Friday, July 21, 2006

Saw my first Granholm/Cherry 06 Sticker - on a riceburner

In a fitting display of job losses in Michigan, I saw my first Granholm sticker this year. Fittingly, it was on a riceburner - a Nissan. It was an obvious democrat activist who owns that, since there was also Wes Clark and pro-abortion stickers there as well.

It never fails to amaze me how many "pro-union" and "pro-jobs" democrats drive foreign cars. Don't they know that each foreign car/truck they buy takes jobs away from Michigan?

And before someone attacks the quality of American cars and trucks, I've never had problems with my Ford.


anonymous said...

This goes way beyond a single individual. It has long been noted that the states with the highest percentage of foreign car registrations are on the west coast or in the northeast - the major strongholds for Democrats in the U.S. The states with the lowest percentage of foreign car registrations are in the south and mid-west which tend to vote more Republican. The most vocal liberal state in the U.S., California, has been leading the way in foreign car ownership since the late 1970's.

Essentially, Republicans around the U.S. are much more likely to drive American built cars and trucks than Democrats. Since the UAW tends to do everything backwards it makes perfect sense that they should support the party made up of people who DON'T drive UAW built cars.

Just sign me . . .
A Republican who has NEVER owned a foreign car.

Count Me Red said...

Sign me as a Republican who has NEVER owned a foreign car either.

I did have a problem with my Ford though, their stance on promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage cost them my business. After 13,453 miles, I just couldn't do it any longer and traded it in for a GMC. No more Fords for this household. Junk bond status is where they belong.

Patrick Flynn said...

1966 Dodge Monaco
1973 Chevrolet Impala
1978 Chevrolet Impala
1975 Plymouth Duster
1984 Chevrolet Cavalier
1985 Dodge Lemon (charger)
1986 Mercury Cougar
1987 Buick LeSabre
1998 Saturn
1999 Mercury Sable
2000 Chevrolet Cavalier
2002 Ford Taurus
2004 Ford F-150

So, me neither! Other than the Saturn, I have done my part to support the economy of this great state.

Patrick Flynn said...

Oh and yes, you're right Red. Until Ford does some scrub up on their social agenda, they will not see my name on the dotted line.

The folks at Brighton Ford are great though. They need to put pressure on corporate.

I might just have to end up buying another Dodge - wait a minute - aren't they German cars now?

I'm confused.

Communications guru said...

I almost agree with you dan, but your reasoning is totally wrong. How you can possibly take shots at Democrats for the situation is beyond me.

I have owned a foreign car once, but I was stationed in Italy. I bought it used from a service member and sold it to a service member when I left. My dad was a UAW member, and from him I learned never to buy a foreign car. The UAW and the Democrats are responsible for the middle class in this country.

There two points you are missing in this post, dan. One is minor and the other is huge. When I worked Downriver, there was a Toyota or Nissan plant in Flat Rock, I'm not sure which since I don’t know the difference between the two, but the chances are very good the bumper sticker you saw was on a car made in the U.S. However, I still buy U.S. cars, but the chances are also very good they are being built by low-paid, non-union workers outside of the U.S. To say primarily Democrats drive foreign cars is pure BS, and there is no fact or even myth too back that huge lie up.

The second, huge point is the reason that we have lost millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs under bush’s leadership is that companies are off shoring, and this administration is not only doing nothing about it, they are encouraging it. The drive is to find the lowest wages possible, and they are trying to turn the clock back to the days of the robber barons when workers earned slave wages and when they left for work they did not know if they would return hone or if they would return with all their limbs intact.
They are doing it via other countries, and people like you are supporting it by voting against their own economic self-interest.

Also, I have never seen a pro-abortion anything in my entire life.
It seems sad that people are punishing Ford for not discriminating and going after an untapped market. Why would you not buy a Ford because someone you hate for no reason drives one?

Been in any good boxing matches lately?

Dan said...

Mazda (partially owned by Ford)has a plant in Flat Rock. I wouldn't have fired off. There's a real elitist leftist culture that is extremely snobbish towards anything American. I'll bet that the highest proportion of foreign cars is in an area with a high percentage of limosine liberal types. Since gambling is illegal online, I'll buy the dinner and a beer of the first person that shows me documentation that the most foreign cars in this state is in either Ann Arbor (or related areas such as Scio Township), Southeastern Oakland County (Royal Oak, etc), Kalamazoo County, or the East Lansing area.

As for Ford marketing to gays, I really don't care one way or the other on that. What consenting adults do is none of my business. As long as they don't push for tax money paying for it, big deal. I may get some heat for that comment, but I don't care. Besides, I'm from a Ford family. That trumps all.

The manufacturing jobs have been leaving for years. It's partly Bush's fault. It's partly Bill Clinton's fault. Both parties are at fault on this issue. I've always been against NAFTA, GATT, Most favored trade status with Chine and anything else related to it. I really miss Jesse Helms in the senate as he was the best fighter on this issue there. Until both parties turn things around on this, we're still going down the bad road.

As for boxing matches, I can't believe that Matt Ferguson made such a big deal about it. I got a laugh out of that more than anything else. It was fun. It was a challenge. I got to see some friends from college. No harm no foul.

jusmyopin said...

It's not a matter of not buying a Ford because we dislike those that drive one. The problem is when my money used to buy that Ford car goes to support an agenda and lifestyle to which I am totally against. I wrote my letters pleading Ford to back out of their promotion of homosexuality but unfortunately for our family, we could not bite the hand that fed us. Now that my husband is again looking for work at the age of 50, thanks to all those who have bought foreign cars, I guess we don't have to worry about buying any new car, so supporting one AMERICAN maker over another won't be an issue for us.

jusmyopin said...

YIKES Dan! One of your statements tells me that we need to talk!!!!

A Yahoo Refugee said...
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A Yahoo Refugee said...

1965 Olds F-85

(My first car- with a V8 330 and 2 speed auto, I souped it up with a Holley 4 barrel carb and a new cam. Best ride I think I ever had. Mom made me take it to the junkyard after the gas tank straps broke. She said it was a death trap. They now are collectables. Moms can spoil the fun...)

1972 Olds Vista Cruiser
1976 Ford F-150 Pickup
1976 Chevy Vega (Sorry, I had to. Long story).
1982 Ford Sierra (German built, while living in germany)
1985 Plymouth Horizon
1990 Chevy S-10
1991 Chevy Cavilier
1993 Chevy Impala
1994 GMC Jimmy
2000 Chevy Monte Carlo LS
2004 Chevy Silverado 1500

Always an American UAW built car, except for the Ford Sierra while I was in the service in Germany. Itr cruised 160 on the Autobahn. At least it was a Ford.

Now I am a "GM only" person, and check that it is a UAW vehicle before I buy, and that the "North American Content" exceeds 80%. That is getting harder and harder to do, but it is still possible.

What I want to know is what the heck was that "free trade agreement" with Oman today that the U.S. House was voting on? Why Oman, and why now?

What on earth to we buy from Oman, other than oil? Oman's workforce is nearly all "imported"; made up of 80% India, Egypt, and Bagladesh are Oman's "labor" force. And our balance of trade with Oman seems pretty much in our favor already:

Trade Balance with Oman

A Yahoo Refugee said...

Sorry- for some reason that link didn't work. I;ll try it manually here:

trade balance figures with Oman. We already export more to them than we import from them. So why the push? And why now?

bluzie said...

Hmmm, I see Granholm stickers all the time and mostly on American made cars. Your fantasy blog is really interesting.

Count Me Red said...

Communications guru,
Again, you have your head in the clouds on this Bush thing. I was working at General Motors in the early 90's and we were building plants in Mexico and China and exporting jobs back then. The President then was uh, Clinton. He was so busy in the oval office playing around that he didn't realize that our economy was being shipped off shore. That's why the boom economy he inheirited from Reagan and Bush 41 was dwindled into a Bust under his watch. You people continue to try to rewrite history. At least say things that can't be checked out. It makes you look silly when you spew stuff that is so far offbase. Enjoy your fantasy dream.

bluzie said...

Hey Red, what you right wingers never seem to get is the difference between Free trade and Fair trade. Clinton was a fair trader and the auto industry was doing great. Bush stripped all the fair trade provisions and now we have a mess with trade and the auto industry suffers, because of George Bush. Don't believe me? Start listening to the auto industries CEO's. By the way, they don't blame our Governor, infact they praise her!!

Patrick Flynn said...

Communications Guru, are you really Mike McGonegal?

Dan said...

Clinton was no fair trader. He signed NAFTA and GATT. As for the auto industry CEO's, they messed things up badly as well. Jacques Nassar was so bad that he's a legend.

Patrick - Communications Guru is formerly known as kevins.

Communications guru said...

Well, Mr. Communist, prove that I have my “…head in the clouds on this Bush thing.” Are you honestly saying that eight years of some of the best economically prosperous times this country has ever had under Clinton was because of someone else? Are you saying that the first balanced federal budget in years – that is now showing record deficits under bush – was because of someone else? Now who has their head in the sky and is trying to rewrite history. As Bluzie says so well, thee is a difference between Free Trade and Fair Trade. Enjoy your fantasy dream, but in this economy with the middle class fast disappearing it’s much better to be in a fantasy world than the real one.

No Mr. Flynn, I am not Mike McGonegal, I am a campaign volunteer for Mike, and I run the campaign blog. I suggest and welcome you to come and visit us and join in the debate. We don’t censor anyone like this blog does, and it’s a free speech zone – again, unlike this blog – and we do not bar anyone from posting. Kevins was kicked off this blog, BTW.

Keith Richards said...

I've never owned a foreign car either. Up until about 1989 I owned nothing but Fords, when I bought a Pontiac. I owned a couple more Fords in the early 90's but since then I've bought nothing but Chevy products.

Regarding the issue of who tends to drive the most foreign cars, it is definitely Democrats when the issue is examined for places like California, New Jersey, and New York. In Michigan it is more complex. UAW type Democrats and family members of UAW workers do tend to drive Big 3 products. But liberal elitists from places like Ann Arbor and Royal Oak are usually too proud to be seen driving around in American cars and would never think of buying one just because it would help keep their neighbors employed.

One of the reasons I stopped buying Fords WAS Brighton Ford. I had a problem where the service engine light went on. I extracted the code, replaced the indicated components, and reset the computer. The light came back on, so I took it to Brighton Ford for further diagnosis. They told me that the NEW components were defective and that they would have to replace them at a cost of $450 (I only paid $125 to buy the replacement parts and it was 15 minutes to replace the old ones). I blew a gasket and had a meeting with the mechanic, the service advisor, and the manager in charge of the service department. After I chewed them out the mechanic sheepishly admitted that there was a secret recall on that model where a $10 connector replacement was indicated for that particular problem. After I chewed them out even more, they RELUCTANTLY offered to replace the connector for ANOTHER hour of labor (on top of the hour that I had already paid for) plus the part. (I had too much mileage to be eligible for free replacement) I drove home, spent 5 minutes cleaning the contacts on the connector and never saw the light again.

The mechanic KNEW that the problem was probably the connector, especially since I'd already replaced the components, yet INSISTED that I spend $450 to replace then again. I asked them why they had not replaced the connector first, since there was a recall and it was the cheapest solution. They did not answer me. I've not bought a Ford since, although I do understand that a couple of crooks at one dealership does not blight an entire company.

Communications guru said...

I have no idea where or how you created this myth that Democrats, working class people, drive foreign cars. How about some proof? Then calling places like New Jersey liberal elitist is ridiculous. And dan's, crack about “limousine liberal types” is a nothing more than a myth picked from hatemonger like sean hannity.
But everyone is really missing the point; it’s not what kind of car is bought or what party drives more so-called foreign cars, but where the cars, and other manufactured products, are made.

Keith Richards said...

Sorry, "Communications Guru" -

Look it up. Places like California and New York that have the highest percentages of Democrat voters ALSO have the highest percentage of foreign car registrations in the U.S. This is FACT, not an opinion. And the states in the South and midwest with higher percentages of Republican voters have a higher percentage of American car registrations. This is a FACT.

Now I don't know what you consider to be "working class", but the overwhelming majority of Republicans fall in the "middle class" income category. In fact, in 2000 and 2004 President Bush relied heavily on small contributions from a large number of donars. It was the DEMOCRATS that relied more heavily on WEALTHY donars.

So kevins, you can persist with your myths but the FACTS say otherwise.

Communications guru said...

I thought I read that Keith recently had a head injury, and now I see the proof. Maybe it’ I’ve experienced your “facts” before on this blog, and I have learned just because you say it’s so don’t make it so. There are just as many middle class Americans that are Democrats as there are republicans, and I would venture to say more are Democrats.
I hear your myths, and again you failed to back up one of your so-called facts. And again, you missed the huge, huge point that the problem is where the cars and their parts are being made.
Also, Kevins was kicked off this censored site.

Dan said...

Kevins was not kicked off. That is a bald faced lie by a bald faced liar.

If kevins was kicked off, communications guru would also be kicked off- the same person.

Communications guru said...

Kevins was kicked off this site. That’s a bald face lie told by a bald faced liar. Show me the last time Kevins posted.

Dan said...

"Show me the last time Kevins posted." 7/22/2006 10:49 PM under the screen name Communications Guru.

Communications guru said...

Sorry dan, another lie. The last time Kevins posted was 6/20/2006 5:16 PM.

Writer said...

Communications Guru, you suck.

Buy American

1989 Buick Century
1993 Dodge Intrepid
1998 Olds Intrigue

Communications guru said...

Thank You. From you, that’s a compliment, and keep working on that vocabulary.

RoseColoredSpectacles said...

Wow, fascinating.

The conservatives provide facts, the liberals claim its all a lie, and the conservatives come back with more facts. This scenario sounds familiar.

Here's another one for 'ya. Right-to-work states have gained more auto manufacturing jobs over the last 4 years than Michigan lost. The jobs are out there, we're just not getting them. That makes it a Michigan issue, not a National issue (and, like global warming, not Bush's fault).

bluzie said...

This just isn't true! Michigan has not lost jobs to right to work states!!! What kind of mosters are you? Don't you enjoy your healthcare, your vacations your weekends? You are leading the people of Michigan off a cliff with your anti union talk.

bluzie said...

If you cannot honestly understand where the Bush administration has heavily contributed to global warming then you guys really are in extreme denial. Certainly you have all not lost your minds and are still believing in this farce of a president?
Certainly you see the massive debt that is making our country grow weak. He's responsible for this war that is costing our soldiers lives, innocent people's lives and 6 billion dollars a month! No we cannot just leave Iraq now, we can agree on that, but if you do not hold him and his cabinet responsible than you cannot call yourself true Americans.

Count Me Red said...

Bluzie - I worked in the Auto industry from 1984 to 1992 and things were NOT "going great". We were building plants in Mexico and China back then and had already begun to transplant jobs out of the Country by 1991 & 1992. We couldn't build a quality car to save our lives and most of the cars in the parking lot were foreign. Why must you think we need to learn from the leftists, who always try to rewrite the truth? How about going to the Library and doing a little reading in your spare time. You can read, I hope (being a teacher makes me wonder what level your skills are at). The CEO's are blaming Bush and not the Governor because they just want to be on the bandwagon. What they should be, is "accountable" for some very stupid decisions. THEY are to blame for the condition of their industry. Granholm is guilty of not diversifying our economy and riding the slide down. Stupid is as stupid does. The State "buck" (since the rest of the U.S. economy is flying higher than ever before in our history) stops right in Granholm's lap. OUR STATE HAS LOST ONE JOB FOR EVERY 20 MINUTES SHE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE. If you guys want to take a long walk off a short pier, be our guest. We won't miss any of you, but the ones of us that can see a spade, call a spade, and switch the suit to Hearts will be following Dick DeVos to the Governor's mansion. "Yeah Harry, let's ride this puppy til she stops". You guys are amazingly stupid. I wouldn't expect you to get it right Bluzie, you have demonstrated an amazing ability to be shallow and dumb (God I hope you are not teaching my kids), but your willingness to actually say some of these thoughts out loud simply astonishes me. You apparently have no pride, but we can tolerate that. It makes us stronger when you guys talk like that, the comparison is very flattering to us.

Count Me Red said...

And Bluzie, Stop calling the President of the United States names. You are disrespectful, unpatriotic, and downright un-American. I think George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the great Presidents. I don't like all the spending, but line item veto would take care of that. Too bad our State is missing out on all the abundance. I am so glad we live in a "Cool City". I feel blessed and honored. I wonder if we could name some "Cool Businesses" and see if her coat tails can help them out??

Patrick Flynn said...

If I were a democrat, gosh I would keep my mouth shut about Iraq.

bluzie said...

Names? What names???? Not that I don't privately, but I haven't called him a name.

supermilarocks said...

U.N. Chief Accuses Hezbollah of 'Cowardly Blending' Among Refugees

the UN is honest

supermilarocks said...

U.N. Chief Accuses Hezbollah of 'Cowardly Blending' Among Refugees

quite somteh...---