Friday, November 03, 2006

Election thoughts.

Election thoughts.

It’s now election weekend, and here’s the last minute post for 2006. Due to law school stuff, I won’t be able to update the site until late Monday at the earliest, so here goes.

Governor – DeVos has my vote hands down. We have the Matt Millen of governors and that needs to change. I expect a typical very close race within 3% either way. DeVos has the business background, right values, and right leadership to get the state back in the right direction.

Senate – Bouchard. While there were some gun questions related to Bouchard, he earned GOA and SAFR’s endorsement. Those two are more reliable and less “internal political” IMO than NRA when it comes to this. He’ll be alright there. We can have a do-nothing obstructionist (who voted for outsourcing in the past BTW – Most Favored Nation trade status with China) who is to the left of Chairman Mao. We can have someone with mainstream Michigan values. I’m going with Bouchard. I think this race will be close as all strongly contested races tend to be. Stabenow is a weak incumbent and weaker senator. I think this could be the upset special of the election.

Attorney General – Anyone who supports the 2nd amendment needs to vote for Mike Cox. He’s has been above and beyond for us gun owners. He promised to improve reciprocity agreements for concealed carry holders and he kept his promise. He did not promise to improve NFA clarifications in this state, but he delivered there. I have high expectations, but they were exceeded. Amos Williams is the “Butch Hollowell” of 2006 – a sacrificial token black man the democrats need to bring to the ticket. While that’s harsh, he certainly hasn’t gotten a lot of real support from the party, and could have been a strong candidate if he had some help. I don’t expect this to be close, about an 7% win, which is a landslide by Michigan standards.

Sec of State – Terri Land won easily in 2002 against Butch Hollowell. She’s improved the system quite a bit and is working on election reform measures. I was impressed at the quick update of the election precinct results from the 04 races. Her opponent (Sarbaugh?) brings Macomb to the table, but I doubt it will be enough as it is a non-existant campaign. I expect Land to win by 10%.

Unfortunately, the University Board of Trustee decisions are often decided on straight ticket decisions. The politics here is more internal than partisan and only in rare circumstances are “cultural wars” fought at the trustee level.

Michigan State Trustees – Dave Porteous needs to stay. He’s IMO the best member on that board. Dee Cook is the other incumbent and received my vote. Academics are getting stronger there, and MSU seems to be moving in the right direction.

Former AD and football coach George Perles is challenging them. He needs to lose. Perles put MSU Football on probation when he was doing double duty as AD and coach. For that reason, I don’t want him meddling with the new football hire. I wish Joel Ferguson was up for election so I could vote him down too for running his mouth and meddling in the football affairs.

UM and Wayne St. Trustees/Regents – I didn’t go to those schools, so I won’t comment on them.

Congress – Mike’s a good guy and should win big. Marcinkowski has a lot of bluster, but no substance whatsoever beyond “You suck” and “I’m Joe Wilson’s hanger-on, vote for me.” Marcinkowski has temperament issues, and loses by at least 15%.

State Senate – Valde Garcia has done a good job for us. He is probably the most active rep in our community. I see him everywhere.

State Representative – Joe Hune’s one of the most practical reps I’ve ever worked with. He’s not a guy who caves when the pressure hits. Chris Ward is a strong leader who simply gets things done. Don’t take my word for it, go to the site and see for yourself what Chris (and Joe for that matter) has gotten through. On school funding, Chris and Joe did their parts and got bills through the house. On a voter ID law, Chris is working hard there to get it passed to clean up the vote fraud. On life and second amendment issues, both are solid. I’ve been disappointed in Chris Ward’s opponent and his all-negative campaign. I think he took some bad advice from kevins/Communications Guru. This reminds me of the old saying about “the company one keeps.” If you go to McGonegal’s blog, 99% of it is saying that the other person sucks.

County Commission – While I personally like most of our commissioners, I’ll be honest. Our commissioners need some close races to wake them up when it comes to spending and tax issues. I have not been impressed over the past two years from a fiscal conservative standpoint. We need more David Hamilton types there. His watchdog role on the board is sorely missed. He’s going to kill me for saying this, but I wish Bill Johnston would run…..

Supreme Court – I voted for Maura Corrigan and Kerry Morgan. Corrigan is one of the best on the Court. Morgan could be the next Alex Kozinski. With this much, I am taking a chance on the Libertarian here.

4th Appeals – Both unopposed. I left O’Connell blank over his anti-gun ruling on conceal carry back in 01 as a symbolic protest. Not that it matters.

Circuit – LaTrielle and Russell both seem like good people, but I went with LaTrielle. He’s shown himself to be a straight shooter, especially over the Island Lake firing range. He deserves one more term.

District – I’m going to copout and say I think McCririe and Reader both would be excellent judges. I like both of them. While I made my personal decision here, I’m keeping this one quiet.

Probate – Between Carol Garagiola and Bob Parker, I went with Garagiola. I’ve been impressed with Garagiola’s work ethic on her campaign. I am still troubled with Mr. Parker over his 2004 campaign against Dave Reader.

District – Last but not least, Jay Drick. Jay would be an excellent judge with his calm demeanor, strong work ethic, and strict constitutionism. He’ll follow the law and not legislate from the bench, and is second to none in his knowledge of district court issues.


Communications guru said...

What a crock of unbelievable crap, dan. Why didn’t you just tell everyone to vote straight party, saving you the time and energy to write all of those useless words and save the rest of us from reading the schlock you call writing? Ted Bundy could run and you would vote for him as long as he put an R after his name. I have never voted straight party ticket in my life, but after seeing what the Republicans have done to this country and state after so many years in power that’s going to change Tuesday, at least for this election.

When I read you said Joe Hune is the “most practical Rep I have ever worked with” I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I guess you have only worked with Ward and Hune. You can’t really believe the BS you’re spouting dan? Hune is a great guy, but that does not qualify him to represent us in Lansing. If you need to know about the maturity and judgment of both Ward and Hune you just need to look at the embarrassing and offensive “performance” they put on at the GOP dinner. It sounds like what a couple of immature frat boys would do. I place a lot of stock in on-the-job-training, and it has served me well in both my military and civilian career. But I don’t want my state Representative to go through OJT, not at that level.

How hard is it to get a bill passed when your party controls both Houses of Congress, and you are the majority floor leader? In fact, Ward has made it a point to disenfranchise more than half of the residents of Michigan by completely shutting the other party out of the process. I have been around long enough to know that neither party is perfect nor has all of the answers, but Ward and his colleagues have put power above solving our state’s problems. Thanks to that, look at the mess we are in.

What voter fraud is Ward correcting, dan? Mike is his own man, and he can’t be bought. Attacking me is one thing because you don’t like that I call you out on your misinformation, but what the hell does “the company one keeps” mean. What have I done wrong. Oh yea, you don’t agree with me and I refuse to let you get away with lies and misinformation.

You could not be more wrong that "99 percent of our blog is saying the other guy sucks.” You are a liar. We have never, ever said, "Ward sucks," and we have presented Mike's position on the issues in many of the almost 90 posts on the blog. However, we have said, and we will continue to say, Ward’s record and lack of ethics are disgusting. We have gone after his record with good reason, but we have never personally attacked him.

I have challenged you and Ward's supporters again and again and again to disprove or refute anything I have written about Ward’s record and conduct in office. I’m still waiting. With the election just four days away, maybe its time to put up or shut up and offer some real facts and disprove what we are saying about his record instead of writing this trite.

Keith Richards said...

Over the last few weeks I've received mailings from the AFL-CIO, the UAW, and the MEA. All three unions endorsed all Democrats right down the line, including judges. But they don't reveal the party of the candidates, they just list the candidates names. Sounds like Kevin's complaint about wasting time and space by listing individual candidates also applies to the union arm of the Democrat party.

Come to think of it, I can't remember ever hearing Kevin say anything good about any candidate not affiliated with the Democrat party.

Communications guru said...

What do you have against working people making enough in wages to support their families, be safe in the workplace and being treated fairly? Of course unions support Democrats because they support working people and their families.

When you see Kevin ask him because you will not find him on this blog. As for “Kevin say (not having) anything good about any candidate not affiliated with the Democrat party” you are, as usual, 100 percent wrong. Must be all those years on the road with the stones.

liberalshateusa said...

John Kerry is the "botched joke" of American politics. For those of you keeping score at home, John Kerry has now called members of the U.S. military (a) stupid, (b) crazy, (c) murderers, (d) rapists, (e) terrorizers of Iraqi women and children. I wonder what he'll call them tomorrow. Whatever Karl Rove is paying John Kerry to say stupid things, it's worth every penny.

With that said, all I here from Guru is BS, his hatred of President Bush clouds his thoughts as it does all liberals (Why do you the party of so called intellect refuse to call yourselves liberals) instead of coming over to a republican site and arguing with ones opinion, why not tell us the reason we should vote for a democRAT.

The DemocRATtic Party refuses to release a stated plan for Americas direction as Sen. Chuckie Schumer has recently stated for fear the Karl Rove will tear it apart. So they in essence ask you to buy the car under the cover in the back lot because they say it is the best one for you. Would you buy a car site unseen? Would you vote for a person/party that will not release its plans for your family’s future? Only if you are Kevin and look thru his scratched Rose Colored wire rimed glasses would you think America would be better off under the Liberals control.

Congressmen like John Dingle and John Conyers of Michigan, Henry Waxman of California, and Charles Rangel of New York are itching to launch investigations on everything from impeachment to Halliburton to domestic wiretapping to supposed climate science cover-ups.

Liberals have been losing elections for the last decade precisely because they are so out of touch. Liberals which arrogantly purport to be most focused on being "in touch" with the heartland are often the most out of touch forces in politics, further reinforcing the notion that the Liberal Democratic Establishment actually cares only about trying to trick America, rather than court it. And while there are certainly a number of courageous, red-state Democrats breaking the mold, they are far outgunned by a Liberal Establishment all-too-comfortable with pulling the wool over the American publics eyes.

liberalshateusa said...

Democrats Unveil “Contract With San Francisco”

With just days to go before national elections, Democrats in Congress today unveiled a comprehensive vision for America’s future, dubbed the ‘Contract with San Francisco.’

Presumptive House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, at a secret news conference in an undisclosed location, said, “This is a vision that springs from the heartland of the new America, and we intend to take these San Francisco values out to the Bible-belt, red-state fringes of the South and Midwest.”

“What’s good for San Francisco is good for the nation,” she said, “And it’s about time our country got back to the fundamentals which shaped a generation of trans-decent folks living here in America’s garter belt.”

Rep. Pelosi, who surfaced today thanks to an Amber Alert when a Starbucks barista recognized her face from a milk carton, said, “These ideas come from the down-home, spritzer-and-brie citizens who have built our postmodern culture on a rock-solid foundation of tolerance, diversity, flexible morality, self-esteem, hyphenated phrases and large grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.”

Rep. Pelosi did not distribute copies of the Contract with San Francisco to reporters.
“These ideas transcend the subjectivity of the printed word and cannot be captured on paper,” she said, “but they constitute a living document that dwells in the hearts of those who believe, and is continually refreshed to reflect the mood of the nation and desires of the individual.”

Pogo said...

I pretty much agree with Dan's analysis in most races. Granholm is a do-nothing Governor during a period of crisis. We need a leader here in Michigan and DeVos is a much better alternative. Rogers, Garcia, Hune, and Ward have all been excellent legislators that we can be proud of. I'm still a bit uncertain about where Bouchard will come up on key issues but he represents my point of view better than Stabenow, that is definite.

As for local judges, Pick Drick! If we have to have a judge with strong political views, it is much better to go with a conservative. The other local judge races don't raise much passion in me.

I will not waste my vote on a 3rd party candidate unless it is a protest vote so it will be Shulman and Corrigan for Supreme Court.

On the ballot initiatives

1. Yes (Michigan PROMISED to use these fees for recreational purposes. Dumping them into the general budget turns them into taxes and encourages the legislature to keep raising user fees. Promises are promises and it is too easy to raid this fund rather than make hard budget choices)
2. Yes (Ban reverse discrimination. All discrimination is evil and two wrongs don't make a right.)
3. Yes (Hunting - there is no point in keeping the ban when surrounding states allow this hunting. This is really a pro-hunting v.s. anti-hunting vote)
4. Yes (Eminent Domain, Yes bans, no puts dependency on the Michigan Supreme Court. Limit Eminent Domain to the purposes for which it was originally intended)
5. No (Education - The U.S. is second in the world in educational spending, and Michigan is near the top for the U.S. This measure would prevent the legislature from bringing educational spending down to more reasonable levels. Anyone who thinks all teachers are underpaid needs to look up salaries for metro-Detroit districts, starting with Farmington Hills and Southfield)

So that works out to: YES, YES, YES, YES, and NO.

Right Is Right Left Is Looney said...

If Democrats take control of Congress in the Nov. 7 midterm election, that party's "New Direction" for the economy will be "straight down..

Under Republican House leadership, our economy has seen unprecedented growth and prosperity

U.S. Labor Department announced that the country added 92,000 jobs in October, pushing the jobless rate down to 4.4 percent, its lowest level since May of 2001.

We have seen more than 6.6 million jobs created since Republicans enacted our tax cuts in 2003; The unemployment rate remains lower than the average rate of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

We've seen 38 straight months of job growth, "And job growth over the prior two months was also more robust than previously thought -- 378,000 net new jobs were added in August and September.

Given that the average House Democrat's agenda in the last Congress would have boosted spending by $521 billion

The Democratic Party's "New Direction for America" might attempt to steer government toward a sounder financial footing, but its course leads to $79.1 billion in new annual federal spending, according to a line-by-line analysis by a non-partisan taxpayers' group

The New Direction for America proposes to make our nation safer and our economy fairer; to make health care and college more affordable; to energize America with energy independence; and to guarantee a dignified retirement for all Americans.

Health care represented the largest spending category at $28.8 billion, or 36 percent of the total agenda. Within this category, Democrats proposed to "fix the Medicare prescription drug program," which would cost $29.5 billion annually.

Veterans' care was high on the list as well, at $19.8 billion. The initiative to launch a "G.I. Bill of Rights for the 21st Century" would provide increased pay, health care and other benefits for veterans and their families.

This program would increase outlays by $99 billion over five years and would be offset by increasing the top income tax rate.

At $16.2 billion, education spending represented approximately 20 percent of the total net agenda.

The Democratic plan called for increasing the maximum individual Pell Grant to $5,100 ($4.0 billion in total annual spending), recruit science and math teachers ($3.7 billion yearly), and reduce college loan interest rates ($7.4 billion annually), among other items.

Another proposal called for an "AmeriSave" account system that would establish a dollar-for-dollar federal match for the first $1,000 contributed to a personal retirement plan. This initiative would cost taxpayers roughly $7.5 billion each year.

There are several "cost unknown" items that could significantly affect the net total spending increase the Democratic agenda seeks. For example, the proposal to screen 100 percent of all inbound U.S. cargo will likely raise costs to the federal government, but specific estimates are not available.

While cutting the interest rate on student loans may sound warm and fuzzy, Americans themselves would be paying for this out of their own pockets in the amount of $60 billion over the next five years."

Be careful what you wish for you might just get it.

Anonymous said...
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