Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cougars in Livingston County?

From the Michigan Gun Owners Message Boards.

Here's one for ya! One of our cattle farming friends over in the northwestern part of livingston county boardering Ingham on lovejoy road and i forgot the cross road.
Shot himself a new predetor to the area. A Cougar yep a Cougar and according to animal control and the sheriffs department it wasnt the biggest cat in the area.
Well he found that out the following night when his mare was attacked. She survived the attack with battle scars to show for it. A nice set of claw marks down her back with about a 6 inch long and 1 inch wide laceration on her hind quarter. Someone took the dead cougar he didnt say who.
Wouldnt you think it would have made the Papers? or the news to let people with kids know!

Probably Conway Township. I've heard cases of cougar up north, but didn't know they are this far south. Heads up to all of you with pets.


bluzie said...

I have heard there are cougars around here and usually they prey on deer, rabbits, and mice. It unusual it would attack a horse, but maybe it was a cougar with bad eyes.

Pogo said...

I keep hearing stories about cougars in the Livingston County area but I've yet to see anything resembling hard evidence. It really would DEFINITELY be newsworthy if this story could be confirmed. I'd love to see a photo of the cat.

Without some kind of hard evidence I'll just add this to my collection of rumors.

Joe Sylvester said...

I couldnt find your email so I will post on here. I dont see how my posting on a completely different website about a unrelated congressional race has anything to do with you. A lot of people were their but that doesnt mean they are all responsible for my postings.

wilberboy said...

Bluzie look at this. This also must have had bad eyes as it got its butt kicked