Tuesday, November 28, 2006

County Party Leadership

Both the Republican and Democrat parties will have new county chairs. From the Argus

Pine said she won't run for a third two-year term at the helm of the county Republican Party (snip)

Joe Carney, chairman of the county Democratic Party for the past 13 years, will step down next week to make way for new leadership

Joe Carney was a bad loss for them. I met him a few times and while I don't agree with him on most matters, I really respect his work ethic. I always saw him and/or Kathy working the booth for the democrats. He was always active and made us work harder than we had to in the past.

Personally, I hope "Kevins" aka "communications guru" replaces him.

On the Republican side, there are rumors of several candidates who may or may not be running. The democrats like "Kevins" want us to pick a "moderate". A "moderate" to them would be someone on the level of extreme leftist John Kerry. We don't need that type of so-called "moderate" or their/media's definition of a "moderate" here which usually means Big Government (outside of Bush who they slap on the "extremist" label). Our party has moved too far to the left anyway - look at the government spending and government increase. That's leftist. We need a less government conservative.

For our chair, we need a mainstream conservative with limited government values and strong leadership abilities to lead the way to keep what's great about Livingston County here and not move us to what goes on in Ann Arbor or Wayne County.

One candidate for certain for the chair position is Allan Filip. Allan would do an excellent job for us. He's not an extremist, nor a liberal. He's a mainstream conservative and oftentimes filled the role being a consensus builder while he was vice-chair. That's what we need in a chair.

Some think the bickering during the past year is "conservative vs liberal" within the ranks. That couldn't be further from the truth. The infighting wasn't ideological and those who think it was are uninformed. There were no battles within the party over those issues. All the battles were over tactics and strategy (What races to get involved in, money etc).

While nothing is set in stone until convention, I don't expect there to be major battles or problems at the convention. I expect there to be strong leadership at the top over the next two years. I expect some much needed improvement in organizationand in the structure of the party to happen over the next two years. I expect more aggressiveness and activity in our county, and a much better PR system.
It's time to us to stay ahead of the democrats and make them beat us instead of beating ourselves. Let's do it.

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