Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 2 Election Results Updated

There has been a change in results. Over in Hartland, Nora Kessel took 2nd at the last minute with the few precincts remaining. The results there are as follows.

1032 - Cynthia Sinelli
669 - Nora Kessel
620 - Dennis Tierney
545 - Write ins (Lynn Burill)
197 - Cari Sinke

The main issue here was privatization of the janitors and health care costs. We got one of the two here as we (Taxpayers Group) supported Kessel and Tierney.

Pinckney Schools
Laura Burwell - 1148
Marcia Jablonski - 948
Richard Gass - 380
Write-in - 11

Little surprise. Burwell had the MEA's support and at the Taxpayers Group did not get involved in this race. Jablonski wasn't supported by either the MEA or the taxpayers' group. Trying to have things both ways tends to lead to defeat.

Howell's results are the same.

Wendy Day - 2506
Phillip Westmoreland - 2147
Valerie Webster - 2058
John Arthur - 1768
Jim Pratt - 1658
Write In (Dennis McGuire mostly) - 103

The numbers were fairly close between 2nd and 5th. Wendy had almost as much of a lead over Westmoreland, and Westmoreland had over John Arthur.

I think the conservatives split the vote here among Wendy Day, John Arthur, and Jim Pratt. McGuire as a write in didn't get much support, so there wasn't a three-way split among the others. Most Westmoreland votes voted for Webster as well, with Wendy's voters splitting between Pratt and Arthur. If John or Jim took 500 votes from the other, we would have finished 1-2. However, it didn't happen.

I was glad to see Wendy win. She'll be a voice of fiscal responsibility there. The LOVE Group will have a voice on the board as well. Maybe the flap over the gay pride flag and Christian flag (I'm calling them exactly what they are, not the PC terms) there will start to die down. As far as I'm concerned, all flags need to be allowed, or none outside of the US flag should be allowed. No picking and choosing. The biggest issue facing Howell however is the fiscal issues and current spending problems that left the school with little operating money to open Parker High School. She'll do more than just pass the buck, whine, and blame the state like the outgoing treasurer did. Our schools sign the contracts.

As for Westmoreland, I was surprised that he beat Webster. I did not see any signs from him unlike Webster. That leads me to believe that he won mostly based on his contacts with football programs in a "vote for coach" campaign. Youth football is huge in this county, and gives Westmoreland a strong base to start with outside of the MEA endorsement which Webster also received. I thought Westmoreland would finish 4th, behind Webster. I was dead wrong in that prediction.

Webster did not surprise me and finished third. I expected her to finish 2nd or third. I just didn't expect her to finish behind Westmoreland.

John Arthur and Jim Pratt were 4th and 5th. I figured one of these two would catch on and finish 2nd or 3rd, with the other finished 5th, but with 900-1000 votes out of 2nd place, not 500 votes for each of them. Comparing Wendy's totals to John and Jim's, it suggests to me says that conservatives split their votes between these two individuals. If this was two on two instead of three on two, we would have won. However, we only had a partial win. That happens. That's politics.

McGuire finished last which was expected as he's a write-in candidate with little name recognition.

Overall, we didn't do bad, but could have done better. I think endorsements do matter, but the most important thing is how candidates run their own campaign. Wendy ran one of the best campaigns I've seen in a long time, and her win was no surprise. I saw many people from the LOVE PAC and Taxpayers' Group both working the polls all day.

Good luck to both Wendy Day and Phil Westmoreland on their tenure on the board. I hope they do a good job there running the education of our kids and spending our money wisely.


Anonymous said...

No suprise Arthur finished as low as he did...the guy was a total zero in this campaign, trying to ride Wendy Day's coattails with his own endorsement.

Anonymous said...

John Arthur is a kind, moral, upstanding guy who wanted to help out his community. Why do you have so much hatred for these folks? It is a truely thankless job these candidtaes worked so hard to get. Give them all some credit. The elections over, personal attacks serve no purpose. Let it go.

With the LOVE endorsement, the LCGOP endorsement, the Concerned Taxpayers endorsement, the Press & Argus endorsement and Right to Life endorsement - the conservative votes (socially or fiscally) were split. It makes sense that Jim and John placed where they did.

Anonymous said...

Talk about spin. Saying the conservative vote was split is the reason Phil Westmoreland won is pure spin. The significant thing that Dan failed to mention is that of the three candidates the Livco Republican Party endorsed only one candidate won, and she spent a ton of money to do it. I received two robo calls myself, and as I said before they are not cheap. We can only hope this taught the arrogant, power hungry republicans a lesson, and hopefully nonpartisan races should stay that way. I also have a feeling that same scenario is going to play out in November, and the republicans have shown how power corrupts on both the national and state levels. It’s amazing that for 16 years the republicans controlled everything in this state, but nothing is their fault. Crediting Westmoreland’s victory to his contacts in the youth football program is big-time spin control, but I expect nothing less from you Dan. Youth football is popular in Howell, but it’s not that big.

What are you basing this claim of fiscal responsibility for Day on? If we go by the past examples of so-called republican fiscal responsibility the school district will be in receivership. She will be the voice of discrimination and intolerance if her past track record is any indication.

Anonymous said...

Please explain to me how Wendy's "past track record" represents discrimination and intolerance? I'm betting you've never met her. A few years ago she considered herself a feminist Democrat. Then she sat down and started thinking about the stuff she'd been fed. Now she's moved past that. Maybe someday Kevin, you will too - if you ever stop to self-reflect and get past the name calling. You seem very bitter. Life is short - start enjoying it.

Yes, the Republicans in power in Michigan have made some mistakes. The biggest one was not making this a right-to-work state a long time ago. Are you aware that the right to work states are GAINING manufacturing jobs?

Republicans have been in power for 16 years? Seriously? When did Granholm switch parties? I must have missed that....

Anonymous said...

Kevin, your slander and personal attacks are tiring. As a typical Democrat, you have no facts. You just spew party line rhetoric and hateful accusations. I hear that you are a writer, I would think you could be more origional than that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who helped.

Yes, it was a race unlike anything I've ever seen before. Wendy did a great job of campaigning, and had great support.
I saw lots of LOVE members, Concerned Taxpayers members, and others out at the polls on election day.

I think I knew Monday night about the swing. I had done some polling the week before, and on the wednesday before the election my calls were telling me Wendy was getting highest marks, and it was a three way scramble in my data between webster, myself, and Westmoreland. Actually John was down quite far in 5th a week before the end.

But then the LOVE values signs began appearing on about thursday, and that had an impact. I tried to push the financial agenda with the "balance the finacial picture" message, and on Sunday evening, I thought I was gaining a bit of ground in my phone calls. I dialed by hand. I didn't hear about the "robocalls" until Sunday.

But when WHMI broke the news Monday afternoon about the bumper sticker, everything came apart. Arthur took a jump in my calls based on the "day/arthur" values posters, and the feelings of the community on that. I saw in the responses I got on phone calls on Monday night, and I could not recover. It only took about 15 phone calls Monday night before I knew I was out of the finish. I didn't know who was going to take second, if Westmorealnd or Webster was going to get it, but I was sunk and I didn't think Arthur was climbing fast enough to capture it, although he was lightyears ahead of where he was a week before.

The other factor I saw in my data was the absentee vote. I did better in the absentee vote before hand than I did at the poll on election day. And I didn't have every poll covered. Others did. That was clear.

An expereince, to be sure. You learn.

Best of luck to Wendy and to Westmoreland. (I heard people say to vote the "W"s, meaning Webster and Westmoreland", but instead they voted the "W"s- Wendy and Westmoreland.)

They will have a lot of hard work ahead of them.

I asked my wife why she thought it was Westmoreland, rather than Webster. That surprised me. She said a couple things that made me think.

First, she mentioned Westmoreland's endorsement by the Press Argus as best for finances. She also said that Westmoreland was an engineer, and that many voters here are engineers, and maybe that might have played a part. Then she said something I had't thought of. She said he was a young, "football looking guy."

So I guess I never will have a chance.


I agree with the 3/2 split theory.

Someone else sent me an e-mail that said:
" ...60% of the total votes went to the LOVE candidates; (you, Arthur and Day). If the board and administration continue to ignore the needs of those 60%, the district will be in trouble for years to come. I know they need another elementary bond soon, but I can’t see that passing at all. Probably 60/40, right along the same lines as this last election. "

So that person also thinks that the Board will need to better connect and communicate with the community. And on that, I agree.

Let's hope the new board can work together for the future of our schools.

Jim Pratt

Anonymous said...

OK anonymous No. 1, Day is a member of the so-called “love pac,” and that’s where her record of discrimination and intolerance comes in. No, I have never met her, and why do I need to? Her actions speak louder than words. I’m supposed to buy she was a “feminist Democrat” on your word. I guess she must have decided that she would rather the government have control of her body instead of herself, that equal rights and individual freedoms were not important, that she doesn’t want to be part of a society that embraces the intrinsic value of diversity or she didn’t want to be member of a party that ensures equal opportunity and fair wages or believes workers the right to organize.

I have examined the issues and from both parties, and I discovered there’s a reason the Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the nation. How do you reach the conclusion that “I’m bitter” and am “name calling” when I call you out on the republican spin and misinformation? I am enjoying life, and right now I’m enjoying calling you on your misinformation.

So the solution is to cut wages, benefits and works rights and protections? That’s the republican solution? The solution for whom? The only municipality gaining manufacturing jobs are Communist China and other third world countries.

Yes, for 16 years republicans have been in control of every branch of government. Only for the past three years have the Democrats been in control of one branch of state government, but the governor is to blame for the mess the state is in? Get real. For the 16 years the republicans were in control of all branches of government the republican policies and polities have devastated the middle class in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous No. 2 must be the lawyer who doesn’t know the difference between slander and libel that tried to intimidate me by threatening to sue me in an earlier post. Well, you can sue me for either one. If my so-called “personal attacks” are “tiring” then why not just ignore them? Better yet, try to dispute them with some facts because like a typical Democrats I have presented plenty of facts. You choose to ignore them. Calling someone a bigot based on his or her actions is hardly hateful, and certainly not nearly as hateful as being an actual bigot.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. Was looking for some good commentary but all I find here are baseless attacks. No wonder Howell's in trouble.
RM is right, all flags or no flags and fiscal responsibilty. That what's important. Not Dem or Rep talking points.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Wendy - It was not only a pleasure working with you on this campaign, but a true honor. You surpassed my every expectation and I know you will do well on the school board.

With 60% of the vote, we will be heard. We are not going away. Now that some of the teachers' bias and intolerance has been exposed, we will continue to stay the course and keep our eyes peeled for any and all threat to the safety of our children.

The LOVE PAC's first campaign experience was quite exciting. We are recruiting candidates now for next years' election. We thank each and every contributor, poll worker, mailer, caller, and all those wonderful folks that prayed for the community to speak up about the importance of Values.

I don't know what this Diversity word means. Is it that "anything is acceptable"? because that sounds like a scary proposition for children. Kevins, you cannot name a single act of intolerance or hatefullness on our part. Your accusations are riveted in your own biggotry and hatefullness against Christians, Republicans, God, Family Values, and almost anyone walking that is not the same as you. I am getting very sick of hearing you whine about how persecuted you are, while you do the persecuting. I am sick of hearing about how hateful we are when you are the one talking of hate and hateful things. You, and people like you, are why our children remain unsafe in their schools. You should sit in on a TVC meeting some time, you might learn a little bit about tolerance, acceptance, God, and Country. These kids are acedemic scholars with convictions that have been handed down to them from generation to generation. It's part of who they are, and they actually know who they are and what they believe is important. You could learn a lesson or two from these kids, Kevin S.


Anonymous said...

From WHMI's website:

Sick-Out Cancels Classes At Brighton Middle Schools
A teacher sick-out Friday morning in the Brighton School District has forced the cancellation of classes for approximately 1800 students at both Maltby and Scranton middle schools. More info

Sad that the teachers decided to "call in sick". Was that a wildcat strike? Or was it authorized?

Anonymous said...

She may have gotten 60 percent of the vote, but the saving grace is she’s only one vote among seven. We can only hope the rest of the board is more tolerant than she is.

The only honest thing you have said is you don’t know what diversity is. You’re also wrong, I can name a single “act of intolerance or hatefulness.” Creating a group because you don’t like another group for no other reason than they are different than you. That’s called discrimination, no matter how you sugar coat it. Where do you get the idea that I hate “Christians, Republicans, God, Family Values?” How is discrimination a family value?

I have never, ever whined, and I never once said I was “persecuted.” Your group is persecuting gays and lesbians. Frankly, I’m sure you are sick of me calling your group out on its discrimination, and I’ll stop when you drop your prejudice. Again, the only thing I am intolerant if is intolerance.

I don’t know what school you’re taking about, but the kids are safe in school. You and I both know I would not be welcome at a “tvc” meeting. I know just as much about “tolerance, acceptance, God, and Country” as you do.

Racism and discrimination is a traditional value that was also handed down from generation to generation in the south from the days of slavery to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and that seems to be the only so-called “traditional value” you are pushing. Groups like the KKK also hid behind God and the cross. That went on until finally people had had enough of the intolerance and discrimination, and that’s what’s happening here.