Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reparations making a comeback??

From an email which used MIRS news as a source

Michigan Dems Support Reparations Study
The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) this weekend adopted a resolution calling for a study on whether financial reparations should be made to African Americans for the "deprivation, indignities and cruelty" imposed on them during the times of slavery.

The resolution called on Congress to adopt U.S. Rep. John CONYERS' (D-Detroit) legislation to put together a commission to look into the issues of payments for those African Americans who "labored in the chains of slavery on the farmlands, highways and byways of this nation, thus contributing fruitfully toward the growth and development of this nation."

The MDP measure was one of 26 resolutions the MDP adopted last week at the state party convention at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The resolutions dealt with issues ranging from opposition to the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) to a call to eliminate insurance redlining. Most of the resolutions are predictable stands on the War in Iraq, global warming, a living wage, universal health care and other bread-and-butter Democratic Party issues.

The most eye-catching resolution, however, was the resolution supporting a study for reparations for African Americans. To beef up the case for reparations, the resolution notes that the U.S. Government and various states saw "fit to provide some balm to the wounds that they caused by their bigoted actions."

The MDP resolution noted that the federal government paid the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan $32 million as part of an 1836 treaty and that the Klamath Indians of Oregon and the Sioux Indians of South Dakota were each paid around $100 million.

Also, the U.S. government acknowledged "the cruelty, prejudice and arrogance" of confining Japanese-Americans to concentration camps during World War II by paying each survivor $20,000 a piece.

"While we applaud these token expressions of conscience on the part of the U.S. government for these acts, it does give cause to ponder the hesitancy of the U.S. government to honor broken agreements with African-Americans for those acts of criminality and immorality directed toward them," the resolution stated.

It continued by stating, "African-Americans suffered as did the Native Americans and Japanese Americans, from broken promises, broken contracts, abandonment of moral justice, deprived of land of life, of freedom and of property."

When running for governor in 2002, Jennifer GRANHOLM came out in support of reparations but later said that by the term "reparations" she didn't mean money. According to polling at the time, voters overwhelmingly disapprove of paying slave reparations.

The MDP also passed resolutions supporting diverse juries, universal pre-K, congressional recognition for Rosa PARKS and Sojourner TRUTH and an end to the "open-ended commitment in Iraq."

I support reparations. Any living person who was held a slave should receive compensation. Anyone born in the 1860's still alive? If there are no living slaves, then there shouldn't be any compensation. Time to move into the future, not the past.


Patrick Flynn said...

This is the liberal affirmative action mindset in its most radical form.

In dolling out the reparations, don't forget Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, Faye Wattleton, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michael Jordan, Ben Wallace, OJ Simpson, Kwame Kilpatrick, Marion Barry, Aretha Franklin, Barack Obama, and all the millions of other Americans who have been robbed of opportunity because of slavery.

Hurry, so they can get some groceries.

In all seriousness, I cannot believe that this issue is even on the table for discussion.

Communications guru said...

I was at the convention, and I have in my hands teh platformm booklet adopted at the convention. I would like you to post a link to it.
Also, "Hurry, so they can get some groceries." Sounds racist to me, but I'm sure you're not.

Patrick Flynn said...

Also, "Hurry, so they can get some groceries." Sounds racist to me, but I'm sure you're not.

It's called sarcasm. And you're right, I'm not.

liberalshateusa said...

All the Liberals are trying to do is buy the black vote. As a stated in another post if the Democratic Party was a Fortune 500 company the NAACP would be all over they for not hiring blacks in an affirmative action program.

Pogo said...

No sane person could ever believe that this proposal makes sense. It is just a ploy to get blacks to keep voting for Democrats. It is a great trick because Democrats know it will never happen so they can win favor without spending a cent.

Unfortunately, silly tricks like this keep old racial wounds open and encourage conflict between the races.

Pogo said...

I would rather be a black person living in the worst ghetto on welfare in the U.S. than live in most African countries, because here in the U.S. they have unlimited opportunities to get an education, a good job, and a comfortable life. This is something that a good portion of the worlds population can't say.

Black people should not be complaining because ancestors several generations back served in slavery. They should be getting up every day and praising the Lord that they live here in the U.S., the land of wealth, hope, and opportunity, rather than one of the poverty stricken and violence torn countries that make up too much of Africa.

redneck said...

My family did not move into this country until I exempt from having my tax money go to this crap?

Communications guru said...

Also, as a stated in another post, your claim about the Democratic Party and the NAACP is not true, Liberal.

“They have unlimited opportunities to get an education, a good job, and a comfortable life.” That is simply not true.

I’m still waiting for the link and the source from dan of this post.

liberalshateusa said...

It is absolutely true. Who is Black and in power in the Democratic Party?
Go to your own party and show me whom is black and in power. You are so full of your self you continually tell lies and then come to this blog and state your twisted purpose is to monitor the truth. You are a typical Liberal full of lies and deceit, you push your agenda on the American people and use the courts to advance your means and bypass the US Constitution as you libs say it is a living breathing document. WHAT LIBERAL HYPOCRISY.

Who was Black and in power in the Clinton Adm? Oh yes Ron Brown but Clinton had him killed in the phony plane crash.

Again I must go back to Katrina and the Democratic idea of utopia and how the liberals failed in the welfare stated ideology. What Hurricane Katrina exposed was the psychological consequences of the welfare state. What we consider "normal" behavior in an emergency is behavior that is normal for people who have values and take the responsibility to pursue and protect them. People with values respond to a disaster by fighting against it and doing whatever it takes to overcome the difficulties they face. They don't sit around and complain that the government hasn't taken care of them. And they don't use the chaos of a disaster as an opportunity to prey on their fellow men....
People living in piles of their own trash, while petulantly complaining that other people aren't doing enough to take care of them and then shooting at those who come to rescue them--this is not just a description of the chaos at the Superdome. It is a perfect summary of the 40-year history of the welfare state and its public housing projects.
They will have a chance as soon as the Democratic Party stops buying votes and make Americans work for a living. It s amazing that as soon as some work was required (landmark welfare-reform bill) in order to receive assistance how many stopped using the program and went to become productive citizens.
He did receive flak from liberals for doing it though, provoking a firestorm of criticism, mostly from his own political party. The new law sought to make assistance available to only those beneficiaries who worked--and, even then, for only a limited time. While proponents predicted reform would break the cycle of poverty, the measure's opponents called it a "brutal assault on the poor." Key members of Clinton's Cabinet opposed the measure, and three administration officials actually resigned over it.

Communications guru said...

I guess you should do a little more research before you go off on one of your incoherent rants, liberal. I went to the site you provided me the link for the National Democratic Party, and right there on the front page is the name and photo of the co-chair, Lottie H. Shackelford. And, that’s in addition to the 43 member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Oh, I see you’re one of those. President Clinton had Ron Brown killed. Right, and the Government is hiding those crashed aliens in Area 51. Have you seen any black helicopters lately? This latest rant tells me all I need to know about you, just another wing nut.

You go right ahead and spout anything you want, I’m not going to bother responding to your incoherent rants. If conservatives need you to defend them then they are truly in trouble.

My only wish is you had a wider audience for your theories. Try writing a letter to the editor with that theory.

Keith Richards said...

I have a sister-in-law whose black father came from Africa in the 1960's. Would she get reparations?

How would reparations be calculated? Would blacks be required to prove that they have an ancestor that dated back to the days of slavery? Would they be required to prove that their ancestors were actually slaves?
What about people who have mixed blood - both white and black - would you give the reparations to one child with a dark complexion but not to a sibling with light colored skin? Or would you simply give reparations to anyone who claims to have some black blood in their veins?

Who pays these reparations? Is it fair to make states that banned slavery early on pay the same share or reparations as states that kept slavery up through the civil war? What about states that never had slavery at all? And should not Americans born of ancestors who migrated to the U.S. after the end of slavery be exempt from the taxes needed to pay reparations?

Maybe we should make every American calculate the percentage of blood in their veins that comes from pre-civil war ancestors as opposed to blood that comes from post-civil war ancestors, and then tax everyone based on this percentage. Since less than half my blood comes from ancestors who lived in the U.S. prior to 1865, I should have to pay only half as much in taxes as someone who comes from ancestors who lived the in U.S. prior to 1865.

And let's not forget all the money spent by the Northern states in the civil war and during reconstruction to defeat slavery. Should not citizens be allowed to claim an exemption for the sacrifices of their ancestors?

And once we are done with all of this, the next step will be to begin this process with anyone and everyone who may have ever been wronged by the American government. By my reckoning, we owe the original native Americans a HUGE pile of money, and we should also consider what we owe the British for the losses they suffered when the colonies broke away. France and Russia may have a claim too, because what we paid them for the Louisiana purchase and Alaska was hardly fair compensation. And then there is the matter of the land that the U.S. got from Mexico . . .

So lets get all these claims filed. If we are realistic about this, these claims will push the U.S. into bankruptcy. We can get Congress to pass a law that forgives the U.S. for all debt related to claims prior to WWII, and then we can finally forget all this madness and get on with life.

Patrick Flynn said...

Keith is demonstrating the absurdity of the entire issue of reparations.

Saint Isaac Jogues was a Jesuit Priest who centuries ago traveled into the region of the Iroquis right here in North America. He came to bring them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They responded by eating his fingers off his hand and then martyred him by smashing his skull.

I don't thing the Jesuit order has received its reparation check from the Indians yet.

Stop me when you think this nonsense regarding reparations has gotten ridiculous enough.

Writer said...

I supports reps

liberalshateusa said...

Guru, you are the one seeking a wider audience for your theories I look at your blog ,Mike G's and there are 0 comments that is why you spend so much time at this blog. You would be better to preach your gospel over at the liberal site. I did see Lottie H. Shackelford at a later time but her photo is not on the front page as you state you must go to her link to see that. The point remains who was Black and in power in the Clinton Adm. You speak with a forked tounge. You want Dan to post answers to your question but you skirt around questions pointed to your misstatements.

Not-a-RINO said...

Why does nearly every topic revolve around "Commie Guru"? He always turns things around to make himself the topic of discussion rather than the topic at hand. I think Liberals Hate America was right: He should monitor his own blog and leave the sane people alone.

Communications guru said...

You know “rino.” I am not a communist. I am a patriotic American who served his country in the military for 20 years, and I resent that particular smear.

What you want is to pass this misinformation and lies as fact without question, and I will not allow that. If you don’t like me simply ignore me like dan does when he can’t dispute what I say.

dan says reparations are making a comeback, but as usual, he’s wrong. Rep. Conyers has introduced it every year since 1989, and all it would do is establish a commission to study reparations.

The commission would acknowledge the fundamental injustice and inhumanity of slavery; establish a commission to study slavery, its subsequent racial and economic discrimination against freed slaves; study the impact of those forces on today's living African Americans; and the commission would then make recommendations to Congress on appropriate remedies to redress the harm inflicted on living African Americans.

After reading some of the ridiculous tirades and absurd comparisons in this thread it’s clear you don’t understands the issue, and you have questions.

Slaves helped make this country great, and it made many people rich who are still rich today because of slave labor. I don’t know if I support actually giving individuals money directly, but I would like to see what recommendations the commission would make before dismissing it out of hand.

I may be wrong, and please correct me like and know you will and should, but when we interned Japanese-American citizens during World War II didn’t we compensate them years later? Slaves endured much more hardships than those people.

Big Kahuna said...

Guru ... You are so worried about the big hole the repeal of the SBT left in the state budget...imagine the hole reparations will put in the national budget. This is a bad idea period. Why do we have to take time, effort, tax dollars, and whatever else to establish a commission. I like the idea of fewer commissions, not more.

Communications guru said...

Please show me where money is mentioned. The resolution says “…calling for a study on whether financial reparations should be made to African Americans.” Nowhere does it recommend paying anyone, neither Rep. Conyers’ bill or the resolution passed by the MDP. However, I don’t understand how you can pay $20,000 each to the Japanese-Americans who were interned during World War II and not even discuss reparations to former slaves and their descendents.

If the commission recommended any financial reparations, it would come from the federal budget, not the state budget where the SBT provides a quarter of the revenue and must be balanced by law.

Big Kahuna said...

Guru: Please tell me you are kidding, right? "...whether financial reparations..." What does that mean to you? Also, I made the distinction on the state and federal budget in my post.

Communications guru said...

It’s proposing a study, not money changing hands. Maybe, just maybe, you should see what the recommendation is before you dismiss it. You cannot honestly tell me the former slaves and their ancestors have been treated fairly in light of the treatment for other groups.
I don’t care if you made a distinction between the state and federal budgets, you are comparing apples and oranges, and the SBT has nothing to do with this issue.

liberalshateusa said...

My parent and Grandparents never had slaves. How does this ideology even come into thinking?

Anonymous said...

Reparations = People who never were slaves taking money from people who never owned slaves.

gurlyhawaiian said...

In this particular article, it would have also been appropriate to include Native Hawaiian reparations (not financial reparations), especially because of the semi-recent attention to the failure of the renowned “Akaka Bill.” I too support reparations, but it is difficult to determine what would be fair parameters that would define the term “reparations.” The 2002 gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Granholm is referenced as being in support of reparations, but not in a financial context. This is something that would evoke a worthwhile discussion. On the other hand, if I were an African American slave during that time period, it would be fair to assume that no reparations, financial or otherwise, could take the place of being treated in an inhumane manner. Although it is necessary to move into the future, sometimes we may only be able to achieve this reality by righting wrongs. Furthermore, honoring reparations through admitting wrongs can be a direct parallel to the change of political attitudes which may be a subtle suggestion of movement into the future.