Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dems, GOP agree to partially closed presidential primaries

From the AP. We'll see how this works. I prefer a caucus system, but it's better than what we had before. I expect this will work in 2008 as both sides will have major primaries, but what about 2012?

Dems, GOP agree to partially closed presidential primaries

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The state Democratic and Republican parties have agreed to hold a 2008 presidential primary that would force voters to publicly choose between casting a ballot in the GOP or Democratic contests.

The deal was described Friday as a cross between an open primary in which voters can cast ballots for candidates from both parties and a closed system that requires voters to register with either party.

The "semi-open" primary would take place on the same day, assuming both sides could agree on a date. The proposal still needs the approval of the GOP-controlled Legislature and Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, and is designed to stop Democrats from voting in GOP primaries and Republicans from joining Democratic caucuses.

Michigan Republicans have blamed John McCain's victory over George W. Bush in their 2000 primary on Democrats who crossed over. Democrats have long had concerns about Republicans' influence on George Wallace's 1972 primary win in Michigan.

"The goal is to avoid gamesmanship and to encourage each party to participate in their own primaries," state GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis said. He also described the proposal as a "softer, gentler" way of ensuring that Democrats and Republicans vote in their own primaries while also letting independents participate.

Under the hybrid proposal, voters would walk into a polling place and choose either the Democratic or GOP ballot. Their choice would be recorded by state election officials.


Pogo said...

Who makes the decision to go with a primary over a caucus?

Dan said...

Michigan GOP State Committee makes the decision.

The Adrian Insider said...

Enjoy your blog.
Read about the hotly contested 7th District GOP congressional primary battle between U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg.