Monday, February 12, 2007

Border Security Resolution approved at GOP Convention

I received a copy of the immigration/border security resolution from one of the advocates. Some format changes came from the copy/paste.



WHEREAS, Border security and immigration enforcement are critical elements in America’s national security, and

WHEREAS, The Republican Party supports legal immigration to our country and acknowledges the tremendous contributions made by legal immigrants throughout our history to our economy and society, and

WHEREAS, Strengthening the capacity of law enforcement to apprehend foreign terrorists, illegal aliens and other criminals entering our country illegally is essential to protecting America and reducing crime in our cities, and

WHEREAS, Immigration enforcement training needs to be provided to state and local law enforcement to strengthen interior enforcement of immigration laws, and

WHEREAS, automatic U.S. citizenship should not be given to children born in the United States by illegal alien parents as it provides inducement to sneak into our country, and

WHEREAS, Worker eligibility verification should be mandatory for all employers in the state of Michigan and employers held responsible for hiring illegal aliens as employees and be subject to substantial fines, and

WHEREAS, Working or residing illegally in Michigan must not establish rights or financial benefits of any kind for illegal aliens, and

WHEREAS, Any guest worker plan that allows illegal aliens to remain and work in our country will only result in more illegal immigration and increased crime in our country, and

WHEREAS, Respect for the rule of law is a bedrock principle of our country, our culture and our posterity, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, The Michigan Republican Party calls for the immediate securing of our border with all available means and the enforcement of existing immigration laws in the workplace, and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, The Michigan Republican Party calls for all state and federal funds to be withheld from any city or local jurisdiction that acts as a sanctuary for illegal aliens by advocating policies, written or understood, that prohibit or otherwise thwart cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities, and be it

FINALLY RESOLVED, The Michigan Republican Party calls upon the Congress to pass and the President to sign a bill enacting laws to secure our borders and end employment of illegal aliens in the workplace at the earliest possible opportunity and to immediately commence enforcement.

Respectfully submitted,

____________________________________ ____________
Christian Chojnowski, Kalamazoo County Republican Party Executive Committee Member

The Honorable David Agema, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Fran Amos, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Jack Brandenburg, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Kevin Green, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Jack Hoogendyk, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Marty Knollenberg, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Jim Marleau, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Arlan Meekhof, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Kim Meltzer, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Chuck Moss, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Paul Opsommer, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Brian Palmer, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable John Pastor, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable David Robertson, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Rick Shaffer, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Fulton Sheen, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable John Stahl, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable John Stakoe, Michigan State Representative

The Honorable Glenn Steil Jr, Michigan State Representative

Mr. Gerry Hildenbrand, Allegan County Chairman

Mr. Glenn Clark, 9th Congressional District Chairman

Ms. Deborah DeBacker, 9th District State Committeewoman

Mr. Robert McCoy, 9th District State Committeeman

Mrs. Barbara Harrell, 9th District Committeewoman

Mr. Earle Vandyke, 9th District Committeeman

Mr. Bruce Henderson, MD 9th District Committeeman

Mr. Al Lucas, 9th District Committeeman

Mr. Larry Ward, 8th District Chairman

Mr. Jeff Wiggins, Chairman, MSU College Republicans

Mr. John Knowles, Ingham County Republican Party Executive Committee Member

Mr. Jason C. Miller, President, Secure Michigan PAC

Pros: Arguments “For” Illegal Immigration Resolution
America has the most generous legal immigration policy of any nation on earth. There are millions of people all over the world who wait patiently for years to come here legally. Illegal immigrants make a mockery of that process.

We all understand and empathize with the reasons why people come here illegally. However, in a world in which billions of people could improve their lives by illegally immigrating, we have no choice but to enforce our laws.

Some employers and consumers do benefit from the presence of illegal aliens in the work force. However, these savings are more than offset by social costs. And even if we strictly barred illegal aliens from receiving any social benefits, exploiting their labor still could not be justified on moral grounds.

The best remedy to illegal immigration is to deter prospective illegal immigrants from coming in the first place and to convince those already here to go home. A combination of better border security, effective employer sanctions, and elimination of non-emergency benefits will send a message that illegal immigration will not be tolerated.

The American people granted amnesty to some three million illegal aliens in 1986 in what was promised to be a one-time-only program. The government has not fulfilled its commitment to the American public to enforce laws against further illegal immigration. A new amnesty program would be a betrayal of a deal and would only encourage a new wave of illegal immigration, as people around the world would correctly perceive that coming to the United States illegally is ultimately rewarded.

The largest population of illegal immigrants in the US comes from Mexico. Mexico last year was ranked fifteen (15) in the world for gross domestic product. Governments such as Mexico should take care of their own citizens instead of actively encouraging them to enter illegally into the United States.

Cons: Arguments “Against” Illegal Immigration Resolution
Our police officers are already overworked and do not need the extra burden of reporting illegal aliens.

Lower wages paid to illegal aliens reduce the cost of living for Americans.

The United States needs illegal aliens to do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do.

It is cruel to send these poor people back to their country where they will have to live in poverty.

Our country was founded by immigrants. We shouldn’t change that.


Jeremy Nielson said...

Hey, where did you get a copy from?

And what was the impact of the resolution being passed? Does that update our State GOP party platform? Or was it some non-binding fillibustering during the 9th District re-re-re-recount?

Curley Sue said...

Hey, where were Chris Ward, Joe Hune, and Valde Garcia on this one?? I didn't see their names.

Dan said...

Jeremy - I got the resolution from a friend who was involved in it. I don't think it is binding, but it just is part of a party platform.

Jeremy Nielson said...

Yeah, did we vote to accept it as part of the State platform (which I don't see anywhere)... or did we vote for it to be raised at the National level?

These are probably lame n00b questions, but I'm seriously not clear on what effect the acceptance of the resolution had... and my inquiring mind wants to know how it all works :)

If it's not appropriate, you can email me at jeremy/AT/jeremynielson/DOT/org