Friday, August 25, 2006

Putnam Twp candidate arrested in attempted homicide investigation

Big news in the Argus this morning. Putnam Township Supervisor candidate Shane Roscoe was busted in an attempted homicide investigation. I will say that he's innocent till proven guilty. That said, I certainly do not expect this from candidates for public office.

Livingston County Sheriff's deputies arrested Putnam Township supervisor candidate Shane Roscoe early Thursday afternoon in connection with an attempted homicide investigation in Washtenaw County.
Sheriff Bob Bezotte confirmed his deputies took 41-year-old Roscoe into custody at about 12:30 p.m. on a warrant from the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department.

The warrant sought Roscoe's DNA and a search of his home, the sheriff said, referring additional inquiries to Washtenaw County Sheriff's officials.

Cmdr. Dave Egeler of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department declined to provide details, saying, "It may hamper the investigation."

Roscoe, the Democratic candidate for Putnam Township supervisor, is slated to face Ronald Rau, the Republican candidate, for the seat in November's general election.

We'll see what the evidence shows.


Keith Richards said...

I suppose we'll find out more in the next few weeks. As Dan noted, Roscoe is innocent until proven guilty, but even if he is eventually proven innocent this type of news is bound to kill his campaign.

Big Kahuna said...

You can't make up stuff as good as this! I love small-town politics. Never a dull moment.

Why in God's name would anyone who is running for public office have vehicles at his or her home that have 'identification numbers that have been tampered with'?

Pogo said...

I just read the updated article. Quite amazing stuff. The most astonishing thing to me is that his extensive criminal record has only come to light because he is now being investigated for additional crimes.

While a long record of felonies does not automatically prevent a person from running for some offices, it would be better for that candidate to come clean early on and then show voters how he/she has turned over a new leaf. Letting information about past crimes come out in an uncontrolled way gives voters a reason to believe the candidate has not been fully reformed.

It is true that many voters will not support an ex-convict but it is still better to come clean than to live under the constant threat of exposure.

NewRedOne said...

I think he ought to worry more about what's going to keep him out of jail. His candidacy is history at this point -- thinking about what voters may believe is just a waste of time. He'd better be concentrating on a good defense.

Keith Richards said...

According to a Detroit News article, Roscoe has a long criminal history and has been in jail as recently as 2003. Hardly the kind of person a responsible voter would want to put into office.

I wonder how come the excellent investigative reporters at the Argus did not uncover and report on this criminal history? Maybe they were too busy bashing conservative Republican candidates?

support said...

how can any of us decide guilt? innocent until proven guilty. this story is a wild one for sure but there is also alot of evidence he is innocent. His statement on news 6 in lansing convinced me hes not guilty. was he hiding his past i think not, anyone running for office is open to the public. there are alot of politcians with backgrounds most we just dont hear about this man has balls ill say that and if we had more with balls we would be in a better state now

money michigan said...

I'm shane Roscoe

many of you have read several news articals full of inaccurate information. first off I did not have anything to do with any crime related to the alleged search warrant. Second. EVERYONE IS STATING ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE,ASSAULT,ROBBERY ETC WELL THERE HAVE BEEN NO CHARGES FILED.
My conviction record listed is very inaccurate i did have convictions, served my time and rehabilitated myself. total covictions are 5 some if you look up the alleged alias names at otis they belong to other people. why they were listed on my name is beyond me look them up and compare. the alleged felonious assault in livingston county was an issue of a repo man and several individuals that came to my home in the middle of the night and i confronted them as they did not identify dangerouse weapon was a broom and nobody was assaulted, i never left my porch.. had i not had prior convictions it would have never been an issue.this current issue is totally blown out of proportion yes i was taken into custody for questioning and i totally cooperated. do you think if there were any evidence against me i would be free to write this statement, with my past? get real!the only newspaper that keeps this issue alive is the republican run press argus. nothing but a tabloid that calls themselfs a news paper. well, argus get the facts right and get the true story of who i am and report it correctly! i have stated to you several facts that were never published, why won't you bring those to light? because it points to innocense, that is why we created a justice system however the media convicts before the wheels of justice have a chance to work. I knew my past would come up when i chose to run for public office. I am still the same person who decided to run and will continue to run. my beliefs are the same and i still feel this township needs someone that will stand up for it and fight for what is right .As far as being a thief, as someone stated under assumed names here (coward),if anyone of you can walk in my shoes of being on there own from the age of 13 and still survive then stand up and say so i'm not proud of my past but i did what i did as a kid to survive. I'm very proud of the man i am today. people ask who I am , well ask my neighbors. I am the one who will give you a helping hand, the one who will go out and fill your fridge with food when you can't afford to feed your kids, and I'm the one that will fight to keep drugs out of our schools. I'm the one and only candidate that is seeking better police protection for this township, does that sound like someone who wants to be a criminal? "No"! its someone that has seen the worst in life and knows first hand how to keep our township safe and prevent it from being made into a non rural, drug infested crime ridden area!. I'm a fighter and I'll stand up for my beliefs. I have no agenda, I dont have to say yes on issues that are wrong to save face i can stand up and say when things are wrong. So before you cast the stones and persecute me for my past Look at me for who i am now.

fortune500mag said...

Case update: Roscoe was cleared by dna testing. ositive as direct desendant of betsy ross

Anonymous said...

Mr shane N.Roscoe was not a contributor to any of the samples that were tested