Monday, May 01, 2006

May 2 Tomorrow - Time to Vote

Tomorrow is election day. On the ballot tomorrow are contested school board races in Howell, Pinckney and Hartland. Brighton and Fowlerville have uncontested elections.

In Hartland Schools, Cromaine Library trustee candidates are up for election.

In the Howell School district, on the ballot is a millage and bond proposal (TWO seperate votes) for the Howell District Library.

In the Pinckney Schools, on the ballot is the a renewal of a millage.

The Concerned Taxpayers' Group PAC endorsed John Arthur and Wendy Day in the Howell district. They have my vote. While any of the candidates there will be an improvement over at least one of those stepping down, John and Wendy will send a message to the establishment and work to change the "old boys club" that goes on there. The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC also endorsed Nora Kessel and Dennis Tierney for Hartland Schools.

Election Districts are found here
Polling Locations are here

John Arthur:
Livingston County Republicans
Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County
Livingston Organization for Values in Education (LOVE PAC)

Wendy Day:
Livingston County Republicans
Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County
Livingston Organization for Values in Education (LOVE PAC)
Right to Life of Michigan
Michigan Campaign for Families

Dennis McGuire:
No endorsements

Jim Pratt:
Right to Life
Daily Press and Argus

Valerie Webster:
Howell Education Association (MEA's Howell affiliate)

Phil Westmoreland:
Howell Education Association (MEA's Howell affiliate)
Daily Press and Argus

Also - in Hartland the MEA's Hartland affiliate endorsed Cindy Sinelli and Lynn Burrill. The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County endorsed Nora Kessel and Dennis Tierney for Hartland Schools. In Pinckney the MEA's affiliate endorsed Laura Burwell. The Concerned Taxpayers Group did not endorse anybody for Pinckney Schools.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why John Arthur has anyone's vote...I saw the interviews on hub tv, and he is not qualified to run HPS. Anyone else is much better suited than him.

Wendy had a great interview, but the fact that she "pulled" her kids from HPS lost my vote.

If all the kids who are supposed to be in HPS went to school there, Parker would be opening. There is about 150 kids in Brighton who are Howell District residents, including Valde Garcia's kids!

People like Wendy Day and Valde Garcia are the reason that Parker is in danger of not opening.

Anonymous said...

Where is the concerned taxpayer group on the Library issue?

Yes, or No????

Anonymous said...

Voting for John and Wendy will send a message to the establishment that says the republcians stand for the good old boy network, and they are so arrogrant and power hungary they want to control everything, everything in Livingston County. A vote for these two is a vote for discrimination, the good old boy, or girl, network and the kind of republicians fiscial responsibility that has given this county the biggest budget deficits in history.

Dan said...

John interviewed well with us. He's not the most polished speaker, but he spoke his mind and was on the right side of the issues.

As to the 150 Howell kids on in the school system, the question to ask is why are they in a different school? Why did they lose those students to the competition? I don't know, and can't speculate. Howell schools have to compete with Brighton, Pinckney, Hartland, Fowlerville, and homeschoolers. They also have to compete with the new Catholic Central in Novi, as well as the other religious and other private schools. Every school in the state has to do so and needs to be prepared to be better than the rest. Personally, I think the more competition the better, as it brings out the best in schools, emphasizing strenghts and weaknesses.

As for the library, the Concerned Taxpayers Group did not spend any money on the library issue, although it opposes tax increases in general. Bill Johnston sent an op-ed (wasn't published) to the Argus opposing it. I did not post anything official since then we might need to file new campaign statements which would be past due. While our PAC is under $1000 and doesn't need to file, the CTG's ballot question committee is not under the $1000 limit and needs to file annual reports, as well as pre and post election statements in elections we are participants.

Dan said...

"""republicians fiscial responsibility that has given this county the biggest budget deficits in history.""

Livingston County is not in debt, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Not unless you elect day and arthur, dan.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note:

Howell District has, has of two weeks ago, officially 255 residents who are attending other school districts, and 53 from other districts attending Howell. Howell opened to invite other students last year. People have various reasons for attending other districts.

Competition is a good thing. One thing it allows for schools to offer specializations that might not be available somewhere else.

Whoever wins tomorrow will have just begun the struggle to deal with the reality of the finances of the school system. It will be difficult for whoever gets the voter's nod. So for whoever wins tomorrow- let's all try and help those people do the best they can for the future of our children. They are the most important thing.


Anonymous said...

I guess we will see tomorrow just how homophobic Howell really is!

Can we really be diverse and not want some of our law abbiding citizens not to have the same rights as everyone else?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the news? One of the "tolerant" teachers is putting hate literature under the Traditional Values flag. The administration is responsible for fostering an environment where a teacher felt it was acceptable to behave in that despicable manner.

We desperately need new leadership in Howell Schools. Day and Arthur will be the much needed voices of reason.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: Why is someone who disagrees with you "homophobic?" The bible causes these acts abhorrent. I believe the Bible to be the word of God. God also tells me to hate the sin but love the sinner. I hold no ill will for those who have this lifestyle. I am asking them to stop trying to sell their social agenda to my children. I would prefer that no flags but the US flag fly at the High School. Keep the agendas out of the public education system, it is not their job.

Anonymous said...

John Arthur is "Candidate Zero" in my book. He just does not say much about anything except how he wants to run the schools like a business. Exactly how? Schools are not a business...they don't sell anything to generate income. It is a function of govenrment. He just spouts "business" and "accountability" without saying exactly how he plans to do it.

I saw another newspaper report Sunday where John gives "no comment" to reporters questions.

He seems to be relying only on the Republican endorsement in this majority Republican town to win a seat.


John and Wendy are on the executive board of the Livingston Republican Party. It's nice to see that the Liv GOP made this groundbreaking endorsement in a non-partison election simply to nominate themselves.

Anonymous said...

I ask, do the people in office put their hand on a bible and swear to uphold the constitution, or their hand on the constitution and swera to uphold the bible?

Tolerance of others is not promotion, nor is it catching.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that people like you continue to blindly follow the words of fiction, aka "the bible." Do everyone a favor and close that book long enough to think for yourself. If you do that, you might just realize that religous-based operatives have no business mandating education for our youth.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a little diversity in Howell? And I'm not just talking about varying lengths and colors of mullets blowing in the open cab of a pickup.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous:

Do you really belive the Bible is fiction?

Just wondering.

I used to think that too. I spent most of my life thinking that it was fiction. My father died when I was 13, and a few years later my mother remarried a man who went to church each sunday. I didn't understand how anybody could spend that much time on something that I thought was just a book.

Anonymous, it wasn't until I was 42 years old that I found out that God is REAL. I had some of the most amazing expereinces, when I simply began reading the bible on a regular basis, and accepted Jesus to be my saviour. I know that sounds corny to you. But it changed my life. And the hope, the gift of life, the harmony and peace inside is something that I had never expereinced before in my entire life.

For years and years, I heard people who called themselves Chirstians talk about Jesus from time to time. But when I tried to get a little closer, and understand what they were talking about they clamed up and felt uncomfortable.
They knew the secret, I didn't.

Now, I do. He IS real. God is real, and can give you wonderful love and wonderful experiences, if you just let him.

If you like, I would be happy to meet you in town sometime for a cup of coffee, and tell you :

Is Real.
Ask me how
I know.

If you don't know Him, let me introduce you to Him. He is always ready, willing, and able to help. All you have to ask.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Howell for sixty-five years. I have nothing against diversity here in Howell. I treat all people with respect who have earned it, white or black, gay or straight.

However, schools are not the place for a gay agenda. The gay rights agenda pushes hard in school and has a fascination with kids. That scares me. I am afraid for what they are pushing on my grandkids.

And anonymous here with her snotty attitude against those of us who lived here before the yuppies invaded needs to go back to Ann Arbor or whatever loony liberal haven she came from. We don't have room here in Howell for intolerant fascists that hate religion and the Bible. Leave our children and grand-children alone.

Anonymous said...

has the story of the bumper sticker placed by a teacher. The story includes this:

"Last Friday morning, immediately below the Traditional Values Club flag, was a bumper sticker that read “Hatred Is Not A Family Value”. It was later learned that the bumper sticker was put there by a teacher.."

Click over and read the story.

It is unfortunate that such an event has to take place in our schools. I said it before, and I'll say it again. Our schools have a much more important mission than to be center stage in a culture war.

Please vote however you like. I would, of course, hope that you would vote for me. But even if you don't, please get out and vote tomorrow. The future of the schools is too important not to.

Anonymous said...

sorry- I didn't hit the right html markup. Please forgive me.

Anonymous said...

I agree hatred is not a family value and those who like to quote the Bible about the "gay" lifestyle can take their children who talk back to the elders and have them stoned to death! No
wait, that's against our laws as it is NOT against our laws to be "gay".

Using the Bible to excuse your hideous bigotry is deplorable and hateful.

Anonymous said...

Now let's don't all be shocked and blame the media about Howell and it's reputation for bigotry. You all prove it's alive and thriving, and being passed down to your children. Using the Bible to promote your wicked thinking is what is truly disgusting.

Dan said...

The ONLY bigot I see here is the venom from anonymous and her anti-Christian views.

Oh, and Robert Miles is dead and has been since the early 90's. I've moved past that. You should too. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, you’re right, Robert Miles is dead, but his legacy of intolerance, discrimination and prejudice is alive in people like wendy day, john Arthur and the other people on this blog who want to take away the rights of one group of our population. I haven’t heard of the story about the teacher and the bumper sticker, but it sure hit the nail on the head; hatred is not a family value. That really sums it up, and I’m so happy that we have teachers who will stand up to discrimination.

As for the anonymous person who says the Bible condemns gays and he or she takes the Bible literally, there’s a group from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas you might want to look into. Now, you probably consider that harsh criticism of you and it probably is, but really, what’s the difference between their views and yours.

Mr. Kowalski, no one is pushing a “gay agenda” in the school, but what they are pushing is tolerance for people who are different. If one of your grandchildren happens to be gay, they should not have to worry about being harassed or discriminated against because of that. As for yuppies moving here, I’m not really sure of that, but Robert Miles moved here from somewhere else too.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading these responses, and the only evil intent I'm reading is from the liberal left. Lets call the Christians "intolerant, prejudiced and bigoted." Is it really so wrong to take a stand? I believe the vows I made when I got married are sacred, and people who choose to ignore their vows are doing something wrong. I believe pre-marital sex is wrong. I believe abortion is wrong. I prefer that the public schools not teach that those things are acceptable. I also believe that we don't teach our children to hate anyone. Why is it so horrible to take a stand on something? Where do you draw the line? Is it okay to steal? Is pedophelia okay? You see, there are social boundries. I am not calling you names for setting different boundaries. You think I'm wrong, and I think the same of you, but I'm not name calling in the process. Isn't it ironic that this "homophobic, intolerant, bigot" is showing you more respect than you're showing her?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you must be joking. I believe in calling a spade a spade, and when you single out a group, exclude a group or dislike a group for no other reason than that they are different than you then that’s discrimination. As you say, in this case they are "intolerant, prejudiced and bigoted.” If they are Christians then that makes it worse. I am also taking a stand against discrimination, and I make no apologies for being intolerant of intolerance and prejudice. Fine, you are against pre-martial sex and think abortion is wrong, but no one is teaching that in the schools, and the only intolerance that is being taught is by example by the so-called “love pac” No one is born with prejudice and intolerance, and it is a learned trait. That’s what’s happening here. Homosexuality was never an issue until this group brought it up.

Anonymous said...

John Arthur is an admitted thespian!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... I am a Christian and I am in no way a homophobe. Hating homosexuals is not part of the Christian faith.

Hate is not a Christian value.

This is very simlar to the days of the Salem Witch trials. These people who ruthlessly killed women all believed themselves to be committing thesde crimes in the name of Christianity.

Fundamentalist Christians seem as intollerant and full of hate as other fundamentalists we read about.

Anonymous said...

Good grief Kevin S. - LOVE brought us homosexuality? No, homosexuals brought up homosexuality. You are almost amusing in your misguided thinking. Pretty pathetic for an adult.

Anonymous said...

No, God brought us homosexuality. When did I ever day the so-called “love pace” brought us homosexuality? What they brought us was discrimination and prejudice. Good grief.