Monday, January 01, 2007

Argus on Constitution Convention

I first posted Here and here on the proposal for a constitutional convention and recommendations of change to the state constitution. Citizens for Michigan updated their site.

From the Argus

Michigan voters in 2010 will decide whether the state’s constitution needs to be revamped. Other than amendments, the document has not been altered since 1963 when voters approved an updated version. In 1978 and again in 1994, Michiganians decided that a new constitutional convention was not necessary.


Other issues addressed by the group include collection of 1 mill statewide to help fund school building programs; a “pocket veto” for the governor; increases in lawmakers’ salaries; recall of local politicians, and more.

We think it’s good that the group has brought these issues to the public’s attention, even if we might not agree with all of its recommendations. It’s important that Michigan residents take a serious look at their constitution and all that it covers. We hope the Citizens for Michigan recommendations will help spark a statewide discussion of constitutional issues.

Then in 2010, state voters can make a well-informed decision about whether they want to make changes in the document that has guided our state since 1908

Most of the stuff mentioned is the same stuff I mentioned in the two previous posts. I do think that the public should be well informed on this. I also think that they don't want to mess with Headlee and face more tax increases either.

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