Monday, October 09, 2006


UPDATE - Argus Article and audio of debates

Mary Andersson v Joe Hune - This was a civil debate about the issues. Andersson seemed nervous, but it's easy to say that from the seats. I've done some public speaking, but not in that setting. Public speaking isn't easy. Her main issues are environment and increasing health care. Joe is one of the best at giving straight answers and is a less government conservative. I always know where Joe stands, and he did a very good job tonight.

Mike McGonegal v Chris Ward - McGonegal did not do bad until the end where he got away from his vision and went negative. He could have been stronger, but he took too many pages out of the "KevinS/Communications Guru" playbook with his attacks in his closing statements. Chris brought his A game and was ready for a "Communications Guru" style of attack, and it showed. Chris emphasised his accomplishments in education and elections issues and took the high road.

Donna Anderson v Valde Garcia - I don't agree with Donna Anderson on 90% of the issues. (Term limits and to some degree, the Great Lakes) That said I give her some credit here. She did not give us politispeak and smoke. There is no doubt where she stands. Valde did a good job and detailed his work in the legislature. This debate was mostly about issues and did not have many attacks.

Jim Marcinkowski v Mike Rogers - Marcinkowski's a Class A jackass who spent all his time braying and yapping about how the other guy sucks. This guy doesn't have the temper to do the job. Mike kept the high road and talked about his work in DC. Marcinkowski showed himself to be a bigtime leftist as well, braying his support of socialized medicine.


Communications guru said...

A nice job of spin from a Chris Ward employee and a member of the Livingston County Republican Party Executive Committee. NEWS FLASH from the politically astute dan, you can no longer try to unseat an incumbent by talking about his record.

We have never “went negative” on Mr. Ward, and all we have done is talk about his lousy record and questionable conduct while in office. He still has not told us why he took the all expenses paid trip to Taiwan while giving lip service to a ban on lobbyists paid travel and how many other trips he has taken.

I never head Mike go negative, and all he did was point out that Mr. Ward is part of the problem with Lansing. There’s a reason there’s an anti-incumbency feeling and politicians have a bad name and Mr. Ward is a major reason. Personally attacking me is not going to change that.

Keith Richards said...

Unfortunately I am unable to attend these debates due to a more pressing matter but I will be sure to listen to the audio as soon as I have some time. But I believe Dan's comments about Marcinkowski, as everything I've seen so far supports them.

Communications guru said...

Based on what?

openyoureyes said...

typical democrats couldn't follow simple directions from the moderator to hold ALL applause until each speaker was finished. Perhaps the rules weren't meant for them. Also very immature and disrespectful behavior to boo, but I can't say I am surprised, democrats tend to be very angry and unable to express themselves intelligently.

Communications guru said...

What makes you think they were just Democrats? After a very rousing closing speech and the way the republicans are screwing up this country I would say were Americans.

liberalshateusa said...

The would-be moderates don’t understand that Democrats can’t win without the left. The ideological purists don’t understand that Democrats can’t win with it.

Democrats are too conflicted and too politically timid to force any significant change in the Bush administration’s foreign and defense policies. They frittered away their dominant position in American politics by procuring the Ford administration’s surrender in Vietnam. Ever since, they have been crippled by the widespread (and entirely accurate) perception that they are not to be trusted with our national security. They may belong, body and soul, to the lunatic left, but most of them are not about to step over the same cliff twice.
The headlines of the moment are orchestrated to create the appearance that a Democrat restoration is at hand. After the news industry has prepared them for victory in the run up to three consecutive electoral defeats, the Democrats should be wary. Many, probably most, of them are not. They have made the mistake of believing their own propaganda yet again.

Communications guru said...

What a crock, hate America. Where do you get this BS, or doo you dream it up yourself?

liberalshateusa said...

The truth hurts and you as a die hard LIBERAL are in denial just like an alcoholic.

After yet another defeat even the Democrats may finally grasp that they can’t have it both ways. They can follow Joe Lieberman’s path and stand for American interests at the price of parting ways with about half their voters. They can also follow Ned Lamont and stand up for the left (Daily Kos) at the price of losing the other half. Either choice would mean that the DemocRAT Party could no longer seriously contend for a share of power in national elections.
Professional DemocRATS have tried for years to have their cake and eat it too. They have tried to keep the loyalty of the left (Daily Kos) without getting identified with it.
You as a LIBERAL will not face the fact that you lost the last 2 Presidential elections, the DemocRATS still claim they were stolen. Just like an alcoholic.

Communications guru said...

Please keep posting, Hate America. You are our best weapon.

Curley Sue said...

Does the truth hurt KevinS? Marcinkowski is too ill tempered for the job. I heard him swear in front of children, turn red-faced, lie like a rug, and he's the best you can do to protect us from terrorists???? You've lost EVERY election since Clinton, what are you talking about?? You can't define yourselves, you have no plan only mean smear lies. You've lied so much you believe yourself. It's not long now Kevins, hang in there and we will speak to you loud and clear again!! We don't want no stinking cut and run cowards in charge of our national security. It's all you have to offer. You'd make a good campaign manager if you had a candidate worth a darn, you just don't this time around.

Communications guru said...

Show me a lie.

Communications guru said...

Better yet, show me Kevins.

liberalshateusa said...

Thats funny that Marcinkowski latest Radio smear talks about how bad our economy is doing. I'm sorry I dont see it, perhaps he should watch Fox news,the highest rateed cable news network. All thank to President George W. Bushs tax cuts.
The Top 50% pay 96.54% of All Income Taxes

Concurrence of steady economic growth with low inflation -- which are mutually reinforcing -- has yielded rewards undreamed of by earlier generations. The economy has expanded in every year (even 2001) since 1982, excepting the mild recession of 1990. Employment has rebounded by more than 1 million jobs a year since 2003, and unemployment has declined to the lowest level since 2000.

With the Fed at or near the end of its tightening mode, resilience of the U.S. economy is being demonstrated again in 2006 by favorable readings for employment, interest rates, earnings, dividends and overall financial performance.

liberalshateusa said...

"This economy is strong and growing," "This is a very strong indication that the president's tax relief program is working."

But when measured against the size of the economy, which is the comparison economists think is most important, the deficit picture looks even better.

At 1.9 percent of gross domestic product, the 2006 deficit registers far below those seen in the 1980s and early 1990s. The modern record of 6 percent of GDP came in 1983 and deficits greater than 4 percent in 1991 and 1992(Clinton) drove Congress to embark on a 1993 deficit-cutting drive.

The CBO estimates reflect actual government revenues and expenditures through August and estimates for September. The Treasury and the White House budget office are expected to release official deficit numbers next week.

Tax receipts are up $253 billion, a whopping 12 percent over last year. That's the thirds consecutive year of strong revenue growth after a dismal performance in the early part of the decade. Revenues dropped three years in a row after fiscal 2000 but picked up again in 2004.

Taxes paid quarterly on corporate profits and by wealthier people and small businessmen were especially strong in 2006. Corporate income taxes rose 27 percent over 2005 while nonwithheld receipts increased 19 percent.

Curley Sue said...

Great Case for don't fix what isn't broke and change what is.

Keep Republicans in Congress!!!!! Change out this Governor. Let Michigan reap the benefits of the entire rest of the United States of America!!! We are not competing with China, we are competing with Ohio and Indiana!

Mike MacTavish said...

I listened to the back audo. Joe Hune still has my vote.

Jim Marcinkowski is just a prick and a bully who needs to be taught a lesson. I surprised Congressman Mike didn't make a man out of him after the way he ran his mouth.