Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Howell Schools hornets' nest

I've never seen so much "tolerance" in my days after reading much of the comment section. The angry leftists and old boys club are having a fit and are showing some fascist tendancies in their hatred of free speech and opposing views. Read some of the comments. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAOWW.

The facts are this. A non-governmental organized a protest. Some school kids in Howell schools are going to have a silent protest against abortion. WHMI mistakenly reported that Wendy Day has organized this. That is incorrect. These are the organizers. Brian Kemper and Stand True Ministries. If Wendy organizated this, I would not support this as government should not be pressuring towards views.

Wendy's only involvement is this comment on her blog.
One Tuesday, October 24th, students will be entering our schools with duct tape on their mouths, or red arm bands to show their support for the unborn. These kids will take a brave step toward civil activism. I hope these kids are supported as they exercise their freedom of speech. So far, Howell High School and Hutchings will have students participating.

For more information go to :

Give up your voice for those who have no voice.

Her only involvement in this is that one comment. For that, the left went off their rocker once again. Never mind that fact that Wendy is one person on the school board, surrounded by a board of Chuck Breiner yesmen. The old boys club is threatened and is no longer unopposed. Wendy had the highest number of votes in the highest recent turnout in a school board election.

I do have to wonder if the left there would have the same reaction if the students were wearing rainbow armbands? I highly doubt it. In the left's view, only one side should be allowed. Theirs.

For the record my stance is this. Government shouldn't organize, nor censor this. Free speech isn't just what one side agrees with.


openyoureyes said...

your name is used on Wendy's blog as saying that you made a mistake and want her to resign. Is that true?

Dan said...

No. That was not me, but some anyonomous post using my screenname.

jusmyopin said...

This is very sad and I feel bad for Wendy. Here is someone who generally cares about Howell and the school system. Every time I heard this story on the radio, there was an emphasis on the words "whose kids do not attend Howell schools", as if she is supposed to close her eyes to every school in Howell because her kids are homeschooled. It should be an eye opener to others when parents decided to homeschool. There is a problem in the school system. I have a senior this year and he is homeschooled because of the crap at Brighton High. My other son who did attend Brighton High was solicited in the halls every day to buy drugs. There are major problems in our schools. I give Wendy a lot of respect for wanting to be part of the Howell school board and help change the system to make it better. Shame on those calling for her recall, especially to use this false excuse that she is responsible for what these kids have decided to take part in next Tuesday. I'll never understand hateful people.

Day said...

Thanks for all the support! It has been an interesting ride. Glad the paper finally got it right.
Wendy Day