Sunday, November 12, 2006

Human Events : Pence for Minority Leader

Human Events, an influential conservative newspaper endorses Pence.

Pence for Minority Leader:

When the now-defeated Republican majority in the House of Representatives was led astray on key issues by President Bush, House Speaker Dennis Hastert and former Majority Leader Tom DeLay, it was Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana who rallied backbenchers to fight back in defense of conservative principles.

That is why Pence should be elected minority leader for the next Congress. Under Pence’s leadership over the next two years, HUMAN EVENTS believes, House Republicans can put themselves in position to retake the majority in 2008. More importantly, they can be counted on to fight for what’s right. Pence, after all, opposed President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, which the President is now hoping to re-authorize with the help of the Democratic majority. Pence also led the gang of conservatives who stood up against the bullying of Republican leaders who tried to make them vote for Bush’s $8-trillion Medicare prescription drug entitlement. He also led the conservatives who forced Congress to make spending cuts to offset at least some of the profligate spending President Bush suggested in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Many conservatives rightly criticized Pence when, in the midst of the battle over immigration reform this year, he offered a compromise plan that would have made illegal aliens return to their home countries before they could qualify to come back as guest workers (and would have required the President to certify that the border had been secured before a guest-worker program was initiated). Still, Pence did support the tough border-security and immigration-enforcement bill that passed the House last December and counts now among his supporters for the minority leader post top GOP immigration hawks Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Steve King of Iowa.