Sunday, July 16, 2006

Concerned Taxpayers Group and Livingston Taxpayers Association featured in Argus

From the Argus

It would take an act of God before David Hamilton could support a tax increase.
Hamilton's Livingston County Taxpayers Associa-tion has been tracking millage increases since 1990, and he said the only reason a local government would legitimately need higher taxes is a natural disaster.

"The only time a tax increase needs to be in order is an act of God ... a devastating tornado or hurricane," he said.

William Johnston and his Concerned Taxpayers of Livingston County have a very similar outlook. "I do see a crisis coming in an excess of government spending," he said.
The two groups have plenty of fodder in the August primary. There are four millage or fee increases up for a vote in various parts of the county, and either Hamilton, Johnston or both have weighed in against all of them.

While Hamilton's group has a long history and Johnston's is relatively new, both gained higher profiles when county schools sought a 3-mill increase in property taxes last year. The measure was overwhelmingly defeated, and both men took some of the credit.

It's good to see both of our county's fiscally conservative organizations active, since with all of the tax measures planned and attempted the last couple of years and in this economy, we need some organized opposition.

Also from the Argus - A listing of tax or fee increases on the August 8 ballot.

Livingston County: $1 per month per phone increase in fee for 911/emergency dispatch, from $3 to $4.

Hamburg Township: $3.5 million bond for a new fire station, estimated millage of 0.3243 mills in 2006 and average millage of 0.3982 mills over the 10 year life of the bond. One mill is equal to $1 per $1,000 of a property's taxable value.

Brighton Area Fire Authority: Increase in millage from 0.95 mills to 1.25 mills.

Howell Area Parks and Recreation Authority: New 1-mill levy for operating, maintaining and improving the parks system, and acquiring new parkland.

Millage renewals

Cohoctah Township: 1.44 mills for road improvements

Green Oak Township: 1.45 mills for fire protection, and 1.54 mils for police protection.

Hartland Township: 1.88 mills for Hartland Deerfield Fire Authority.

Howell Township: 0.95 mills for road improvement and maintenance.


bluzie said...

Isn't it a waste of taxpayers money for our County Commissioners to receive health benefits for a part time job? Is it not a waste of money to house nonviolent criminals and those with parole violations in our jails when they can be home with an ankle tether?
There is much to be done to help our county be more fiscally sound.

Dan said...

Bluzie - We actually agree!!

bluzie said...

Yep.. I would bet if you took out all the so called wedge issues, we would agree 100% of the time.

bluzie said...

Now how can they give themselves a big fat raise (2005) and have health benefits and no one says a word. HMMM. Maybe these guys are small business owners who don't have or offer health insurance but can get it by being a county commissioner. Why didn't Dave Hamilton rail on this? He certainly came out against every school millage in the 80's and 90's. I am aghast that he has failed us on this money saving issue or non-issue as it seems.
Oh that's right, Dave Hamlton was a county commissioner!
Smells like a good ole boys club to me!

Dan said...

Dave Hamilton wasn't a commissioner in 2005. He retired in 2002 and Dennis Dolan took his spot.

I do remember this vaguely, and I believe Hamilton opposed it and wrote an guest column about it. I'm certain Bill Johnston opposed it as well(I remember discussing this with him), although I don't want to speak for him.

bluzie said...

I would David Hamilton would oppose the increase, but what about the health benefits? I certainly cannot support health care benefits or a county government part time job.

BigShot said...

I agree with the way Michigans economy is why should we allow tax increasses that are not needed? While I am not elligible to pay taxes, (not yet elligible to work), I am on the Livingston County TARs, (TeenAge Republicans), and we all agree that new tax increases will further hurt the Livingston County economy.

bluzie said...

The infrastructure of our county , our state and our country is paid with taxes. While I would not like to pay any taxes, I know we need to pay for roads, schools, fire departments, jails, courthouses, and the list goes on. What I do like to do is live within our means. I am very upset that many of our toll roads and bridges have been sold to foreign countries. President Eisenhower invested our tax dollars wisely to build an interstate highway system so we could prtect our country. Now due to privitization many roads and bridges are being sold. I like our country owning our highways, that is paid for with tax dollars.
We need to be careful how we spend our money and look to what is good for the future of our county, our country and our great state of Michigan.

supermilarocks said...

can you believe this

Israeli Warplanes Resume Blasting Beirut's Southern Suburbs

a real scary war - Israel needs our support

Count Me Red said...

You all are right that part time gov't doesn't need health care benefits for the rest of their lives, but let's just not talk about it, let's take action and speak out against such nonsense. Be bold, take a stand.

anonymous said...

Hey, bluzie -

It is illegal for highways built with federal tax dollars to charge a toll unless Congress gives specific permission. Most of the toll roads in the United States were planned and at least partially built before the Feds got into the road building business.

I don't have any problem with foreigners buying up our roads. What can they do, pack them up and ship them overseas? The worst they can do is screw up the operation but most states with toll roads maintain government oversight so that they can step in and take control if the toll road authority mismanages its responsibilities. So if foreign owners screw things up we just take back control. We could even force them to sell the roads back to us at a loss. So their owning these roads gives the United States leverage over them, not the other way around.

bluzie said...

Oh, I see anything for a price! Good to hear your views.

Personally I like prefer to own our infrastructure. I guess country means different things to different people.