Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Update on Howell School Board Race

The Argus has us all on the Front Page due to our controversy. I do thank Dan Meisler for quoting me accurately in the article.

A candidate for the Howell Public Schools Board of Education who is also a federal employee said he may have to exit the race because county Republicans gave out endorsements in the contest.
That's just the latest reaction to the county GOP's decision to endorse candidates in two local school board races, in Howell and in Pinckney Community Schools.
Under the Hatch Act, federal employees cannot run in partisan races. Jim Pratt, who works for the Federal Aviation Administration, said he has suspended his campaign while he waits for a ruling from the Office of Special Counsel on whether the GOP endorsements mean the campaign has become partisan and he is no longer eligible to run.

Here is a brief summary of the events so far in the school board race.

First, the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC endorsed John Arthur and Wendy Day due to their fiscal conservatism and answers to the questions. The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC also endorsed Nora Kessel and Dennis Tierney for Hartland Schools. Following that, Right to Life endorsed Wendy Day and Jim Pratt. The Livingston GOP later endorsed John Arthur and Wendy Day, and also endorsed Marcia Jablonski (although Jablonski’s endorsement wasn’t my resolution).

(Full disclosure – I did not vote for Marcia Jablonski’s endorsement and abstained there for conflict of interest reasons, as the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC does not support her – and personally, I would not vote for her because of her lack of support to the taxpayers)

As to this article here, I think Jim Pratt has nothing to worry about ethics wise. All the GOP did was to endorse two of its most active members. His party affiliation will not be on the ballot. He can still run this as a nonpartisan race if he chooses to. The Republicans are not actively opposing any candidates and nobody’s party affiliation is on the ballot itself.

So why did we do it? The reasons stated in the article are two of them. This is a 63% Republican County that usually has high turnout in elections. The main exception to high turnout is in school board races. This is despite polls placing education as a top issue to voters year after year. In most years, people have trouble finding out information about school board candidates. I remember one year when I was living in Brighton where we had a 3% turnout for a contested race. That is sad. Another year we had a 9% turnout. Last year with the enhancement millage, it was 25%. A 25% turnout is usually bad, but for a school election, it was great.

Because of the low turnouts, we want to give the voters more information and give them choices to make. We are giving them a service. The job of the Concerned Taxpayers’ Group is to let voters know who the most fiscally responsible candidates are. The job of the Livingston County Republicans is to let voters who are active Republicans. The job of the MEA is to let voters who support the teachers’ union. The Press and Argus’ job is to give readers information. Combined, these should raise the turnout in school board races.

Lastly, the final judge of all of this is the voters. If the voters support us, it will show in the polls. If they oppose us, it will show in the polls. Voters make the final decision. I just hope we don't have one of these 3% turnout races from the good ole boys clubs like we did in the old days.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan. I think that the more information voters have about a candidate the better. In a crowded field, it is hard to know who the candidates are that will represent your values. Endorsements help with that. The MEA has been endorsing for a long time and is sure to again. Not sure why it is controversial when someone else gets in the game.

Anonymous said...

Well, another example of basic republican dishonesty and cronyism. When you posted earlier that the county gop had endorsed the county party executive board members, no where in the post did you say it was you, Dan, who introduced the resolution to endorse your two cronies. Citing the 2000 Supreme Court race as a reason is another example of stretching the truth to fit your needs. I’m sure you’re aware; the candidates are nominated by each party at their state convention. Is that true for school board candidates? No. And your second reason was a great one too, that’s called cronyism and has nothing to do with their qualifications. You never even interviewed any candidates. Hell, Pratt holds some of the same warped views you do. Why didn’t he at least get an interview?

This is the funniest pat of the entire article, “Wholihan said the Republican ideal of fiscal conservatism is the most important political issue facing the school board, and part of the reason he pushed for endorsements.”

Are you for real? Have you taken a look at the federal budget and deficit? Is that the kind of “republican fiscal responsibility” we want for our school district? If it is, expect to see a state takeover of Howell Public Schools.

It’s so sad to see the republican arrogance in this county. They think they control everything else her, so lets control the school board by introducing politics into a nonpartisan race.
Dan stop politicizing our kid’s and grandkid’s education.

Anonymous said...

Again, the MEA is a labor union and state Association, both of those types of organizations both lobby and endorse. However, they endorse candidates of both parties. The county gop is not and does not.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, there's is your intellectual dishonesty to the fore. The MEA, at my last count, has supported Democrats 3 to 1 over Republicans. In a very brief look at their campaign finance disclosure, I counted 60K for Dems and 20K for GOP. Let's not pretend they are unbiased in their choices either, okay? The county Democrat Party Chair is on the Brighton School Board. The Howell School Board is promoting a social agenda rather than education. Lets just stop pretending Board members are non-partisan. Everyone's got an agenda. If they call themselves Republican or Democrat - at least the agenda is easier to identify.

Keith Richards said...


All I can say is you are either stupid or dishonest. Do you REALLY believe that Republicans and conservatives are the only people out there pushing their political agenda?

The way you talk, you make it sound like Democrats and liberals are as clean and pure as the driven snow. HAH!

Lets cut out the *%($# and stop wasting time by saying silly things. Pretty much everyone on this blog knows what kind of stuff goes on behind the scenes. Once you and your Democrat friends stop playing your fantasy games maybe we can get on to REAL discussion about issues and ideas.

One thing I will say in favor of Republicans on this blog is that we are honest about what we believe and about what we would like to see happen. You may not agree with us but at least we don't pretend to be something we are not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what intellectual dishonesty? So what if the MEA endorses Democrats 3-1 over republicans? That’s at least one. They are a teachers union and teacher’s state association. The republicans do not support unions and working people nor are they very big supporters of public education, so why would they endorse someone who does not further their interest? If you ask me, if they supported one republicans that’s one too many.

In this case, not only did a political party for the first time endorse in a nonpartisan race, but also they only endorsed insiders on their executive board. If you happen to be a staunch republican in the race, too freaking bad, you’re not going to get the endorsement because you’re not one of the few people on the inside on the executive board. Anonymous, that’s called cronyism, and we have seen what it has done to this country.

Yes, Joe Carney, the chair of the Livco Democratic Party, is on the Brighton School Board. But the party did not endorse him nor did they have anything to do with his election. He won on his own merits.

And you’re wrong; the Howell School Board is not “promoting a social agenda.” The bigots of the ‘love pac” are.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I’m neither dishonest or stupid. Where have I ever said that Democrats are not pushing their agenda? That is a stupid statement. Of course we are and so are the republicans. That’s the way politics work, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I have never, ever said “Democrats and liberals are as clean and pure as the driven snow,” but there most definitely is a “culture of corruption” among republicans in Washington. The leading watchdog group just listed the 13 most corrupt people in Congress and 11 were republicans, and I even provided a link. Why is that? It might be that the republicans control everything in Washington, and power corrupts. If the roles were reversed I would guess the Democrats would have more people corrupt, and it would be more like 6-5 but not 11-2.

I have no idea what you’re talking about in your third paragraph. I’m sorry I’m wasting your time. If that’s the case then stop trying to debate me. I have been discussing “issues and ideas,” and you have rolled out the personal attacks.

Your last paragraph makes even less sense. What am I pretending to be that I’m not? If you read any of the posts from your fellow republicans with a critical eye you will see they are nothing but spin, unfounded accusations, lies and misinformation, but you won’t.

Anonymous said...

I guess keith you will always believe that the Diversity Flag is about an agenda rather than a stand to say all students have a right to dignity and a sense of belonging. Maybe you missed how kids who either were openly gay or thought to be gay were tormented by students posing as Christians. I say posing because I believe we all can agree bullying in the name of Christianity is is impossible. Christ would never have endorsed bullies.

The Republicans (not all I am grateful) have taken the anti gay stance and it's hurtful and wrong minded. I am a person of deep faith and I am a Christian. Let's praise these kids for taking a stand against bullies and for not taking a stand against what is called the traditional Values group. Which seems to be anti-gay and not much else.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Livingston County because I felt the quality of life here matched what I was seeking. I heard great things about the school district. However, after less than one year, my kindergartener has been taught things that go against what we, as a family, are teaching. For example, a big issue was raised by the Kindergarten teacher regarding MLK Jr. He was shot by a "white guy like us" people are now "more special" in my child's eye because of what was taught. I have had to explain that "black people are no more special than anyone else". We are all to be treated equally...we are all human beings. The indoctrination of "white guilt" has already been dumped on this child and the first year of formal education isn't even over yet. We have since enrolled our children in private, PAROCHIAL school...although my tax dollars are still paying for this "tolerant" mind set, I am just so thankful we aren't in the Howell School District. After having visited Howell High School recently, I was disgusted at what I's definitely an "anything goes" institution. Not only were the young girls dressed provocatively, one young girl was wearing a shirt that read "I'm Irish...wanna get lucky?" This is a symptom of a bigger problem. The schools are a mess...the MEA doesn't care about the education of the kids...nobody is concerned with teaching these kids to have respect for themselves...flags are put up to tell kids it's ok to be that...but for heaven's sake...don't dare be Christian...How tolerant is that? I think, we taxpayers and parents, are getting sick and tired of all this mess and want people on the board that represent our views. Last I checked, I had a right to have one too, even if it's not accepted by those who are so "tolerant".

Anonymous said...

I am Christian, all y family is Christian and over 80% of our country is Christian. You are mighty sensive if you believe there is a mounting anti Christian bias. I do have a bias against those who use Christianity to promote bigotry. I just don't like the ones who don't teach the words and spirit of Jesus Christ. I know it may be narrow minded of me, but guess what... like you I am not perfect.
I don't agree with you about public education, educators do care. They also care to teach history about all races. We are one people with different backgrounds. It's not white agaist black, Christian against Jew. We are all one people in God's eyes.
Democrats do seem to be more of a party for all people. It hasn't always been like that and I haven't always been a Democrat. Sounds like you are in the right party for your beliefs.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the "Democrats do seem to be more of a party for all people" - I tend to disagree. What about the people who are still in the womb that they are in favor of murdering? While I know there are pro-life Democrats, it isn't a core belief of the party like it is in the Republican party. I could get off on that tangent, but I won't.
I am a product of public education. I think that there are may good teachers in the public schools. I just think it's a shame that our society has become such that a teacher can't even send a kid home for not following the dress code because "well, we'd have to send everyone home". That was told to me by a teacher in Livingston County. Who's in charge? The Union? The kids? Definitely not the school or the parents...that's where the problem begins.I was able to participate in Mock Job Interviews for Juniors and Seniors at a local highschool. This was my second year of doing this. It's appalling how these kids are dressing for job interviews. I was distracted by too much cleavage, the tattoos and the piercings. Rather than continuing on with my interviews like I did last year, I stopped and asked the kids if they really thought they could walk into a professional organization dressed like they were and land a "real" job? They mostly giggled and said it is an expression of "who they are"...yet again...why aren't the teachers / parents telling them that this isn't acceptable in the "real" world. I just want to knock some sense into these kids...but, by the time I see's too late...they haven't a clue.

Anonymous said...

There is not a democrat I know who wants to see or advocates abortion. This is a myth created by people like yourself. Democrats diifer from Republicans because we work to derease abortion rates by education, healthcare and birthcontrol. Your party seems to theink putting women and their doctors will now change abortion rates when history and common sense prove you wrong. I am sorry more prsion terms, young women dying and doctor's going to jail just doesn't seem quite Christian to me. But then it's a new type of Christian today we are dealing with. I am an Episcopalian, our God is merciful.
You sound like my parents when I was a kid, I am 55 now.
Kids get sent home all the time for not following a dress code. I was sent home for wearing culotts when I was in high school. Really, I would worry more about Livingston County having the highest rate of autism in the country, our soldiers having protective armor, how we are all just one serious illness away from bankruptcy. You do know that 85% of all people who go into bankruptcy because of not having jhealthcare had it before they became ill and then lost their job.
Get on some real issues!

Anonymous said...

sorry - I guess I consider the right to life and the protection of our most vulnerable to be a real issue.

As far as "any Democrats you know" not advocating abortion, perhaps you haven't taken a good look at voting records of those Democrats who have been elected. Debbie Stabenow...Jennifer Granholm...they both receive funds from Planned Parenthood. This is the same organization that sold tshirts that read "I had an abortion"...give me break. This is not a's a fact!

In college, I worked for a bankruptcy attorney. While some of the cases we had were truly tragic...illnesses, loss of job, etc., a substantial more were due to careless spending and a utter lack of personal responsibility. I realized at age 18 why I had to pay $15 for a Tylenol at the hospital. I had to cover payment for all those that were filing for government protection against their bills while I still paid for mine! I truly hate when bad things happen to good people - and there are certainly those cases here, I think your figure of 85% is exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

What twists and turns, eh?

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood is about education. They provide birth control and counseling. Only 7% of their budget has to do with abortion.
You are wrong again! Abortion is an issue of education , birth control, economics and health care. I have NO RESPECT for those who wish to make crimnals of doctors and women. Sorry, even your own party knows it's just another get out the vote tactic. Republicans would not stand a chance if Roe vs Wade were overturned. You know that, you can't be completely blind.

You know building prisons and prison guards are big busness with the Republicans. Sickening and not moral as far as I am concerned. Think about it, who wants to have an abortion, no one unless they feel they have no alternatives. How many nights have you stayed up with a young girl to ponder this decision? Probably none. You big talker. Women would rather not have abortions, you are silly to throw away you vote to make criminals of our citizens. When there ar e real issues that concern our families.

RKG said...

One of the saving graces of non-partisan elections is that they are non-partisan. I served for nearly a decade on a locally elected panel and was grateful that partisanship was simply not a part of what we considered as we struggled with decisions. We understood and implicitly agreed that partisanship was not the proper basis for any decision. I think the decisions we made were better for it and community better served by it. I think I served those who elected me well. I'm not sure I would have been elected if I was forced to reveal my views about party. Heck, I may not have even run for office if I thought that playing partisan politics was necessary to seek a seat. The endorsement of the local party would have become a prerequisite to success, as those who allow party affiliation to impact their voting decision are just as likely to allow the party bosses to do their thinking for them and simply go along with whoever the party endorses. I wasn't interested in playing that game and I probably wouldn't have bothered. Somewhere in all of this is my sense that making a non-partisan race into one that is partisan bastardizes the process, deprives the electorate of good people who simply want to serve their community and perpetuates the destructive slide into the "us" versus "them" mentality which plagues the country. When the local GOP endorses, without so much as an interview, they are telling everyone that he's one of "us" so don't bother looking any further at his views, ideas or abilities. It's a small-minded effort to exert power by the small-minded who have figured out that the electorate can be led by the nose. I am very disappointed that the local GOP would have made such a foolhardy boneheaded move.

Anonymous said...

I've posted some updated information on my website at
explaining why this is an issue for me. It certainly is a twist and turn.

Thanks for posting the information you did here. That helps everyone.

I encourage anyone interested to come take a look.


Jim Pratt

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Livingston GOP. Screw things up, put the efforts of one guy on hold solely because of your decision to stick your nose where it didn't belong and then trumpet the chaos as being done in service to voter information. Just how is it that the Republican Party can, in a matter of just a few short years and from top to bottom adopt a we know better attitude?

Anonymous said...

I like this argument that no one wants to have an abortion. That is so stupid. I personally know people whom have had multiple abortions. It has become just another form of birth control. I guess your more concerned about a doctor in prison than a dead human. People who have abortions, for the most part, are just irresponsible. And if anyone should know that Roe being overturned would not outlaw abortions it is the leftists who demogogue the issue. Why not bring it into the deomocratic proccess instead of a terrible judicial one? Any honest person knows it was bad law as interpreted by the constitution. What are you affraid of? I guess it's up to you to decide what a "real" issue is. Who are you, Jesus Christ?? Get off your high horse! Just think how many dead little girls that will not have to stay up and make any decisions because they were ripped apart in an abortion. The other anonymnous tried to have a reasoned argument and you made it personal. You are a weak individual and your arguments don't have a leg to stand on, that is why you make them personal.

Anonymous said...

By the way, you want to talk about big business. Planned Parenthood profits big time from killing babies. Sleep tight!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Jim Pratt has been vindicated, just like he probably knew he would be. Good publicity stunt though.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again! Only 7% of Planned Parenthood has anything to do with abortion. Get your facts straight!

Planned Parenthood is about education and birth control... real solutions to abortion. You must be part of the campaign, I sense your panic at losing your GOTV plan!

Anonymous said...

Okay, lets talk facts. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country, performing nearly 20% of all abortions. The most recent statistics I've got access to are from 2002. That year they performed nearly 230,000 abortions. Assuming $400/abortion that is over $90 million from abortions alone. If that is only 7% of their operation, I do find that terrifying. How do I protect my children from this?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that we give government dollars to planned parenthood. Their abortion mills are part of the reason social security is failing- we are missing 40 million taxpayers.

Anonymous said...


This is the largest, most powerful, most effective pro-abortion,anti-life, anti-family, anti-Christian force in the U.S. and internationally.

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is one of over 90 national affiliates of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (London). It gets about two-thirds of its U.S. financing through tax money, local, state, and national. It has five regional offices, about 160 statewide affiliates, over 900 local clinics in the U.S. Over 70 of its clinics do abortions. Its total annual cash flow is almost one-half billion dollars ($472 million in 1995). It concentrates its efforts on abortion, contraception, and sex education.

Anonymous said...

You call it anti family, most people like to plan their families. Abortion is a very small part of their business 7%. The overwhelming majority of the patients are there for education and birth control.

Where should people go for contraception and sex education? Where? What is wrong with health care professionals dealing with health care issues? Tell me clearly how does that conflict with your family values? How is this wrong? You don't use contraception? Oh, I know you have your private family physician! You don't need a clinic. Is that it?

Every child should be wanted, abortion can be rare and safe. That should be our goal not flooding our courts and prisons.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing anti Christian about Planned Parenthood.

Birth control is a person's right and each person has the right of privacy with their physican. You want to have the right to privacy don't you?

Serious work with education and birth control is the only proven way to reduce abortions. There were more illegal abortions before 1973 per capta than there are now. The birth control pill has been hugely successful in lowering the number of abortions. Let's keep it up and make abortions rare.

Anonymous said...

Why would your children need an abortion? Children should not be having children. Most of our children are not having abortions, why would yours want or need one?

However, if your child was raped, had a serious illness where having a child may put her life at risk or some of these rare cases, you may wish her to consult a physican, not a back alley abortionist, or the baseball bat to the belly, which some children try.

I think we all can agree... no one wants to have an abortion. Keepig women from safe options is not the answer. We tried that for years and years.. it didn't work. Birth control and education do work.

Anonymous said...

Margaret Sanger founded in the early 1920s what has become known as Planned Parenthood. She was a hateful, genocidal sociopath. Do the research, please. Proper research is necessary if you are going to speak of this global entity that has shed perhaps five times more innocent blood than the Third Reich.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know where you read your history, but she probably is one of the most important woman to ever live. She was born into an Irsh working class neighborhood, her mother had 18 pregnancies and 11 live births. She saw women deprived of the healhcare and ability to take care of their children. Contraception information was so supressed it was illegal to send information about contraception by mail. Pooe women had no means of birth control.

In 1972 the birth control pill became legal and a woman's right to privacy was ensured.

Now I know Patrick you have a lovely large family. I had 3 childred because I didn't wish to have 4.

Without Margaret Sager I could not have planned my family.

Margaret Sager devoted her life to helping women.

Anonymous said...

In response to the person who keeps writing "no one wants to have an abortion", perhaps you are living in a dream world where in fact, PP does spend a majority of their millions of dollars on "education"...and not abortion. However, I PERSONALLY know someone who has had at least SEVEN abortions - she was educated...however, she used abortion as birth control. I guess that must be what some of that PP education is all about. She had one child that she let live. He was 8 years old when I knew this person...after her 6th abortion, she commented to me that she has often "wondered what her son's siblings would look like"...she was dating a married man when she became pregnant with what would become abortion number 7. She had no problem calling to schedule her abortion as if she were scheduling a manicure. Please, wake up from your dream and know that killing babies "just because I'm not ready...he's married...I don't feel like being pregnant right now" is the nightmare that is happening every single minute of every single day. I don't care if PP only conducts 1%'s 1% too many.

Anonymous said...

I think that must be a record or something. Very dificult to understand.

Sounds like one of those Urban legends, like welfare queens.

Why do you think making criminals of women and their doctors will change anything? If it didn't work before why now? What do you have against education and contraception? It has been lowering the rate, it's working.

You are about prison terms and I want to step up what has been working... education, contraception and health care.

I too realy want to reduce the number of abortions, you just want to build more prisons. We already have more people in prisons than any other free country. Not enough for you though, right?

Anonymous said...

Why does every issue that generates a lot of comments on this blog turn into a discussion about abortion? Is opposition to abortion the only thing Republicans have to offer America? Is it the single issue that defines the difference between parties? I'm looking for a reason to support the GOP and all I see is ardent opposition to abortion. Help me out - what does abortion have to do with Pratt's desire to serve on the Howell school board?

Anonymous said...

It’s so encouraging to see other intelligent and sane people posting on this site calling Dan and his cronies out on their misinformation, spin and lies. I was alone for a while, but it is so good to see other people not letting them get away with their propaganda. I can finally get some work done instead of being the only one to present the real facts to them.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dan said...

I removed the last anyonomous post since it was full text and had no link to the source. That could possibly open us up for copyright violations depending on a few things. Posting a couple of paragraphs and a link is fine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- you are right. Let me repost correctly:

LOVE and MEA have both now announced their endorsements, and it is printed today in

Today's Press & Argus

Anonymous said...

Kevin- I do appreciate you adding to the discussions, even if you are wrong. Makes this blog interesting. Keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -
What does this blog have to do with Jim Pratt's campaign?? We were talking about endorsements. He didn't get any. Ooops, he got endorsed by right to life. I think it's fascinating to see all this activity for school board. It's about time we souped it up a little. Union Power is out of gas. Even teachers don't care for the teacher's union......

Anonymous said...

Unless we want the liberal agenda being taught to our kids as truth and beauty, we need to get a school board in there who will represent the community they serve. Vote May 2nd!

Anonymous said...

What “liberal” agenda is that, anonymous? The liberal agenda is one of tolerance, compassion and fairness, and I would rather see the agenda people like the so-called “love pac” and the republicans are pushing – since they are the same people – stay out of the schools. That agenda is discrimination, intolerance and hate.

Anonymous said...

Kevins -

There you go again. Empty arguments result in mean hateful accusations. Liberal means "tax and spend", Liberal means "anything goes", liberal means "cut and run", liberal means "101 ways to use a cigar", liberal means "socialized communism". Traditional Values means "love thy neighbor", "treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself", "finish the mission and protect the country", "respect our troops and their commander in chief", "civil rights-not special rights", "love our country and it's symbols", "marriage is between one man and one woman", "protect the children". It's not a hard choice for level-headed people. Let's show them on May 2nd just what we mean by traditional values. Vote for Wendy Day and John Arthur.

Anonymous said...

Liberal means none of those things. It means what I said before, tolerance, compassion and fairness.

In this case, “traditional values” means going back to the past when discrimination was not only accepted it was the law of the land. It also means, “Spend but don’t tax the people that can afford it the most,”

Liberal values means to me “love thy neighbor even if they are different, support the troops by mot asking them to complete a mission that the country was conned into supporting, hold the leaders we elected accountable and question them on every decision, love your country but not blindly, a symbol is a symbol and the principal is more important, marriage is a commitment between to people who love each other that should be honored until death do us part and protect the children once they are actually born.

A vote for Wendy Day and John Arthur is a vote for discrimination, intolerance and turning back the clock on civil rights.

Anonymous said...

You're full of crap again Kevins. Liberalism means what you say it means? Please. Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman, period. You are trying to write your own laws again Kevins. You can commit to anyone you wish til death do you part, you just can't call it marriage. Well, you can, because you make this stuff up as you go. A vote for Wendy Day and John Arthur protects the rights of marriage, children, and families. No intolerance here. You may be whatever you wish, and choose to do whatever you wish, you just don't get the right to sell it as law to children. You are starting to sound dangerous to me rather than just misguided. Kevins, you aren't molesting children, are you? A vote for Wendy Day and John Arthur also ensures that we don't keep the status quo where fiscal responsibility should be. The current board is way over their heads. 97 million dollars for a school you can't open? Raises to Administrators that are already the highest paid in the county? Not enough books for all the kids to have one? Only every other light on in the school hallways because we can't afford our electric bills? (and God knows the behavior some kids are subjected to due to the dimly lit conditions). The fourth highest dropout rate in the County (Fowlerville, Brighton, and Pinckney graduate higher percentages). Third lowest in MEAP scores after Brighton and Hartland. Third highest paid teachers. I see a trend, paying your Administrators doesn't make your education better, but paying your teachers better seems to effect the education of our kids. We've been led to the wrong priority. After the election, we should recall the rest of school board immediately and find a new Superintendent (not looking to Massachusetts for our values either). This will be an exciting year. We are going to watch real change. Sit back, get a soda, and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the slime has crawled put of the woodwork today. I know you must be a republican because you just accused me of being a child molester. It’s sad and funny at the same time to see how desperate you have become because you have no facts on your side so you have roll out the personal attacks.

That’s what liberalism means to me, and it may mean something else to another liberal. And what it means to you I could care less.

I also told you what marriage means to me, a commitment between two people who love each other that should be honored until death do us, and what it means to a small-minded person like you I could also care less.

Again, a vote for Wendy Day and John Arthur is a vote for discrimination, intolerance and turning back the clock on civil rights. Fiscal responsibility is a big issue that should be a considered when you vote next month, but day and arthur are one-issue candidates and the one issue is discrimination. And we have seen examples of republican fiscal responsibility at the federal level, and if we follow that example Howell Public Schools will be taken over by the state after it defaults. If you think the fiscal restraints and problems being experienced by HPS are unique to them then you have not been paying attention to what’s going on around the state.

As for the dropout rate, yes it can be improved, but it’s above the state average, according to Standard & Poor’s School Matters web site. What MEAP scores are you talking about? Do you mean grades 4,5,7, 8 or high school? What subjects? Do you mean math, science, writing, social studies or English skills? Either way, all of the scores are above the state average.

I tend to agree with you that the administrators are overpaid, and I don’t think they deserved the big raise they got a few years back.

If you want to recall the school board, you go right ahead, and if you want a new superintendent, you also go ahead and try to find one. I will gladly sit back and watch you fall flat on your face.

Dan said...

I'm shocked that I actually agree with Kevin on something - the pay raises to admins.

As far as the flags issue, let none of them go up or better yet - all of them go up. That's all I have to say about that issue. That's secondary to my top issue which is fiscal responsibility.

As for Wendy and John being a one-issue candidate, that's a pile of horse manure. They met with the Concerned Taxpayers Group and interviewed with us. All of the Howell candidates did so, and they all deserve credit for that. That's why I'm staying positive in this race and believe ALL of the candidates would be an improvement of at least one, if not two of the incumbents who are stepping down.

That said Wendy Day and John Arthur are the most qualified. They both understand the problems with the budgeting, the challenges ahead, and support proactive solutions than passing the back and simply asking the state or taxpayers to bail out the current board from spending the schools into debt. They will hold the line when Mr. Breiner pressures them to spend beyond their means. That is what we need, instead of the lockstep board which is the general status quo.

Anonymous said...

You go, Michigander. Kevins says I have no facts when I recited them line after line. I guess those blinders are hindering his vision. You can call "your kind of marriage" whatever you want, it's still not the law of the land. You can prick your fingers and become blood brothers, or exchange spit, or boink in a closet, but that doesn't mean you should sell it to kids. We don't want them "cutting", or being "bi-curious" just so you feel better about what you are doing. As an adult - do what you want, matters not to me. But, in school with 13 to 18 year olds, we have to say "NO".

Anonymous said...

Wendy Day and John Arthur are the best candidates running. They both stand for fiscal responsibility and traditional family values. The others represent the status quo - which has not served us well. Vote May 2nd for Fiscal Responsibility and Moral Values. Vote Wendy Day and John Arthur.

Anonymous said...

Dan you have said a lot of disingenuous things on your propaganda site, but this last post is in the top 10.

Sorry dan, arthur and day are one-issue candidate, and they entered it for one reason and one reason only, to institutionalize their prejudice against another group of people they don’t agree with. That's the issue, and it has never been about a flag.

day and arthur have been endorsed by your so-called taxpayers group because you’re a member of that group and all three of you are executive board members of the Livco republican party. It was a waste of time interviewing the other candidates, and it would have been more honest to make the endorsement the same way you did for the Livco republican party. That was to just pick day and arthur because that’s what you did.

And we don’t want or need any of the so-called republican fiscal responsibility in Howell, and we don’t want or need record budget deficits. If that happens, the state will take over the district after it defaults.

I watched the interviews that wetre conducted by your gop front group, and Valerie Webster and Phil Westmoreland were the most qualified. Not only that, they don’t carry the taint of discrimination that the other two gop hacks do, and they entered the race for the right reasons, to see students get the best education possible.

Dan said...

""I watched the interviews that wetre conducted by your gop front group""

No you didn't. They wern't televised, and you wern't there. The interviews wern't ours.

And we aren't a GOP front group. Two of our PAC board were Republicans (Hartland - one of our PAC board members was on Howell) The rest were independents.

Anonymous said...

The first comment under your post called “concerned taxpayers group endorses candidates” is a link to this hub TV that shows the candidates being interviewed. It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that it was your republican front group that conducted the interviews. Nowhere does it say it’s not. But it’s my mistake and I stand corrected. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I saw the interviews being conducted and that Valerie Webster and Phil Westmoreland are the best candidates. I have been to debates for school board candidate sponsored by a number of groups, such as the local chambers of commerce, the League of Woman voters and the local PTA. It would be nice if a reputable group stepped up in this case.
It also doesn’t change the fact your group is a republican front group, no matter how you spin it.

Anonymous said...

Kevins - you are the master spin doctor. We love Dan, leave him alone. He is moron proof anyway so you can't touch him. You also can't out argue him, he's very cagey. Phil westmoreland wants to be on the board because "He thinks it will be fun". Great. No mention of kids or any solutions to the problems. Valerie Webster thinks the school board is doing a great job. Well, not to mention the little slip of a $97 million dollard school paid for by the hard work of livingston county taxpayers, and which the school board did not plan ahead enough to have the operating capital to open. That's like buying a new home when you are unemployed and can't make the payments. Great job spending other peoples' money. Typical democrat thing to do. Tax, spend, and figure it out later.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure how John Arthur plans to run HPS "like a business". What does HPS sell? It's not as if they make a profit somehow.

What does he want to do, send back the special ed kids to thier parents as "damaged supply materials"? I'm sure that will boost test scores a great deal, as well as save millions of dollars, as special ed kids cost twice as much to educate.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is Arthur doing with his PAC money anyway? I haven't seen one yard sign or anything!

Is he drinking it up in booze?

Anonymous said...

I think you have me have confused with your friend dan. This is a spin site. What’s really a true indicator is that if you look at all the political news out there, what he doesn’t post is really telling. With all the bad news for republicans it’s no wonder that we get “presidential tournaments” and other fluff.

Well he may be “moron proof, but he has never, ever refuted or countered a point or a debate I have posted here with anything logical.

It’s really funny that you gig the school board for the situation at Parker High School for building a school and not having the money or a plan to open it. Sounds a little like bush’s “plan” for the war in Iraq, but the difference is we don’t have almost 3,000 dead U.S. Service members and thousands of dead Iraqis. Yep, it sounds like bush’s plan, “Tax, spend, and figure it out later.” Only bush’s plan is cut taxes, spend and let future generations figure it out later.