Sunday, November 05, 2006

Chris Ward - Legislator of the Year

Chris has always fought hard for education here in Livingston County (As well as Milford which is also in his district). The Michigan School Counselor Association awarded him as legislator of the year.

Earlier, he was given the Make a Difference Award by the Huron Valley School District Milford) due to his efforts to close the funding gap.

While Chris Ward's opponent has tossed negative after negative attacks led by his blog spokesman Kevin Shopshire (also known as Communications Guru/Kevins), Chris has taken the high road and got things done for us. The stealth school elections are no more. The effort to close school funding gap is lead by Chris Ward and Joe Hune, who have passed several bills through the house addressing this problem. While we didn't get all we wanted, we took what we could get, and it is much better than what we had before Chris and Joe were in office. Over 50 measures introduced by Chris have become law, despite a passive state senate and hostile governor.

For those who support the Second Amendment, Chris has been there. On life issues, Chris has been there as well. He walked the walk. If it wasn't for Governor Matt Millen, I mean Jennifer Granholm, we would have had the road funding here as well. That will change in two days. Chris did his part there.

Chris is now continuing his work at cleaning up the elections here in Michigan. This is project he's worked on for at least 4 years. Most parts of his plan I agree with, including requiring an ID to vote. This shouldn't even be an issue here, especially when there is no "poll tax" involved in it.

If we want to finish the job and close the gap in school funding, we can elect someone who has walked the walk. If we want to bring Michigan back against a governor who is fighting everything our leaders are moving toward, we can elect someone who has walked the walk. If we want to protect life and our Second Amendment freedoms, we can elect someone who has walked the walk...or we can elect someone whose spokesman only says how bad he sucks without giving us a plan. For the readers here, do we want to elect "Communications Guru" or "KevinS" as our state rep?

I'll stick with Chris Ward.


anonymous said...

Mike McGonegal has been running a stealth campaign. I've not seen or heard any advertising from his campaign other than a few yard signs sitting on the property of Democrat diehards. Perhaps he has been relying on free publicity from the local paper that few people read, or on the debates that few people attended.

Anonymous said...
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