Sunday, January 14, 2007

Congress kept away from districts - spending more time in beltway

From the AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — The five-day workweek, an idea alien to congressional culture in recent years, is about to make a comeback. "We are going to work longer hours, we are going to work full weeks, we are going to have votes on Mondays and Fridays," new Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., advised his colleagues at the opening of the new session on Jan. 4.

Other Americans, from teachers to police officers to factory workers, put in five days a week on the job, Reid said. "Shouldn't we here in Washington, where we do our business in this laboratory we call the Senate, do the same?"

No. Part of the business is done at home. One of the biggest problems we have is politicians spending too much time in the beltway away from their districts. Part of a representative's job is to spend time here in the district, away from the poisonous atmosphere that is DC.

The other problem is that the longer Congress is in session, the better opprotunity of a bad law passing that screws over our country.


Pogo said...

From what I can see, Senators and Congressmen spend most of their time engaging in political grandstanding or in passing legislation designed to waste billions of dollars, increase taxes, and otherwise intrude in the lives of average Americans. Our country never runs better than during periods of recess, and the fewer days they "work", the better.

Day said...

I agree. Remember when we closed down the gov't? The world did not stop. How are these folks suppose to even try and listen to their districts if they are not ever here? And how can we expect them to keep their families and marriages in tact if they are always in DC? I know those might not be priorities for dems, but they should be.