Monday, November 13, 2006

Saul Anuzis for Michigan GOP Chair (and Stop McCain too)

I am endorsing the re-election of Saul Anuzis as state party chair.

This was a tough year, and I don't think most of Saul's work did anything but help us for not having it worse than it was. Indiana and Ohio (and I think Wisconsin) got hit worse than we did. We kept our Congressional seats, and didn't get smoked as bad as Ohio did - even though they are usually 4% more Republican than we are.

Saul is also the most accessible and active chair we've had since I've been active in Michigan politics. He organized more victory centers than any other time during a gubenatorial election. There were a record number of contacts made this election cycle. Saul is active on the grass roots websites for conservatives, such as redstate. With the rise of blogs and internet in politics, we need chairs who embrace the netroots, not reject them. Saul keeps us informed every day on his own blog and in his emails with a large collection of the current events around the state and country. The infastructure and groundwork was in place to win. That was Saul's job this year, and he did his part. It was simply a bad year for Republicans, the blame mostly deserves to be placed over in DC due to lack of leadership, poor strategy, and straying from the conservative values that brought them there in the first place back in 1994. Hopefully that changes and we can start with Mike Pence as Minority Leader, setting an example for us nationwide.

Besides Saul, the other names mentioned for chair have been Dave DiShaw, Jerry Zandstra, and Chuck Perricone. DiShaw is a good guy, as is Jerry Zandstra who I supported for senate before the primary. I have nothing bad to say about those two individuals. On the other hand Chuck Perricone destroyed the once formidable 2nd Amendment group - MCRGO. I won't go into all the details, but if you want to know what happened with MCRGO (since July 2002) under Mr. Perricone's reign as Executive Director - go to the CARE site or CPLTRAINER. I should also mention that Mr. Perricone is a John McCain guy. McCain is strongly anti-2nd Amendment and has a well deserved F rating from Gun Owners of America. What is a supposed gun rights leader doing supporting someone like that?

What this race is about, is the 2008 primary. McCain's people in Michigan are trying to rig the system so that McCain wins Michigan in the 2008 primary. As Hotline reports:

Allies of Sen. John McCain in Michigan have launched an effort to oust party chair Saul Anuzis, who they view as biased against McCain and beholden to established financial interests in the state party.

Today, in an unusually personal letter to Michigan Republicans, Anuzis announced his re-election campaign and blamed "presidential politics" and "personal agendas" for the opposition.

Let's not have a coronation in Michigan, especially for a guy like Mr. McCain.

Does this sound like a mainstream Republican or a RINO?

1. He's a gun grabber and wrote anti-2nd amendment legislation banning gun shows. If GOA isn't good enough, even the more mild NRA doesn't like him.

2. He opposes the 1st amendment with his draconian campaign finance law.

3. His "global warming" stance is hostile to the automobile industry.

4. He is part of the gang of 14 on judges. I can not trust him to appoint good judges.

5. He pushes for government involvement in areas it doesn't belong. He tried to ban the UFC (Competition for the boxing industry where he has ties) and stuck his fat in the baseball steroids dust-up.

6. He's a member of the Keating 5. Remember them? We had our own Keating 5 member in Don Riegle.

7. He supports Ted Kennedy and George Bush's amnesty bill for illegal aliens.

Americans rejected "Big Government" conservatism on November 7. We can not let Michigan have a coronation for another Big Government Republican in Mr McCain, who makes George Bush look libertarian. We need a limited government conservative as our nominee, and McCain is not it. Let's not have a coronation for him at our next State Party Convention.

Saul will build on his infastructure, expand the right-netroots, and will get us ready for 2008 - whoever the nominee is - not just the favorite of a few individuals.

Based on both Saul's record, as well as McCain's interests, I am endorsing Saul Anuzis for Michigan GOP Chair.


jrfoleyjr said...

Amen, dittos, absotootley. I just posted your article over on my blog too... I am a Supporter of Saul and disagree with the Democrat smear tactics and methods being used by his "republican" adversaries.

Saul has set communication standards with the various and varied levels of the state party right down to the grassroots level along with being monitored nationally because of his newsletter and blog. I suspect that the opposition would abandon most of this because the smoke filled back room better suits the brand of politics they want to employ. Decisions have already been made somewhere to keep us in the dark until they can ram McCain down our throats as the chosen and annointed one for the Michigan GOP to endorse and adore. As you may gather, I am not a supporter of the loose cannon from Arizona.

I do endorse and support Saul Anuzis for chairman of the Michigan GOP!

James Foley "Bloggin on down the Rogue"

Communications guru said...

I’m a little confused. Isn’t Chris Ward paying you enough to support Sen. McCain? Ward is the one of the Michigan legislative co-chairs of Straight Talk America. The Senator won the primary in 2000, and it certainly shows how wise Michigan voters are after the Bush fiasco. I see no reason he will not win again here. As a 20-year Navy veteran, I have a lot of respect and admiration for Sen.. McCain. He’s one of the few Republicans who would put the country above partisan politics.

I do agree with you on Anuzis. Please do not replace him. He did such a great job keeping control of the House. He really showed his true stripes during the campaign against Rep.-elect Robert Dean that have been evident since his college days. He has my vote.

Ryan Thompson said...

Saul definitely has my support.

Dan said...

Kevin, are you obsessed with Chris or something? You're scaring me here. Almost all your posts on your blog since the election is over turned out to be sour grapes.

Here's the difference between us. When my candidates lost, I said it was because we forgot where we (republicans) came from. When your candidate lost, you ripped our county for being "out of step" and whined like a typical rich leftist from Ann Arbor. If you don't like it here Kevin, hit the road. Ann Arbor is only 30 miles from Howell.

There's a reason we don't vote for democrats here in the county. We saw what democrats did to mess up Detroit. We don't like arrogant elitists who want to dictate San Francisco values on middle America. We don't like gun grabbers. We don't like weakness and passiveness. We don't support taxes going to failed government programs.

That's what your party is about - especially the leadership like Pelosi, Schumer, Kennedy, and the fascist Henry Waxman.

Communications guru said...

No, I am not obsessed with Chris Ward, but, as usual, I’m waiting for someone, you especially, to disprove anything I have written about him. I have a feeling I will be waiting for a long time because your form of debate is simply throwing names around.
Sour grapples? Sure, why not? More like amazement and frustration. The wool was pulled over the eyes of the voters, and it bothers me. Besides, what else is in the news locally, and again, what have I written that is incorrect?

Yes, the county is out of step with the both the rest of the state and country, and we’re going to pay for it again. We have had complete Republican “leadership” in this county since at east 2000 when Debbie Stabenow was our Congresswoman, and that was the last time we got any real benefit from Lansing or Washington when we got more police on the street through the COPS program.

Calling me a “rich leftist from Ann Arbor” is ridiculous. I spent 20 years defending the country n the military, and I have worked for everything I have, most of the time with two jobs. I have contributed more to my adopted hometown that you ever will, so no small-mined person like you is going to make me move.

Right, “arrogant elitists like” my dad and grandfather who got up everyday to go to a dingy factory to support his family.

A “gun grabber” is some ridiculous name people like you who have completely misunderstood the 2nd Amendment like to throw around to falsely brand people you don’t agree with. Dan, if you like guns so much why don’t you enlist? You in the right age bracket, and the Army will hook you up with an M-16. Heck, even in the Navy you get to carry a .45 around on occasion. Failed government programs? You mean like Social Security or Medicare?

I am proud our country has leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, Kennedy and Henry Waxman.