Tuesday, August 01, 2006

From our friends at GOA - Go Walberg!!!

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Subject: A Clear Choice

A Clear Choice: Second Amendment Champion vs. Politician Who Treats
Your Rights With Disdain

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund E-Mail Alert
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Springfield VA 22151

August 1, 2006

Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

Our Second Amendment rights are at stake in the Republican primary in
Michigan's 7th congressional district, and the choice is clear: Tim
Walberg is a consistent defender of second amendment rights, while
Congressman Joe Schwarz is not.

The election is coming up soon, on August 8th, so please read on and
act quickly.

Tim Walberg vigorously defended our Second Amendment rights during
his 16 years in the Michigan House of Representatives. He is an avid
sportsman and understands the Second Amendment is a constitutionally
protected individual right. Tim is the type of principled, bold
fighter for gun owner rights that we need in Congress.

Tim's opponent, Congressman Joe Schwarz is no friend of gun owners.
Schwarz does not believe the Second Amendment is an individual right
(Detroit Free Press, 7-5-02). Schwarz opposed Michigan's
concealed-carry law and even called it "nuts" (MIRS, 8-31-02).
Beyond opposing pro-Second Amendment legislation, Schwarz called gun
owners "bubbas" (MIRS, 8-31-02) and described gun owners as
foaming, salivating concealed weapons crew" (MIRS, 8-31-02).

Joe Schwarz has brought his anti-gun philosophy to Congress. On June
28, Schwarz opposed a pro-gun amendment to repeal a mandatory trigger
lock requirement.

Gun Owners of America is dedicated to preserving and defending our
Second Amendment rights. Firearms ownership is a freedom issue and
Tim Walberg is the only consistent defender of freedom in this race.
GOA-PVF proudly endorses Tim Walberg for Congress.

However, one person alone cannot win an election, so please join me
in supporting Walberg for Congress. This primary race is highly
competitive, and the side that mobilizes best will win.

The election is fast approaching. Your donation of $100, $75, $50,
or $35 will go a long way in helping Tim reach out to undecided

Even if you don't live in Michigan, it is important that you help to
elect this pro-gun champion.

You can use the enclosed reply form and mail a contribution directly
to the campaign at 6769 Teachout Road, Tipton, MI 49287.

Even better since time is short, visit the special webform just for
GOA supporters at http://www.walbergforcongress.com/goa/ to make an
online contribution.

GOA supporters have come through in the past. With your help, over
15 GOA-backed candidates won in the previous congressional

Now we have an opportunity to improve our numbers even more in this
August 8th primary.

By working together we will send Tim Walberg to Congress, where he
will be a leader and trusted fighter for the Second Amendment rights
of all Americans.


Tim Macy

P.S. If you live in the 7th Congressional District, please remember
to vote in the August 8 Republican primary.

Even if you live outside the district, Tim will be ardently
representing your views in Washington. Please consider a generous
contribution to the Walberg campaign using either the online form at

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