Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bush is the best Democrat the Republicans can ask for

Could someone tell me what Bush is smoking?

One of the big reasons why Bush's approval rating is so poor is due to his big government domestic programs. The partisan democrats never liked him ever since Gore lost in 2000. They would never accept him. Much of the base was always weary about him, but voted for him due to his opponents. I was in that camp.

This last plan makes me wonder if I really voted for a moderate democrat.

First off, the energy plan is a disaster for this state. The LAST think our auto industry needs is a bunch of pencil pushers in Washington putting more red tape and more restrictions on them. While I agree that there is need for alternative energy, government picking winners and losers is the wrong way to go. Excuse the language, but this plan doesn't do jackshit toward supporting alternative energy. All this will do is cut more jobs in Michigan, close more plants, and turn this state into a ghost town. Government needs to get out of the way.

Secondly, the health care plan is a tax increase. Period, end of story. It's read my lips all over again.

If the Republicans want to avoid a complete disaster in 2008, they need to nominate a small government conservative and run hard and long away from this trash that Mr. Bush is pushing. I'll be happy to see him retire in two years.


bluzie said...

Oh pleeeease don't say his name and mention the word Democrat!! He's just another spoiled brat preppy that pretended to be Joe 6 pack, made a mockery of his faith, and his party.

He doesn't know what he is except rich.

Republican=Conservative said...

I don't think that Bush is a Dem, (he is not that liberal), but I think he is more of a John McCain Republican. Bush has his faults; he is human; but he is still a little bit to liberal like John McCain. But one good thing about Bush being liberal, is that he is a Republican on the issues that McCain is a liberal. McCain and Bush balance eachother out.

Pogo said...

The President has done a pretty good job on judicial picks and that could be his most important legacy. He has also done a pretty good job on national security, although there are a few points that I disagree with.

Unfortunately, he has been a disaster on domestic policy, joining the ranks of legendary big spenders like LBJ and FDR. Bush has never met a big government program that he disapproved of and the rapidly growth rate in government spending is testimony to his lack of restraint. He is far too eager to use big government in an attempt to solve all the problems of the world, forgetting the lesson of RR that small government equals good government.

This having been said, it is an unfortunate truth that no major candidate for '08 believes in smaller government, so barring a come from behind surprise surge in popularity by a fiscal conservative I may elect to sit out the '08 races altogether.

Bachbone said...

Don't sit it out, Pogo, there are plenty of RINOs to work against. No more votes from me for RINOs. I'll write in Muppet "Rizzo the Rat" first.