Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time for us to get up, walk it off, and be ready to fight

If you read this site, you've followed what happened in the elections. It looked like a Detroit Lions game against the Bears.

What we first need is an honest look in the mirror to why this happened. The democrats didn't win the house. We lost the house. IMO, these are the biggest reasons.

1. DMFs giving everyone a bad name. D stands for dumb. I'll let you fill in the rest. With people like Mark Foley, Don Sherwood (Losing a 60%+ GOP seat), Bob Ney, Curt Weldon, and Tom DeLay - we have a real weakness at the top. This killed us in the last month of the election.

2. Iraq. What's the plan? If there is a plan, it need to be communicated to the populace.

3. What has Congress done? What's the plan?

4. Most important. Republicans forgot where we came from. First of all, the leftward movement within the party needs to STOP and stop now. Spending is out of control. We need a return to fiscal sanity. People like Mike Pence and the Republican Study Committee need a more active role in setting the agenda for the party. What do Republicans stand for nowadays? I have to clarify myself these days by saying that I'm a 1994 Republican.

As for the governor's race, I had a bad gut feeling after the first debate. DeVos was simply too nice of guy. He had a plan on his website, but he should have been more specific on his plan in the debate and in TV ads. This was a repeat of 1996 with the losses Up North and weak showing across the board. From what I saw across the state, the biggest loss was among social conservative independent voters.

I'll go more into detail in the future. Until then, I'll just say that it is past time to return to our roots of limited government, low taxes, low spending, protecting our rights, and supporting life. We have to stand for something. We fell for anything and it cost us.

One we go back to where we come from, we'll take back the house. It's time to stop the "They suck, we suck less" and go back to "They're wrong and we're right."


Page Field said...

to the empty Republican Chamber
"Hello..... Is anybody in there?"


This is a stunner.

The people have spoken.

Keith Richards said...

The biggest problem with Republicans is that there has been a major lack of leadership during the last few years combined with a movement away from historic values leading to a lot of bickering and a lack of results. The budget issue is a good example. There is NO excuse for the wasteful national spending of the last few years. NONE!

The heated battle initiated by liberal Republicans against the conservative base hurt us badly. We now have loyal Republicans complaining that it is hard to tell the difference between the two parties, and if Republicans are having trouble with this issue we can be sure that independent voters are.

The "canary in the mine" in Michigan this year was proposal 2, the ban on affirmative action, which is nothing more than legalized discrimination. CLEARLY Republicans and independent voters in Michigan favor equality in the eyes of the law for all individuals, yet nearly all top Republican candidates in Michigan chickened out (in an attempt to appeal to liberals) and took a public stand against this common sense proposal. When Republicans are afraid to speak out against discrimination it is DEFINITELY time to clean house.

The results in the race for Senate and Governor are especially disturbing. DeVos was hand picked by the party leadership and he would have made a great governor but it was obvious from day one that he was a weak candidate who aroused no enthusiasm even among Republican faithful. To defeat an incumbant we needed to run a much stronger candidate, period. In the Senate primary race we had a candidate that aroused a lot of excitement in the grass roots, Jerry Zandstra. Instead the leadership pushed and promoted two candidates with proven fundraising ability, resulting in a candidate who was as exciting as an old station wagon. When a candidate with no name recognition and virtually no money ignited as much excitement and support as Zandstra did the party should have given him a boost, not the boot. Hopefully we will see some change in the state party leadership this year and bring in some new leaders that are more in tune with the Republican grass roots.

BigShot said...

I totally agree with you. Republicans needed to be more united and say there plan for America, and Michigan. But in '08 we will rise from the ashes and win big!!!

Patrick Flynn said...

Still too close to call to see if the Dems captured the Senate?

I've got news for you. The Dems controlled the Senate for years. Oh sure, there were more Rs than Ds there, but a massive group of liberal Republican senators put some stinky cheese in the senate fridge a long time ago.

Wake up, GOP! We have a conservative platform. We ignore it to our own detriment.

Bachbone said...

The national and state GOP have only themselves to blame for their current state. Very poor leadership, infighting and either ineptness or incompetence. National leadership had numerous chances to pull voters behind it, but failed miserably in almost every instance. And once it decided to listen to its base (e.g., Supreme Court nominees, port management, immigration), it was too late. Then Hastert's stupidity re: Foley became known. The drip, drip, drip finally became a flood.

Bush and his advisors are largely to blame for the public's not knowing or caring we are in a real war. Little or no pain is felt at home other than by military families. The MSM can be blamed, but why didn't Bush and advisors know they couldn't count on the MSM to be balanced and, then, devise a strategy for getting the word out other ways. (The Clintons had someone on every news show for years massaging their message.) When half the population doesn't even remember Vietnam, let alone WW II, it takes some strong education to get the message across. From the president down, the GOP has been inept at best.

If I lived in a big city, I'd move to a rural area. The Democrats are already talking about cutting the military budget. Our big cities are in for more terrorist attacks. Bush's first resignations should have been from Chertoff and Julie Myers, not Rumsfeld.

Patrick Flynn said...

I will make an ominous but accurate prediction.

If the GOP props up one of the following for nomination in 08:


Then it will become quite apparent that the Republican Party is incapable of learning lessons.

Then virtually every conservative American voter will abandon the party forever.

Liberal republicanism ruined the election yesterday. I hope that millions and millions of Republicans are as upset as I am.

Unknown said...

I wasn't surprised by the governor results either. Around here particularly (Warren area), the blue-collar sentiment is very strong in this state and the "look! devos = big business!" seemed to work particularly well. Bouchard was a lousy choice for Senate in the first place.

BCS said...

Well, it seems we all know why we lost - and it's not what the media is saying.
I agree that the Republicans now need to act like winners (that's what the Demos did the last 12 years), and run good candidates for 08. Not the ones Patrick Flynn lists - right on Patrick!

Anonymous said...
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