenue must be replaced to avoid unacceptable cuts to higher education, prisons, public health programs and other state-supported initiatives.” Of course, Dan left that part out.

This is irresponsible and you and the republicans in Lansing know it. How about coming up with some real solutions instead of making more problems. That the SBT is hindering industry coming to Michigan is a myth. According to Charles Ballard of Michigan State University and Joel Siemrod of the University of Michigan noted that Michigan is not a "high-tax" state. As of 2002, they said, Michigan was 29th in state and local tax burden. We know the SBT needs to be addressed, but come up with a real solution.

I’ll never understand this stupid rino BS. It’s good to see the governor reach across the aisle and bring in a different viewpoint into her administration. Too bad bush can’t do that; maybe we would’ be in a useless war if he wasn’t surrounded by yes people.

Keith Richards said...

I worked with the daughter of Robert Kleine on a project a few years back. She told me back then that her father was a DEMOCRAT who had once worked as economic advisor to Gov. Milliken. I don't know how he answers the question regarding his political affiliation, but I'll take the word of his daughter that he considers himself to be a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the Republicans? Can they be anymore dishonest or irresponsible? This is just like George Bush, cut taxes and then have to borrow money or cut programs for the people they represent!

Where is the revenue going to come from if you get rid of the SBT?

Have you all lost your mind? Don't you see where the Governor is making the tough choices to be responsible to the people of Michigan?
Don't you read where Steve Miller of Delphi has blamed our Federal Government not our Governor? Oh, you don't like the truth... must be the reason you all listen to Rush and watch Fox News! My my are you all brain dead?

Anonymous said...

Oh Keith, are the Stones taking a break from touring? I don’t care if Robert Kleine considers himself a Democrat or he is a Democrat. He was the he Director of the Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis in the administration of a republicans governor, and that says to me he can work with people from both parties. Wouldn’t it be a bonus to actually have someone around who actually is a uniter, and does more than give it lip service like bush?

Keith Richards said...

Yeah, Democrats obviously know a lot about uniting - putting a madman like Howard Dean in charge of the Democrat party.

So lets keep the SBT. Let's watch Michigan go down the tubes the way Detroit has. What is the number one reason people moved out of Detroit? High Taxes. After WWII people figured out that by moving just outside the boundries of Detroit they could have a newer house in a nice area while paying a fraction of the taxes of Detroit.

Detroit maintained the same level of spending as their population declined by raising taxes. As the middle class left problems with crime increased. Eventually businesses began to leave too. This process has gone on for decades and Detroit is now faced with a crisis.

We are seeing this same process happen on a larger scale in the State of Michigan. Businesses are migrating out of the state to cheaper locations. They don't have to go far either, only as far as Indiana.

The difference is that Republicans in Michigan understand the changes happening in the national economy and are trying to reverse the outflow before the state faces the same type of crisis that Detroit does.

You Democrats have got to stop pretending that our economy works the same way it did 100, 50, or even 25 years ago. The rules are different. If we don't make changes soon to correct old mistakes and take advantage of trends Michigan will become an economic backwater.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that Democrats like watching the collapse of Michigan's economy because it will enable our state to get more free welfare money from Washington.

Anonymous said...

Keith you do not know or seem to want to know the facts. You Republicans have got to begin to really in support of the middle class and not continue to be advocates for billionaires! They don't care Keith, and you and those who support this new version of being a Reublican are throwing our country away.

Howard Dean balanced the budget in Vermont while providing healthcarfe for all children. He also always had the endorsemet of the NRA.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor, dear Keith. Too many years on the road with the Stones has left you unable to think clearly.

That BS about Howard Dean is exactly that. It’s based on an innocent incident blown way out of proportion by the right.

You know dam good and well that taxes had very little to do with people leaving Detroit, and if you think those problems are unique to Detroit you’re not paying attention. The problem with Detroit and other urban areas is not so much that people are “living just outside the borders pay a fraction of the Detroit taxes,” but they continue to use Detroit services but now they don't pay for them, and it’s the same for all cities, large and small.

As for the effects of the SBT, if you read my last post you would have read this, “According to Charles Ballard of Michigan State University and Joel Siemrod of the University of Michigan noted that Michigan is not a "high-tax" state. As of 2002, they said, Michigan was 29th in state and local tax burden.”

I agree with you when you say businesses are migrating to cheaper areas, but the problem is they are not going to other states. They are going to Third World countries where the wage is just dollars a day instead of an hour, there are little or no taxes or no regulation. I think that’s the most unpatriotic thing in the world, but people like you embrace it. In fact, you want to elect a governor who has done the same thing, all in the name of more millions in his pocket.

Saying that Democrats want the Michigan economy to collapse is just plain stupid.

Keith Richards said...

I read in an article in the last day or two that the current national unemployment rate is 4.7%. Another article said that national unemployment is lower than at any time during the Clinton Administration. I saw another article yesterday that said new jobs in the U.S. are pushing up income numbers, which means they many of them are good high paying jobs.

You Democrats keep trying to pretend that our nation is in a recession. It is not. Except for the portion of the U.S. being hurt by the domestic auto industry decline (Michigan being the worst hit), the rest of the U.S. economy is overheated. The Federal Reserve keeps raising interest rates because they are worried that the overheated economy will fan the flames of inflation.

The truth is, were it not for the problems around here the national unemployment rate would be one of the lowest in many decades. Michigan is dragging it down and the national rate is STILL low.

Auto industry problems will keep hurting Michigan no matter what. The long term threat to Michigan is that so few new companies and industries are locating here. It is normal for companies and industries to have ups and downs. But normally other companies and industries replace those lost jobs. So why is Michigan one of the few places in the entire U.S. not seeing significant new business growth?

It is because executives sit down and analyze many things when deciding where to locate a business. I know EXACTLY how this process works because I've been involved in this process several times. Businesses start out by identifying likely locations. A study is done to decide which locations meet the overall needs and objectives of the company and a financial analysis is done to see how much it will cost to operate in each place. Usually a weighting system is used to rank likely sites for desireability. COST is frequently the most heavily weighted factor in the decision for potential sites that meet all basic needs and requirements.

So if a company figures out that they need to have a location near or in Michigan to provide auto parts and they calculate that they can operate for substantially less in Indiana, the plant goes into Northern Indiana, period.

By the way, I LIVED in Northern Indiana for nearly 8 years and I can state for a FACT that businesses are building down there like crazy specifically to serve the Michigan market. I did work for several of these companies. I KNOW.

As for Detroit, I was simply being sarcastic. Democrats did not deliberately run Detroit into the ground, they did it out of incompetence. The real shame of it is that Detroit could still be saved if some basic reforms were implemented. Unforunately, by waiting until they were destitute to begin thinking about reform they really cut down on their options. Any real reform is going to have up front costs. Reform needs to be implemented early while there is still some financial breathing room to work with.

Michigan needs to begin these reforms NOW while there is still time. Republicans don't plan to allow this to happen no matter how much Democrats resist.

Granholm says that all kids need to go to college, at the same time that thousands of our college graduates are forced to leave Michigan to find jobs. Sending everyone to college won't help the economy if all those graduates leave the state.

As for implying that all rich people are Republicans and that all Republicans are rich, once again you Democrats live in a fanstasy world. When you go down the list of millionaires in Washington just as many or more of them are Democrats as Republicans. About 90% of the Hollywood rich people are Democrat, and way more than half of the dot com millionaires are Democrat.

Looking at people who vote Republican, it turns out the VAST majority of them are people that work for a living. Not poor, not rich. I saw a good study on campaign contributions the other day which said that Republicans are generally doing better at fundraising than Democrats, because Republicans get a LOT of small donations from average people while Democrats tend to rely on a small number of donations from high income people. So tell me, how do Democrats represent average people when the party is financed mostly by rich people?

So why is it that Republicans can represent the middle class while still admiting that ***GASP*** some Repulicans are ***GASP*** rich ***GASP***, while Democrats try hard to hide the fact that their party is loaded with rich people? We Republicans are not ashamed of our rich members because they represent success. Republicans want people to be successful. Democrats are ashamed of their rich even while letting them finance the party, because ***SOB*** we all know ***SOB*** that all Democrats are ***SOB*** poor and have to worry everyday ***SOB*** about finding a few bread crumbs to eat ***SOB*** that fell off the bread from ***GASP*** rich ***GASP*** Republicans.

(Since some of you Democrats are obviously not smart enough to figure this out yourself, I'll issue a disclamer here that I am just making fun of Democrat absurdity and that I don't really believe that all Democrats eat bread crumbs from rich people's bread)

These lies, distortions, and fantasies by Democrats are plainly OBVIOUS to a large portion of the voting public, and this is why Democrats can't seem to gain any ground despite all the problems that Republicans are suffering through. Because the fact is, even with all the warts and battlescars that Republicans display right now, they still look better to voters than the dumb do-nothing Democrats.

Anonymous said...

The Governor just signed an agreement to end the Single Business Tax and protect Michigan Families

it reads: We agree to enact a bill that both:

1 Repeals the Single Business Tax for years beginning and after December 31, 2006; and

2 Assures adoption of a better business tax that does not raise taxes on individuals and protects healthcare, education, and public safety by fully replacing revenue generated by the repealed tax.

she signed it
Governor Jennifer M Granholm

and Craig DeRoche and Kenneth Sikkema did not.
The Republicans need to sign this!

Anonymous said...

She's the best isn't she? Why didn't Engler do this? Hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Whoooo hooo Granholm rocks!

Anonymous said...

Not a word,... feeling a little let down by Sikkema saying we should not talk about this tax unil after the election and he would not sign it? Who should be kicked to the curb? You better be grateful we have Granholm who cares about people first!

Dan said...

So called "Agreements" don't mean jack-squat. She had her chance. She vetoed the repeal of the SBT. She failed Matt Millen style.

Anonymous said...

She signed the agreement, it certainly is valid. You are dead wrong. It means she will not put the burden of this business tax cut on the backs of the citizens of Michigan!
She governs the people of Michigan. Why didn't Engler get rid of this tax?
Where would the money come from?
Why can't the Republican's come up with a plan? She wants to work on it.
Where's the plan?

Anonymous said...

Now is where you see the difference between the leaders of the Republicans and the Democrats.

One party panders to the Chamber of Commerece and one protects the citizens of Michigan!

Who's looking out for you?

Who will be exposed and kicked to the curb in November? If we educate the people of Michigan, tell the truth about what is really happening in our great state of Michigan we will re-elect our Governor and give her a legislature she can work with! She cares about the people of Michigan and it shows!

Anonymous said...

The SBT provides nearly one quarter of the entire revenue for our state. Isn't it only prudent to find a better plan before we bankrupt our state? Isn't this what George Bush did? Give big tax cuts, then have to borrow money from China to keep our country a float? What are you guys thinking?
This isn't Conservative it is lunacy!
These by the way are the real issues of the day, not do we make criminals out of women and their doctors to reduce the nuber of abortions. Not what flag is in Howell Schools. This type of narrow view does make some laugh out loud about Howell.
I guess we have a niche market on bigotry.
Build those prisons, the Republicans want to take more of our citizens to jail!

The Adrian Insider said...

Read more about politics in the 7th District Congressional primary between U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz and challenger Tim Walberg of Tipton here: www.adrianinsider.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

You go Tim Walberg. We're all rooting for you in Livingston County. Send the RHINO Packing.

Anonymous said...

Here we go with the rino crap again. If you need any more proof the right-wing extremists have hijacked the republicans party you just need to take a look at this post for proof.

Anonymous said...

Hey - it's me, proud member of the vast right wing majority. No hijacking, just joining. Our numbers are growing all the time. Don't be lonely Kevins, join us.

Anonymous said...

Good, keep joining, but I'll pass.