Tuesday, November 07, 2006



High turnout in the Brighton side of Genoa Twp. High absentee turnout in Green Oak.

Weather - Rain in Ann Arbor and Brighton areas. Reported rain in Detroit area.


A Yahoo Refugee said...

Oceola Township-

Parking was dreadful, but doable. Cars backed up out into Latson Road, and bumber to bumper inside the lot.

The line of people outside the building was long too- about 30 minutes to get inside.I stand outside in the light, misting rain. Thank goodness it's not pouring out. Ahead of me, a LONG line of voters. I count 46 ahead of me for Preceint Number 3.
I struck up a conversation with the man behind me. He is still in uniform--a Sergeant First Class from a National Guard unit based in Grand Ledge. His wife works in Pontiac. So the live here. in Oceola, the halfway point between the two. And he waits his turn like the rest of us for his chance to have a say.

He's been deployed twice so far. Once to Afghanistan, once to Iraq, he tells me. But he made it back in time to vote. He talks quietly about his job in Grand Ledge now, as a National Guard technician, and his wish to move to another job in the Guard, perhaps out at Selfredge. As he fills out his slip and hands it to the clerk, I share stories about people we know in common- the officer I went through OCS with, who was a bunkmate of mine, was his former Lieutenant in another unit. Another OCS mate is now his senior officer in his present unit. Small world, I think to myself. The clerk marks his name off in her book with a bright yellow marker. He was number 779 in Preceinct Number 3 in Oceola.

Voting is heavy tonight in Oceola. More than 2400 voters have gone through the lines so far in the four preceincts as of six pm.. The Oceola Township Clerk is there, and I learn over and ask her if that is a normal number for a mid-term. No, she says, this is at least on par with the last Presidential. Nice. Everybody gets a chance to have their say.

So there you have it. Big turnout for a mid-term election. But we won't know what it means until later.

Anonymous said...
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