Monday, May 22, 2006

Family Firearms Day makes the Argus

Here's a good story about kids and guns that made the Argus

Kids get the message: safety first

For 10-year-old Nicholas Borchardt, Saturday's Family Firearms Day at the Howell Gun Club taught him a few important rules to handling a gun.
For starters, always keep it pointed in a safe direction and, second, don't keep your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot.

Of course, Nicholas had other interests at the safety-focused event.

"It's cool because some of the guns I've never gotten to shoot before," Nicholas said, adding that firing the shotgun made his arm sore.


This event was organized by SAFR, a pro-2nd amendment organization well worth joining. It's main focus is state level legislation which protects our 2nd amendment rights, but we also have nonpolitical events like Family Firearms Day as well to teach gun safety.


Anonymous said...

Good article (for a change)

With all the silly hype these days about the dangers of guns a few facts get lost.

1) Americans own more total guns than ever before; 2) More total Americans own guns than ever before; and 3) Deaths and injuries from guns are at an all time low and still declining every year.

Much of the improvement is due to safety courses like this that go on all over the U.S. every year. The vast majority of gun owners now go through at least one safety course before exercising their right to own a gun. And since many gun owners have children around it is a good idea to also teach them about gun safety. Ironically, allowing a child to handle a gun under heavily supervised conditions allows him/her to satisfy all natural curiousity about guns safely. It is children that are kept completely away from guns that are most at risk should one be discovered accidently and when there is no adult supervision.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nothing better for kids than guns.
Finally a great traditional family story in the paper. Maybe there's hope.
Lock and load!

Anonymous said...

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