Saturday, January 06, 2007

Give credit where it's due

Nobody except one person (Bob Emerson I believe) wanted to be on the wrong side of this one. Kudos to Scott Hummel for taking the lead, and Chris Ward, Joe Hune, Valde Garcia, and Granholm for getting this through.

NRA gets a victory

Fairfax, VA - Today, Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law a two-bill package, backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), making the “Emergency Powers Protection Act” the law of the land in Michigan (HB 6363 and HB 6364). The new laws prevent local governments from confiscating lawfully owned firearms during declared states of emergency, as witnessed in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

“The Second Amendment achieved an historic triumph in Michigan today,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist. “With this signing into law of Michigan’s ‘Emergency Powers Protection Act’, law-abiding Michiganders can rest assured they and their Constitutional freedoms will not suffer the same chaotic fate as those citizens of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. NRA promised to fight to ensure the dismantling of the Second Amendment and the gun confiscations we saw in New Orleans is never repeated anywhere in America, and we are devoted to fulfilling our promise.”

In the first year since Hurricane Katrina, state legislatures in Alaska, Idaho, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana passed measures that echo the spirit of Michigan’s “Emergency Powers Protection Act”.

Last fall, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate passed a similar federal bill with broad, bipartisan support, which President Bush signed in October 2006.

In December 2006, the Michigan bills received overwhelming, bipartisan support in both chambers, passing 37-1 in the State Senate and unanimously in the State House, 105-0.

“On behalf of thousands of NRA members in Michigan, I want to thank State Rep. Scott Hummel for his leadership and commitment to bringing the “Emergency Powers Protection Act” to passage in both chambers of the legislature. I also want to thank Michigan’s Governor, Jennifer Granholm, for signing this fundamental legislation into law,” concluded Cox.


Red Or Dead said...

Now if we can just get a nation wide permit to carry law American street would be a lot safer.

Pogo said...

Polls indicate that a large majority of Americans support the right of self defense and it is about time that politicians (especially Democrats) recognize this.

This law is a big step in giving legal protection to self-defense but it remains to be seen how much teeth laws like this will have during actual emergencies. If police decide to ignore these laws and confiscate firearms anyway, what will be done about it? A big court victory months after the emergency ends, with no penalty for the police who broke the law? (As happened in New Orleans) A refusal by government officials to return confiscated firearms to their legal owners (also happening in N.O.)

We've definitely made some progress, but it looks to me like we still have more work to do.

bluzie said...

I think your especially Democrats is wrong. Republican's have been wrongly painting Dems as gun grabbers for a long time. Did I read anywhere here that Governor Granholm was endorsed by the NRA? Nope.

Dan said...

""Republican's have been wrongly painting Dems as gun grabbers for a long time""

A majority of democrats in the senate TWICE voted to ban all centerfire ammunition specificaly targeting the .30-30. Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin were two of them. This was in the LAST congress, and the previous one - after the democrats claimed to say that gun control was a dead issue. The number of Republicans who supported the ban - 1. Lincoln Chafee - and he was fired.

As far as Granholm's NRA endorsement, it did not happen. The NRA did not endorse anyone in the governor's race. They gave DeVos an A and a B- to Granholm. Granted Granholm is much better on this issue than she used to be as AG (She got an F in 02). SAFR, which is tougher than the NRA - gave Granholm a mixed rating, similar to what would be a C rating for the NRA.

Now if the democrats are smart (Bill Richardson) and republicans stupid (John McCain) in 2008, they may very well have an endorsement at the top of the ticket from both the NRA and SAFR.

bluzie said...

I was mistaken about the endorsement. I thought the grade was higher and it was an endorsement of sorts. About the .30 .30 ammo I believe there was more to it than this and it was due to so many police being shot through their bullet prrof vests? Correct me if I am wrong, but cop killing bullets and trying to take guns away very different.
Why don't you say Dems support banning cop killer bullets while Repulican's don't. Why don't they? Could it be they are very afraid of the NRA, never for a minute thinking it abolishes a person's right to bear arms. Gun grabbing is a huge stretch from banning cop killing bullets. I never for one minute would wish to take away the right to bear arms, but I don't like to see our police killed.

Dan said...

Bluzie, think about it. Do you think a police vest will stop a bullet that is meant to go straight through a deer? Hunters use higher power ammo than most of the US Soldiers (.223) and similar ammo used by the Soviets (similar to .308).

You're thinking of teflon coated bullets which politicians and anti-2a media called cop-killers. (No cops were ever killed by them). They are alredy illegal and are pistol rounds. There were banned in the 80's, I think in a compromise bill that repealed some of the most draconian measures of Thomas Dodd's 1967 gun control act. Kennedy's bill has nothing to do with that. The NRA supported that ban.

If you are going to ban what Ted Kennedy calls a "cop killer" bullet, then you have to ban every single RIFLE round outside of a .22. At least two calibers I currently owned would be banned easily. The .223 is a lower caliber round and was targeted as well as the .30-30. It was no special type of ".30-30" - it was all of them. Ted knows it. The centrists on gun issues will never go for a .30-30 ban - so he called it a cop killer bullet in an attempt to fool people. I call it a ban on all centerfire ammo to 2a activists, and a .30-30 ban when I talk to the middle - it hits close to home with people. The .30-30 was one of the first guns I've ever fired.

Most Bullet proof vests are not bulletproof. They were created to stop PISTOL rounds. They have little to no protection against RIFLE rounds - so almost ALL rifle rounds are cop-killer bullets by the Ted Kennedy definition. A .30-30 is a faily low level caliber, slightly higher than what the media wrongly calls "high powered" .223 (also cited by Kennedy). .223 is the round that is used in the M-16 used by the US Military. .30-30 is today a whitetail round mostly. .30-06 is higher powered and the .308 (7.62) is used in the AK-47 and also several hunting rifles, usually larger game.

I'll throw in the .308 and it's close cousin, the .30-06 as well.

The media yaps about the .223 being high powered. It isn't. The .338 Win. Mag is high powered - used often for bear. The .460 Weatherby Magnum also is. That's used more in Africa for the largest game.

To call Kennedy's bill gun grabbing is an understatement. It grabs all rifle calibers outside of maybe a .22. All of which I posted would be banned under his bill - since it all goes through a vest designed to stop pistol ammo.

A Yahoo Refugee said...

Sorry Michigander- but the 7.62 is not an AK round.

AK-47 used the 7.62 X 39mm.

The 7.62 X 51mm is also known as the .308 Winchester, and was used for the M-14 and M-60 machine gun. It has a higher veloicty that the AK-47 7.62 X 39mm Soviet round.

P.S.- there is no such thing as a "cop killer bullet". And bullet proof best technology is much better today than it was ten years ago, through the use of ceramic SAPI plates. They can now stop a 7.62 X 39mm bullet.

In the interst of full disclosure, I am a stockholder in CRDN, makers of fine SAPI plate technology.

A Yahoo Refugee said...

Should have said "7.62 X 51mm" is not an AK-4 round.

AK-47 is 7.62 X 39mm.


for more info on various historic rounds.