Monday, April 03, 2006

Tom Delay drops out of his race and takes one for the team.

From RedState

Just breaking on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country".
Tom DeLay just phoned Chris Matthews to give him the scoop that DeLay will be announcing tomorrow that he's dropping out of his Texas congressional race and will be leaving Congress.

Apparently, Rep. DeLay felt that he couldn't overcome the downward trends in the polls, his numbers weren't improving and likely wouldn't improve with the various scandals surrounding him, and he felt his chance of winning was no better than 50/50.

DeLay also felt another Republican candidate would walk into the job, and so he fell on his sword.

Pretty stunning news. And I'm assuming this isn't some delayed April Fools Day news story.

It's a smart move considering the black cloud around him. If he's guilty nail him. If he's innocent, he could make a comeback at some point.


Anonymous said...

Black crowd? What black crowd?

Falling on his sword? He just wants to save his money to pay his legal fees.

RKG said...

"one for the team"? The guy is the poster child for what is wrong with the state of politics in America. He sold his position to the highest bidder and had a legion of supporters (our guy Mike included) who swore up and down that Delay was one of the good guys. Shameful that anyone would shed a tear over his departure. One down, plenty to go.

Anonymous said...

Who knows maybe our Mike will have to make the same decision in the upcoming month. Get ready Patrick!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks he meant "black cloud" not "black crowd".

Writer said...

Now former congressman Steve Stockman must be our guy in that district.

Dan said...

Typo. black CLOUD, not crowd.

I don't know if DeLay's guilty or not. Ronnie Earle is a hack with an axe to grind against his opponents. The question with DeLay is if the ads are issue advocacy, or campaign. If it's the former, it's legal, the latter - illegal.

That said, since perception is often reality in politics, I probably would have voted for Steve Stockman.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I know you follow the republicans blindly, but come on. Delay has more to worry about than getting re-elected, like staying out of jail. All of his staffers are being convicted, but the boss is innocent. Right. Usually, as in this case, before they are actually caught a whole lot more happens we never know about or ever hear about.
And you’re still going with that “Ronnie Earle is a hack” BS despite all the evidence to the contrary. I guess it’s just like republican character smear of the news media, if you keep on saying long enough, people start to believe it.