Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tigers defeat Yankees in first round of playoffs

Good Job Tigers!

For years the Tigers were a highly respectable team who usually finished above .500 and even won titles every now and then, most notably the World Series in '68 and in '84, but there were other years when they won their division championship and even the American League Pennant. This was no small accomplishment in the 1960's and 1970's, an era when the mega-rich New York Yankees dominated baseball. These are the Tigers that I like to remember, the Tigers of my youth.

But an entire generation in Michigan had never seen a good Tiger's team, at least not until this year. After the struggles of recent years I had been hoping for nothing more than a team capable of winning more games than it lost, an indicator that they were finally getting serious about playing baseball. To have such an outstanding season was icing on the cake. Defeating the Yankees is like adding premium ice cream on top.

I'll be cheering for the Tigers as they compete for the American League Pennant and I hope they achieve much higher honors, but for me the Tigers are already big winners, much like the Tigers I remember growing up.

Now about the Lions . . . . .

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