Thursday, January 04, 2007

School Board 07

The Argus posted an article about the school board races.

paperwork ready for the county clerk in order to become candidates.
Joan Runyan, Livingston County elections coordinator, announced this week she now has signature petitions and other nominating materials available for potential candidates.

The deadline for submitting candidate paperwork is 4 p.m. Feb. 13.

It could be interesting or uneventful, since who knows who is going to run this year in the district. I personally expect big battles in Brighton, Hartland, and Howell, and less of a battle in Pinckney due to the number of openings there. Fowlerville is usually more quiet. That said, anything can happen. The seats that are up are:

Miles Vieau (Good guy)
Dawn Boss (moved out of the district - open)

Jeannine Pratt (no relation to Jim Pratt)
Ted Parsons

Anne Colone
Mike Hendy
Michelle Crampo (partial term)

Michael Brown
Elaine Esch

Elsie McPherson-Brown

Will any of them be contested? We'll find out February 13 at the latest.

I talked to Joan Runyan yesterday, who runs the elections in Livingston County. We got a surprise belated Christmas present for us in the Whitmore Lake district. We got three tax questions (including a millage) on the February ballot (FEBRUARY 26). It was filed just before Christmas. I'll admit to being caught offguard a bit there as I try and keep up on this stuff. With my current finances - I'm voting no.


Luther said...


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Curley Sue said...

Michigander, I think we have our two candidates!! I hope the taxpayers group plans to endorse and help candidates get elected. This is going to be an exciting election and we need to make sure that some, how did Mike Hall put it?, "wildcard loose cannons" don't run. lol