Monday, April 24, 2006

Updates in Hartland and Pinckney School races

With all the hype in Howell, we can not forget that two other Livingston County communities have contested elections as well. Hartland and Pinckney.

Hartland Article in the Argus.

The issue most on the minds of residents of the Hartland area will likely be settled by the time the winners of the May 2 election for the Hartland Consolidated Schools Board of Education begin their four-year terms in June.
The privatization of the district's custodial services has been the most hotly debated topic in the district in recent months. The school board will likely decide on whether to take the privatization route just days after the election.

The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC endorsed Nora Kessel and Dennis Tierney. Cindy Sinelli and Lynn Burril showed their "support" for taxpayers by snubbing the Taxpayers Group.

Article from Pinckney.

The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC did not issue any endorsements for Pinckney. Richard Gass and Marcia Jablonski snubbed the Taxpayers Group. Laura Burwell was not endorsed, but at least took the time to interview and deserves credit for that. The Argus endorsed Jablonski.


RKG said...

I think intentionally ignoring a thinly disquised overtly politically partisan group is a great way to keep partisanship out of non-partisan elections. I'm sorry the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC has their nose out of joint at the idea that someone wouldn't care enough about their opinion to spend time with their "leadership." I hope each candidate issues a statement which says, in effect, I trust that the voters of Hartland/Pinckney, etc., are fully capable of making their own decision about who can best represent their interests at the School Board and I simply saw no value in pandering to those who try to subvert a non-partisan process for partisan gain." That's the candidate I'd support.

Dan said...

Well, the Concerned Taxpayers
Group PAC is non a partisan organization. Being a Republican is not good enough to get an endorsement from the CTG PAC. In fact, the PAC committee was majority independent.

If candidates want to ignore us, that's fine. We'll just have to send a message on election day that fiscal responsibility is important and those who show fiscal responsibility should be elected.

The schools currently have financial problems. Part of that is due to fiscal irresponsibility by a majority of current school board members. We're letting people know who are the most fiscally responsibile candidates and who didn't think Livingston County's Taxpayers are important.

I will not go negative on any candidate that met with the Concerned Taxpayers Group.

If I lived in Hartland, I would vote for Nora Kessel and Dennis Tierney. If I lived in Pinckney, I'd have a harder decision to make, but I would consider Burwell just to send a message.

In this school board election, I'm a taxpayer first and republican second. If John Arthur and Wendy Day were not endorsed by the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC, I would not have supported the GOP's decision to endorse them. The Taxpayers affected the GOP endorsement, not the latter.

RKG said...

Help me understand something if you can. Can you provide a list of all candidates and races over the past six years that the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC has endorsed? My impression of locally driven PACs is that they are partisans clothed in one issue that attracks participation. So, let's see if the facts bear out my impression and list the candidates and races. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

rkg -
The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC is new this year. In fact, all the PAC groups involved in this years election are new, with the exception of the MEA PAC, which has been endorsing and contributing money to school board candidates for many years. The irresponsibility that this board has demonstrated has caused lots of groups to jump in and have a voice. The status quo gets us more of the same irresponsibility. We shall see if the community would like to do it differently. We think they do.

RKG said...

Isn't the Concerned Taxpayers Group the one that Dave Hamilton, former County Commissioner, led for a while? Maybe I'm confusing two different groups. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on the name.

Dan said...

The Concerned Taxpayers PAC is brand new this year. It spun off of the Concerned Taxpayers Group (Ballot question committee) which formed last year. Because of legal reasons, we have to have two accounts. The school millage was the main catalyst of our founding, and we decided we wanted to make long term impacts so we formed a PAC as well for this year. We are considering branching into areas besides just schools. We're going to be around for awhile.

Both the Concerned Taxpayers Group and its PAC are lead by Bill Johnston, a local businessman.

Dave Hamilton heads the Livingston Taxpayers' Association. It's a seperate organization, not affiliated with ours, although I do have a lot of respect for Dave and wish he was still on the County Commission.

RKG said...

Thanks for clarifying. I guess, in the end, I value my independence and my ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. I don't need a group to do my thinking for me and question the motives of those who would tell/suggest to me how to vote. I'm guessing you hope there aren't many like me out there.

Anonymous said...

Please dan, no one really believes your spin - at least anyone with any common sense - that the so-called concerned taxpayers proup PAC is a nonpartisan organization, or “Being a Republican is not good enough to get an endorsement from the CTG PAC. In fact, the PAC committee was majority independent.” I called you out on this spin in another post, and I’m still waiting for a satisfactory answer.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the group is being snubbed by candidates. Obviously they think they do not need the endorsement and probably believe they will win. The school board may be non partisan but in Hartland, this race is as poliical as it gets and it is sickening.
I will vote for both candidates endorsed and hope the voters do their homework. However, I do not think that will happen and the Hartland school board will become more divisive than ever.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Hartland for thier effort to cut costs and privatize. They are showing true leadership against much opposition. Like other districts in our county, there is a spending problem, not a funding problem!

Count Me Red said...

rpg - I know how you feel. The newspaper and the MEA really made me mad every year when they told me who to vote for. This year, I like the balance. Now folks will have to search for the truth with two clear choices. More of the same, or something different? With the spineless, irresponsible board we have now, things will continue to spin out of control. I think the MEA and the newspaper defined candidates that will be more of the same. Yep, balance is better.

Dan said...

RKG - As you know Endorsements are a part of politics. Some voters are affected by the endorsement of certain groups. Others aren't affected in any way. Others go negative against endorsements. In my case, I don't let endorsements influence my decision in most cases. The two I listen to most are the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC and SAFR-PAC since I know their processes. It also helps that I'm on both committees.

The one that affects me most negatively is the Brady Campaign(gun grabbers).

Anonymous said...

Red, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but newspapers have been endorsing candidates for more than 230 years, an it makes you mad? Why? Tell me where you will find a source that has no agenda and talks to all the candidates and based on that endorses the candidates they think are the most qualified, regardless of political party? The MEA, like every single state association, recommends to its members who to vote for. I would venture to say they have been doing that for a number of years too. I would also venture a guess that every state association and trade union, which the MEA is both, from the Michigan Bankers Association to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce endorses candidates and tells their members who to vote for. Why doesn’t that make you mad?