Thursday, November 16, 2006

More on the State Chair race

A couple of developments in this race. I don't like to post a lot of internal information here, and did not post some of the underlying currents involved in this race outside of the John McCain element, which is already public knowledge

1. Jack Lessenberry had some good things to say about Saul. Jack and I don't usually see eye to eye on most issues, but he had some good things to say about Saul here There's a good audio clip there as well.

2. Some endorsements have been rolling in for Saul. Mike Cox endorsed him, and he wasn't originaly a Saul backer two years ago. St Senator Ken Sikkema over in Grand Rapids.

3. I also received an interesting email forwarded to me that cleared up a major controversey. Much of the hype has come from a rather infamous ad from one of the two Grand Rapids state rep districts which flipped from GOP to Democrat. The mailer was an attack ad against the democrat, which some people considered race baiting. Saul took a lot of blame for this ad - but was not behind the ad. State Party has a lower postage rate, so much of the ads from caucus and other GOP organizations goes through them. He took the hit before the election for the team. I heard this from two sources now.

Personally, I think much of this hype (which started before the election) is an effort from some of John McCain's top supporters to get control of the state party and have a coronation instead of a primary. McCain is not popular with the base (especially gun owners), so they want to dillute it. This is a pre-primary for 2008.

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