Thursday, November 09, 2006

Livingston Results

Dick DeVos - 57.01%
Mike Bouchard - 54.43%
Terri Land - 71.47%
Mike Cox - 69.42%
Mike Rogers - 63.63% (in county)
Valde Garcia - 61.60%
Chris Ward - 65.87% (in county)
Joe Hune - 61.56%

We can't let the numbers here fool us. We ran 6% behind our Bush 04 numbers, 5% behind our Posthumus numbers, and 2-3% behind our Bush 2000 numbers. To me, a 57.01% win is a defeat - as there's no way we win statewide without getting 63%+ in Livingston.

The DeVos numbers here were weak, but Bouchard's were extremely weak. It was the worst numbers in the county candidate since the sacrificial lamb campaign against Carl Levin in 2002 (a 52% "win"). I think he would have been a stronger candidate if he had help, but the lack of help before the last week, along with the national tide hurt us badly. What happened happened, and as I said before - Time for us to get up, walk it off, and be ready to fight.

Two exceptions to the setbacks were Terri Land and Mike Cox. They both won easily. The good news is that despite the setbacks, all of our county level candidates received over 60% of the vote.

We took our biggest damage in the Pinckney area. As a county party, I think we need to be more active out there and in areas around our entire county. There's too much of a disconnect between Brighton/Howell areas and the other areas of the county. With term limits hitting us hard in 2008 (house) and 2010 (senate), we better prepare for a tough race, as no open seat is 100% safe. Ask Bill Sali who had a close call in Idaho, or John Hunt/Terry Brown in the thumb. I'm taking our two open seat contests seriously.

Being followers does not work unless there are leaders to follow. Instead of looking for leaders to follow, I've always believed that we need to be the leaders ourselves. It is time for our county party to be the leaders. Will we step up to the plate as a party. That's for our committee to decide and I hope we as a committee make the right decisions over the next two years. Our communities are looking for strong positive leadership. It is time for us to provide it. Once we do, we won't be getting only 57% here in bad years, living and dying with out national and state partners.

On the county level, we got hit in the chin, didn't get knocked out, and survived a "decision". That said, it is too much of a close call here for my tastes, and I don't want to see this again any time soon. What are we going to do about it?


Patrick Flynn said...

The buzz among the wagons is that Jerry Zandstra is considering becoming a contender for GOP Chair of Michigan.

Zandstra is a good, good man. He won the esteem of many as he showed his strength and resolve to a watching GOP that is now desperate for true conservatives to step up to the plate.

Anonymous said...
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