Monday, January 22, 2007

The latest tax push - raise the beer tax

Here we go again. The AP Reports on the latest from Phil Power's "Center for Michigan", the left-wing counterpart to the libertarian-right Mackinac Center.

(AP) — State officials should consider raising the tax on beer for the first time since the 1960s as part of an effort to ease the state's budget problems, according to a think tank.

John Bebow, executive director of The Center for Michigan, a think tank in the Ann Arbor area, said that if the $6.30 a barrel tax had been indexed for inflation, it would be about $39 a barrel today.

Bebow said that tax would raise more than $270 million a year instead of $44 million. A can of beer would cost about 10 cents more. And he said that higher taxes on beer won't drive away business.

Let's have government pick more winners and losers. I have an idea. Let's tax millionaires like Mr. Power who want to raise taxes. We'll call it the "tax me more" tax. If multimillioners want to raise taxes so much, they should give the money to the government themselves and stop being so generous with other people's money.