Sunday, November 19, 2006

Democrats push to reinstate the draft

Remember when Hanoi John Kerry suggested that Bush was going to bring back the draft? Well, it's the other party that wants to do so - again.

From Bloomberg News

Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic Representative Charles Rangel said he will again introduce legislation to revive a U.S. military draft when his party takes control of Congress in January


Nirmal said...

i agree that bush had/has no intention to bring the draft back.

rangel doesn't represent all democrats... just because he wants to bring the draft back doesn't mean that the democratic party does.

bluzie said...

Rangle justs wants to make the point that if all our kids had to go.... we'd be out of Iraq.

There is already back door draft now when those who had signed for the guard have to keep serving another tour of duty.

You may not agree, but that's why Charles Rangle brings the point up about the draft.

Communications guru said...

“Broad-based conscription for the military or public service would make U.S. leaders more cautious about going to war, Rangel, of New York, said on CBS's ``Face the Nation.''

That says it all, and I could not agree more. It’s like Dan here who has no problem supporting a war he will never fight in. I have challenged him many times to enlist if he supports the Iraq fiasco so much, but I never get a response.

Dan said...

""It’s like Dan here who has no problem supporting a war he will never fight in. I have challenged him many times to enlist if he supports the Iraq fiasco so much, but I never get a response.""

I never said I did support Iraq. I didn't even think that the US belonged in Bosnia, Somalia, or the First Gulf War (As I don't support nation building).

On the current Iraq War, I said that POLITICS NEEDS TO STOP AT THE BORDERS - no matter who is president. That was my quote on this. You leftists are rooting against the US, just so you can get a political win over Bush. I sure didn't this yapping over Bosnia or Somalia.

Kevin - you once again lied - which has long been a pattern. Just when you lied (as anyonomous) about Jay Drick awhile back. Just as you lied about gun owners in your editorial columns in the Argus. Just as you lie when you break your oath to the United States Constititon in your opposition to our freedoms. (If you even did serve in the military - with the way you run your mouth about it every two seconds - I have my doubts)

Communications guru said...

Sorry dan, nothng in your post is true.

bluzie said...

The fact is that the neo-cons are disenchanted and have given up on a victory and Henry Kissinger says victory is impossible. Tony Blair calls it a disaster.
Now I know as a Democrat Dan you'd like to call me a leftist who is rooting against the US, this could not be further from the truth. I personally think you right wingers have been duped into following this President into a very bad war, that has killed over 100 thousand people. And yes Iraq civilians are people too!
This is the time for bipartisan cooperation; I hope cooler heads prevail in Washington than what I find on this blog.
I am a proud Democrat, who loves OUR country as much as anyone and the way you discredit anyone who disagrees with the Republican talking points by calling them anti American is just plain wrong!
I know it won't stop the name calling and the feeling that we are not quite as patriotic as you Republicans, but I am here to tell you that this is nothing but propaganda and should not be believed anymore.

bluzie said...

I just saw a headline that gave 3 options for Iraq:

Go Big

Go Long

Go Home

It would be interesting to see if we could actually have a civil diussion on this subject without name calling.
I am not sure it's possible, but I am willing.