Saturday, January 27, 2007

18 Mill Tax Increase - February 27 elections

Yes, you read that right. I actually was able to have some time the other day to stop buy the County Clerk's office. Under the fairly new law (Chris Ward's bill), elections are now limited to four days a year. We all know about the August and November election days. May is oftentimes the school board election day. What most don't know is that there is a day in February that can also be used for elections.

Two school districts are taking advantage of the February 27 Date. Webberville (parts of which are in Conway and Handy Township) and Whitmore Lake (my current district, part of which is in Green Oak).

This one caught me by surprise until last month. I now have a copy of the information thanks to the good people at our County Clerk's office.

In Webberville, there is only one issue on the ballot. They want to borrow $6.5 million for furningshing and refurnishing equipment. Estimated milliage required to retire the bond debt is 2.15 mills.

In Whitmore Lake, there are three issues on the ballot.

1. Operating Millage Renewal Proposal - 18 mills.

2. Operating Millage Proposal - ANOTHER 18 mills. This is a seperate issue, and got my guard up and then some.

3. .10 mill increase for recreation.

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