Monday, May 08, 2006

Dick DeVos endorsed by Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce endorses Republican DeVos

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos on Monday picked up the endorsement of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce

No surprise here. Granholm's push for tax and fee increases over the last four years is unacceptable to businesses and working families alike.

It's time for the SBT to go, and not with some BS "revenue neutral" rhetoric pushing for a new tax. DeVos will do that. Granholm will give us the same old song and dance we've been having for the last four years. "Cool Cities" and "Engler's fault" is not getting the job done.

DeVos in 06.


Anonymous said...

Here are a few things you can county on in Michigan, it will be cold in January and the Chamber of Commerce will endorse a republican. Dan, can you tell me when the chamber ever endorsed a non-republican? It’s just funny with all the hot political news you choose this to post. Dan is the fox news of bloggers. What’s really telling is what he doesn’t post. I guess there’s so much bad news for your party, this is the best you can do. I know you read MIRS, but you must have missed this in MIRS this morning.

Michigan Slides On Biz Tax Burden Scale
The state and local tax burden on Michigan businesses slid in 2005 from 32nd to 36th, according to the most recent edition of Total State and Local Business Taxes, a study conducted by Ernst & Young for the Council on State Taxation (COST).

The report found that 35 states have business taxes that consume more than 4.3 percent of Gross State Product (GSP), the state-level equivalent to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The report that covered 2004 found that there were 32 states that had higher business taxes than Michigan (See "Michigan Business Taxes - A Tempest In A Teapot," 03/8/06). The new COST study was released in March of this year. (My God, Dan, 32 states had higher business taxes than Michigan, we better get rid of that evil, old SBT tax. Hey, don’t worry about who it will hurt, all we know is your boy dick will get richer. Has he ever endorsed a tax cut that didn’t benefit him?)

The report found that in total, U.S. businesses paid $497 billion in total state and local taxes in Fiscal Year 2005. At that level, the business community pitched in 44 percent of total taxes collected by state and local government.

Elimination of the SBT will cost the state $2 billion in state revenue with no plan to replace that, so that will mean cuts in education, health care and public safety. We can rest assured that the only one who will benefit from that is dickie boy and his family, and working families will end up making most of it up and it will cost them more to send their kids to college.

Please Dan, can you tell me one plan devos has for improving this state, other than making himself richer at our expense.

Anonymous said...

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RKG said...

I would like to see DeVos lay out a proposed balanced state budget that reflects his priorities. The simple reality of government at any level is that there is never enough money to make everyone happy and if there is enough money, it's the taxpayers who howl over the weight of their tax burden. I'm willing to look at his concept of what a DeVos Michigan will look like and make an assessment of whether I'd vote for his leadership. There are always going to be winners and losers in the budget process. If he lays out a proposed budget I'd be able to see if I can live with it. Leave the labels to the spin doctors - show me the beef.

Anonymous said...

The is no way DeVos or any other candidate can give a complete budget proposal without the resources of the Governor's Office. It is not like the Governor actually decides the exact amount of money each budget item recieves. It is far too complecated.

A huge staff in the State Budget Office recieves budget requests from every department and makes reccomendations to the Governor. Does DeVos have acces to the State Budget Office staff? No.

A conference then takes place with the State Budget Director and the Directors of the Senate and House Fiscal Agencies, the Governor and senior officials from the Department of Treasury. Does DeVos have access to these people backed by the research of all of these huge departments? No.

Then, the State Budget Office, the Executive Office and the state departments hold briefings and hearings in order to review requests and prepare recommendations. Does DeVos have access to any of these agencies? No.

This is why challengers do not submit budget proposals. It takes a huge staff and access to every department in order to prepare a budget proposal.