Thursday, October 26, 2006

Democrats abandon working families and kiss the ring of rich leftists like Jon Stryker

From the AP

Republicans have good reason to be worried about an unprecedented and expensive ad campaign designed to help Democrats win control of the GOP-controlled Legislature for the first time in years.

Democratic billionaire Jon Stryker of Kalamazoo has given $4.6 million to the Michigan Coalition for Progress, a new political action committee he founded. The committee is targeting Republican incumbents in key legislative races with negative ads and campaign literature

It looks like the dems are controlled by four wings. Hollywood, union leadership (Who sold out workers on issues including outsourcing) convicted criminal billionaires like the George Soros, and this wingnut Jon Stryker.

So who is the wingnut Jon Stryker? He's a gazillionaire who inherited billions from his grandfather and never had to work for a living. (DeVos has money, but actually does work for a living). Stryker founded the Arcus Foundation, which support radical gay causes (pushing the agenda on the kids - that's what is radical), killing babies (planned parenthood), and animal rights causes which is bad news for hunters and gun owners.
Arcus Foundation website

Don't take my word for it - take a look at the website itself.

If the democrats take the state legislatures and win the statewide officers, they are going to have to kiss this guy's ring. God help this state if that happens. We don't need Jon Stryker running this state even further into the ground.

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