Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I've been swamped with work, law school stuff, and elections lately, so I haven't had time to update this site.

The Argus is hosting a debate among the judicial candidates tomorrow at Howell High School. 6PM. I believe there's a debate tonight in Fowlerville as well, and one Thursday in Hamburg. I'll try and make at least one of them and post updates.

The Argus has another story on the Drick/Brennan race. I have to take issue with this comment.

Earlier in the campaign, he said his previous literature assailing Brennan's values was just trying to point out that Brennan was appointed, not elected by the people.

Assailing? That's not assailing. Dan Meisler is letting some bias show there. All Drick's campaign literature said referring to Brennan was that it is our choice this election on who picks the judges, not Granholm's.

Lastly, some joker also was defacing Mike Rogers' signs in Brighton Township. That doesn't speaking highly of Marcinkowski's supporters. It's also destruction of property and bigtime illegal. Is that the road you all want to go down. For those who don't want their signs messed with, get some cameras with the license plates down and don't get mad....get even!


Keith Richards said...

Defacing and destroying campaign signs, bumper stickers, and even cars is a standard tactic with Democrat supporters. There was an article in the paper just about a week or so ago about a high ranking military officer who was forced to take early retirement in disgrace after he pled guilty to damaging cars with Bush bumper stickers in an airport parking lot. So this childish and immature stuff extends even to Democrats who should definitely know better.


I know this problem is widespread because many pro-Republican signs that I've displayed in front of my house have been stolen, defaced, and even driven over by cars.

Also, while working Republican booths handing out bumper stickers and such people have stopped by and told me stories about problems that they've had. Some people are now afraid to even put Republican stickers on their vehicles out of fear of what Democrats will do to their vehicles.

This kind of sneaky and underhanded criminal behavour only makes Republicans more determined to keep crooked Democrats out of office.

I would suggest using some form of protection other than an electrified sign though, as this could invite civil litigation and possbily even criminal prosecution. As the old saying goes "Two wrongs don't make a right", and we definitely don't want to sink down into the muck alongside Democrats. A better choice would be to hide some webcams or cheap security cameras in nearby trees with a recorder running on a 24 loop so that the matter can be turned over to the law.

Or else do what I do, and promptly replace damaged or destroyed signs and bumper stickers with new ones. Sure, some Democrat scum gets away with breaking the law, but many of these people eventually get caught and prosecuted (as did the Lt. Col. in the story), and regardless, in the end we all face judgement from God for our sins.

Dan said...

Good point Keith. I changed the post a little.

While my Irish temper isn't nearly as volitile as it used to be, destroying property brings it back to its old level rather quickly.

And no, I don't appove of defacing democrat signs either.

Keith Richards said...

We need to remember all the Americans who have fought and died to give us our freedoms, including the right to free speech.

Republicans should never allow fear and intimidation tactics by Democrats to make us afraid to express our political viewpoint. We should remember that damage to our homes and cars is an insignificant injury compared to the death, suffering, and sacrifices that other Americans have made to give us freedom of speech. To put it bluntly, if others can put their lives on the line to preserve this freedom, we can certainly risk a few scratches on our cars to exercise it.

And yes, I am aware that we Republicans also have members in our ranks who dishonor us. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that we Republicans expell and prosecute our criminals when they get caught; Democrats turn them into heros (remember Marion Barry?).

And yes, if I become aware of any Republicans engaging in illegal activity (such as destroying signs and bumper stickers) I WILL turn them in for prosecution, as will most Republicans that I know.

Patrick Flynn said...

I have had 12 of my signs stolen. For the record, I have never touched my opponent's signs and never will.

There is a Dugas (judicial-probate)sign on my street on private property that has been brutally defaced.

Page Field said...

To whom ever: If you have political signs defaced or stolen you should report it. Relative to how easy it is to steal signs, a surprising number of vandals get caught in the act. I have not heard of this being a problem locally. It makes no sence politically because the risk of getting caught is very damaging to any campaign.

I've had out of state visitors to my Howell home and they remarked at the number of political signs in the area and they were surprised it was for judge positions.

Page Field said...

Mr. Flynn you should document these acts of vandals. Take it to the paper. It essentially amounts to free publicity. I would find it hard to believe the Rogers campaign would be the culprit. You never know though

There are some pieces of land that are overwhelmed with political signs, to the point its a eyesore. Some of the vandals could be motovated by too much clutter

Dan said...

I see a LOT of signs on right of ways this year. In some candidates' cases, most signs are in right of ways.

Technically, Right of Way signs may be illegal, and oftentimes municipalities themselves take those down.

I know the City of Howell is well known for taking out right of way signs. I believe Brighton is the same way, as is Marion Twp.

Communications guru said...

The absolute worst attack and case of Drick assailing Judge Brennan was Drick’s last mailing, where he told the huge lie that she “led and promoted a cut and run anti-troop protest.” I posted that in an earlier post, but I notice dan was very quite about it. It’s hard to defend an outrageous lie. On the other hand, the saying goes if you’re going to tell a lie, it might as well be a whopper, and you took that advice to heart.
As for signs, it happens every year, and to say one party does it more than another is pure BS. Plus, if there are so few Democrats in this county they can’t be doing much damage. Try looking at the actual opponent for the Aug. 8 primary.

bluzie said...

You have crossed the line big time Dan. Why would a Democrat have anything to do with the destruction of a Rogers sign? It's your right wing nuts who are to the right of Rogers.

You know this to be true and yet you shamelessly tell this whopper of a lie as if it were true.

I am sorry I don't know how you can live with yourself after that one!

Count Me Red said...

Bluzie, you have no credibility in the lie department. Jeeze laweeze, your nose must be as long as a telephone pole. I find it perfectly logical that the party of the potty mouths would also be the party of the thieves and liars. You people have no couth or shame. Some signs make me cringe, but never once did I think of stealing one or running it over with my car.

Kevins - careful what you defend. You will look silly with all that egg on your face. (again and again).

Communications guru said...

Well Mr. Communist I didn’t know how Kevins could have “egg on his face” because you have never beat him in a debate. Too bad he got kicked off the blog. As for me, the same thing applies. Your argument here is to resort to name calling instead of addressing the facts, just like you do again and again and again.

Count Me Red said...

communications guru aka Kevin S.-

you are sounding like Kindergarden Kevin again with all that whining. You are not really that good at playing two people. Your writing style is the same as it always was. You are no debater either.

Count Me Red said...

Jay Drick did a terrific job at the Fowlerville debate. Michigander, hope you get to see him either tonight or Thursday. I believe him to be the best candidate in that race. Brennan's activism shuts her out for me.

jusmyopin said...

Last election (presidential) I replaced all of our 8 republican signs at least 6 times after waking to find only wires on my lawn. I now have taken steps to keep my signs, and those who want to steal them will be sorry to even touch them. I will do what I need to do to protect MY property. You dirty democrats beware! Go ahead and try to steal my signs. You get what you deserve. The facts about the war protest are in black and white and undenyable. There are several documents of proof. Keep putting your foot in your mouth guru. You are making a bigger fool of yourself with every name calling denial of black and white facts.

Communications guru said...

Well, there you go again. I just pointed out in the last post that instead of trying to dispute my arguments with facts you resort to name calling, and Mr. Communist does it again in this post. I’m not a debater, but I’m a good, persuasive writer. You have not disproved anything I have written about.

Communications guru said...

Well, Mr. Communist, I didn’t see the Fowlerville debate, but Judge Brennan stood head and shoulders above the rest in the debate last night at Howell.

“You dirty democrats beware!” Nice, very classy.

You are right, “The facts about the war protest are in black and white and undeniable (sic).” Yet, Mr. Drick and dan keep lying about it. How am I putting my “foot in my mouth.”? I never denied that Judge Brennan helped a friend get the permit to hold an anti-war protest in 2003. But, again, it was before the war began, and remember bush was lying to us by saying war was a last resort, and the protester believed it, saying just give the weapons inspectors more time to find the WMDs. For Drick to call it a “Cut-and-run anti-troop protest” is an outrageous lie. Not a misstatement, stretching the truth or even a white lie. It’s a lie.

Now, How am I making “a bigger fool of (myself) with every name calling denial of black and white facts?” Hell, who did I even call a name?

jusmyopin said...

Democrats are the ones who take my signs. Why would republicans take my signs during a general election??????????? Therefore to me, they are dirty democrats playing dangerous games. You have done nothing but defend the fact that Brennan led and promoted the protest. This is just untrue. Chis Nagy wrote an article in the
Argus qoting Brennan saying that she has gotten positive response IN PLANNING THE RALLY. Hmmmm. This rally took place a few days before the war began, but EVERYONE knew it was an inevitable war. It wasn't a matter of if but when. Was your head in the sand at that time? Stop accusing others of lying if you don't have your facts straight.

Communications guru said...

Again, all class. If you say Democrats stole your signs, fine.
Again, Judge Brennan, before she was a judge, helped a friend from the Michigan Peace Network get a permit in March of 2003. I guess the war was inevitable, but no one but bush’s inner circle knew that then. We took him at his word when he said war was a lost option. Silly us. If she did plan it, great. That is a positive for her. She was right, there were no WMDs. Just think of all the lives that would have been saved if the President had listened. But he knew shortly after he the Supreme Court decision he was going to invade.
I have no idea what protest your talking about that Chris Nagy wrote about. No my head was not in the sand, but either apparently yours was or you just like making things up.

jusmyopin said...

I'm making up the article that was in the Argus? Oh my, you are reaching now. The article talks about all the phone calls she made in her efforts to organize the event. There were numerous WMD's found. You liberals won't ever own up to that fact. You'll keep believing the media lies because it's easier and what you want to hear. By the way, the headline in a different article by Kevin Shopshire, says this: 200 show up for anti-war demonstration. I guess that says it all. Shame on her.

Communications guru said...

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.
There were “numerous WMDs found.” Enough said, no use arguing with someone who believes that whopper. Even the bushies have enough sense not to say that. Yes, 200 did show up at an anti-war protest. That’s one I was talking about. I was there, and like I said for the third time, it was a protest before the war started to get bush to do what he actually said he was going to do.