Saturday, January 20, 2007

2008 - Hillary is in

The epidomy of the limosine leftists everywhere is in for 2008. Hillary Clinton is running for president. - From Bloomberg

Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) -- New York Senator Hillary Clinton today said she will seek to become the first female U.S. president, declaring ``I'm in. And I'm in to win.''

Clinton, 59, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, said on her Web site that she formed an exploratory presidential committee. She already leads in polls for the Democratic nomination, topping rivals such as former vice presidential candidate John Edwards and Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

While polls indicate that Clinton has the best shot yet for a woman to win the White House, she also faces opposition across the country. Her unfavorable ratings hover in the 40 percent range, well above Edwards or Obama. She also has to overcome her vote to support the unpopular war in Iraq and what she calls ``the scars'' from her failed health-care plan in the 1990s.

We already had one bad president named Clinton. We don't need another, especially one who would be worse than Jimmy Carter. Hillary shares Billy's distain for the Constitution with her militant anti 2nd amendment stance, voting for the Kennedy ammo ban, ugly gun ban, and gun show ban.

Her infamous health care plan would have raised taxes immensely and would make it a 15 year felony to go to a doctor not authorized by the iron heel of government. One woman complained about being pidgeonholed into a big government plan. The response. "It's time to put the common good, the national interest, ahead of individuals." How Soviet....

She was behind Bill Clinton's viscious railroading and malicious prosecution of Billy Dale.

She supported trade agreements harmful to Michigan. Billy signed NAFTA and GATT.

After Denise Rich gave big bucks to Hillary's campaign, Marc Rich was pardoned by Billy. Money talks, BS Walks.

There is good news about her run however. Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, Kerry, maybe Bill Richardson, and maybe Al Sharpton all get to destroy each other over the next two years. It will make things very interesting. I'll like to be there with a camera to see someone tell the truth about Hillary - the only way she got where she did is because of marrying Billy. She certainly didn't make it on her own.

Outside of Bill Clinton's work, she's just another two bit junior senator with only one term and one month to her credit. Step aside, junior.


Patrick Flynn said...

Read the book, "Unlimited Access" for a snapshot of a president and First "Lady" who desecrated the White House. The author (a multi-term White House official) witnessed what few have seen - the home life of a vulgar, nasty, profane couple as they tore each other to pieces in their private halls and nearly ruined a nation.

From World Wrestling Federation-like fights to screeching F bombs at Secret Service to multi-colored condoms on the White House Christmas tree to the adultery to triple-x porn videos on Air Force One. Get to know the Clintons intimately.

The good thing about all of this is that much about this woman's past will be exposed now as she thrusts herself under the microscope of presidential hopeful screening.

bluzie said...

Hey Pat,
As she thrusts herself under the microscope of .....

I think you should begin to read something other than yellow journalism trying to pass as fact, you are beginning to sound like one of those books.

Do you read these books between your self appointed job of "lingerie watch" of Livingston County or the scouting of adult book shop openings, which most people don't even know exist!
I think we all missed some interesting reading when the public didn't investigate into your private life during your run for U.S. Congress. Behind all your Christian Right talk, there seem to be some very strange obsessions.

Day said...

Lord help us if she gets elected. Funny how when you can't attack the position, you just attack the person. Says more about you then about Mr. Flynn.

Communications guru said...

Just like every alleged scandal involving the Clintons after years of investigating and a taxpayer-funded with hunt none of it turned out to be true. Just like the lies Mr. Flynn is pushing are untrue.
After eight years of the most intense microscope anyone has ever been subjected to, all the rightwing special prosecutor found was an episode of extramarital sex. The hate the Clintons were subjected by the right was unprecedented, and the republicans forever lowered the political debate in this country to the gutter. If anything was ruined it was the respect for the office the republicans trashed with their gotcha politics and politics of hate. I would rather not see her win either. I know she would make an excellent president, but I cannot stand another eight years of the smut, hate and lies coming from the right in their unending, scorched earth quest to get her at any cost. The country can’t afford it.
I don’t see where anything bluzie said was untrue, so how can that be an attack? Don’t you have some books to burn somewhere?

Patrick Flynn said...

The microscope is part of the deal. My past, like my present is riddled with faithful family service, strong convictions and street-level activism. I am supremely proud of all of it.

But we were talking about Hillary Clinton. Her past, her personality and character have been observed and documented by countless witnesses. There's no need for guessing or conjecture. She will not be able to escape her own history, nor will the left be able to make enough excuses for it.

Communications guru said...

What we saw in the Clinton years was much, much more than a microscope, and you know that. It was a federally funded witch-hunt that found nothing, just like the lies you keep putting forth about Sen. Clinton.
She has nothing to make excuses for because the trash you are putting out is just that. I would have thought better from you, but I guess when it comes to politics you can’t escape your political stripes.

DJ said...

This conversation helps with the point I was going to make.

Republicans: No more bashing of Hillary. Period. In fact you're going to make it a point that you're best friends with her. BFF, baby.

Why? Because when you embrace her as one of your own, like you did with Joe Lieberman, it will make sure that her nomination gets crushed. Then you can go on with your business of swiftboating whoever does get the nomination.

Think of it this way: With Hillary's support of the Iraq war, the ammendment to ban gay marriage, the ammendment to ban flag burning, and her constant pandering to conservatives, you guys will have plenty to go on! C'mon! Rupert Murdoch loves her! Why can't you?