Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dumb-arsed infighting

The last thing we need right now is infighting over the state chair position. Yet, it already made DC's Hotline and the LSJ. This is ridiculous. We have an election Tuesday. The other stuff needs to wait till December and January.

I'll have a lot more to say on this stuff after the election. All I'll say now is that it isn't the time for it right now, especially for this crap to be in the Lansing State Journal.

I agree with the Giuliani Blog take on this for the most part. That's all I'm saying on this matter for now.

(Disclaimer - I'm not a backer of either McCain, Romney, or Rudy currently - and in McCain's case, never will be)


Pogo said...

This reminds me of the way certain Republican leaders were bashing conservatives a couple of months ago. I was astonished that these opinions were being voiced openly a short time before a major election. There is a lot of simmering resentment about those remarks although all the conservatives I know still plan to support Republicans this coming Tuesday. More than anything else conservative bashing probably reduces donations of time and money.

Anonymous said...
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