Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Filing Deadline Passed - Who's in?

The filing deadline is passed and the school board lists are in. There were a couple of last minute filings.

Howell - no changes. These are in: Roger Dresden is not listed.
Dan Fondriest
Bill Harvey
Edwin Literski
Doug Moore
Jeannine Pratt

Brighton - Eight candidates are in. The two last minute filings are Beth Minert and Keith Van Hentenryck. Miles Vieau is NOT listed.

Wesley Armbruster
Irene Besancon
Patti Bradley
Winnie Garrett
Jared Geist
Beth Minert
Greg Rassel
Keith Van Hentenryck

We will have a contest here. Elsie McPherson-Brown is facing Dennis Tierney, who had a close race last year.

Fowlerville is uncontested.

I need to double check Pinckney to see if it is contested or not. The Argus says there are two openings. I thought there was two openings for full seats, and one opening on a partial seat making three openings. Anne Colone and Michelle Crampo are in, and Jason Reifschneider is also running.

Candidates have three days to withdraw. After that, the ballots are final.

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