Monday, November 20, 2006

DiShaw drops out, endorses Saul

I can't believe I missed this earlier. From Saul's blog

Dave's a good guy who does a good job over in West Michigan. I wish him the best. Currently, Saul is officially unopposed, although there are two months before the state convention, so anything can happen. Nothing is in stone until the final vote.

Dear Republican,

Our party had a very rough Election Day, and the grassroots leaders of our party have begun the process of examination and analysis.

We believe that when things go badly, change is a necessary step. That is why I announced my campaign for Chairman of the Michigan Republican State Committee. Within days we received the support of 5 District Chairs, 33 State Committee Members, 18



, and the National Committeeman. Clearly the grassroots of the party wanted to have this conversation. At all levels, this is a discussion worth having.

But we have to ask: To what end? The goal is not a long and protracted fight for control of the party. The goal is to fix the party and win elections. No more, no less. It has become clear in recent days that although there was significant support for a new Chairman, there was not overwhelming consensus that change at the top was the only way to achieve our aim of a rededicated, renewed Michigan Republican Party.

The following concerns, as well as your feedback, need to be part of an improved operation in 2007-2008:

1) Act on the concerns of the local grassroots leadership. Local elected officials and grassroots leaders should have a say in who their field representatives are, how they function, and what strategies are used in local races.

2) Create better strategies with regard to the Election Day Operation program, particularly the credential and challenging logistics.

3) Communicate with grassroots and party leaders via regular phone consultation and make sure that all party leadership is a part of the decision making process.

4) Use more caution in selecting GOTV lists that are based on micro-targeting data.

The good news: In both public and private settings these last few days, the Chairman and I have been in agreement on these and other issues! I know he will stay committed to these improvements, and I will stay committed to being a part of the solution as well.

To my friends and supporters who have stood with me, to the grassroots leaders who are willing to fight for a better Michigan GOP, you have my undying gratitude. I can only hope to repay the debt I owe you with an increased focus on winning in November of 2008, and with my constant appreciation of all you have done for me.

In the spirit of Party unity, and confident that he will do a good job, I endorse Saul Anuzis for re-election as Chairman of the Michigan Republican State Committee and encourage my supporters to do the same. Saul and I agree there is much to be done—now is the time to move forward. Now is the time to unify. I am confident that is in the best interests of our party, and I am confident that together we will turn this blue state red in November of 2008.


Dave Dishaw

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