Monday, July 10, 2006

Statewide Ballot Proposals

We'll have a lot of ballot proposals on the ballot

MCRI - Prohibits the use of race and gender preferences in university admissions and government hiring.

I support MCRI 100% People need to be treated as individuals.

Mourning Dove Hunting - A proposal to restore a ban on hunting mourning
doves in Michigan.

Even though I don't hunt mourning doves, I support hunting, and oppose attempts to stop hunting. Mourning Doves are hunted in Ohio and Indiana. These won't affect the year round birds near feeders since it's illegal to hunt near houses (for obvious reasons).

Proposal to give K-12 schools, community colleges and universities annual state funding increases equal to at least the inflation rate.

This passes the buck of irresponsibile spending from school boards to the state. I oppose this 100%, as well as all garanteed funding measures. While the state needs to equalize funding, this is unacceptable.

A proposal to establish a conservation and recreation legacy fund and game and fish protection and trust funds within the state constitution.

I don't know enough about this proposal to have an informed opinion on it. Undecided.

A proposal to restrict the power of local and state governments to take private property by eminent domain.

Support 100% Currently, all there is protecting us is the Poletown reversial by the current Michigan Supreme Court. If judicial activists re-take Michigan's Supreme Court, we're in trouble.

A proposal to repeal the state's Single Business Tax. The group's petitions are being reviewed by the state. If petitions are approved, the measure would go to lawmakers. If lawmakers don't act on the proposal, it would go to the ballot.

Time to end this thing once and for all.

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