Monday, February 12, 2007

Gore again?

Speaking of gun grabbers - From the AP

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer
Thu Feb 8, 10:21 PM ET

CONCORD, N.H. - Veterans of Al Gore's past are quietly assembling a campaign to draft the former vice president into the 2008 presidential race — despite his repeated statements that he's not running.


His top policy adviser from his 2000 presidential campaign and other key supporters met Thursday in Boston to mull a potential Gore campaign. The participants and Gore's Nashville office both said Gore, who is in London, is not involved.

Elaine Kamarck, a veteran of the Clinton White House and Gore's policy guru in 2000, said the meeting was informal and shouldn't be taken as a sign there will be a Gore 2008 campaign.

Chris Mackin, a Boston consultant and Gore supporter, called it "an early stage conversation." But he added: "We're very serious about exploring this."

On one hand, I hope he runs since it would be fun to see him, Obama, and Hillary beat the tar out of each other. On the other, I'd hate to see this joker as president.

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